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Care And Concern

Managerial Grid – Concern
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The x/y axis on the grid consist of two behavior dimensions, concern for people and concern for production. Concern for people is the degree to which a leader considers the needs of employees when deciding how tasks or jobs should be done. This can be personal or professional development. This behavior dimension moves along the y-axis. Concern for production is the degree to which a leader emphasizes objectives and productivity goals when deciding how tasks or jobs should be done.…...
Parents know best as far as careers are concerned
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Before I give my point of view, let me define career as a sequence of occupations, jobs, and position engaged in or occupied throughout the lifetime of a person. Career is much more that having a job or earning a living. It is a series of roles played by a person. In a career you can feel that your abilities are being properly used, that the work is worth doing, that it is interesting. It is necessary that a person…...
Challenging Poor Practice
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Evaluate ways in which concerns about poor practice can be reported whilst ensuring that whistleblowers and those whose practice or behaviour is being questioned are protected. In any child care setting, staff or volunteers can cover anything that affects the safety and wellbeing of a child or young person. For example: a manager has a good relationship with a family whose child attends the nursery. Several members of staff have reported the abuse of neglect to the manager concerning the…...
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