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Business model Essay Examples

Strategies and Business Models

The article which is associated with strategic business model is titled Portal Economics and Business Models. The article asserts that strategic business model is all about the nature in which a business works. Business model is normally used in the explanation of the modus operandi. The option will be used in the explanation of marketing,…

Business models: a strategic management approach

The 21st century presents new and exciting opportunities for doing business; the entrepreneurial realm is greatly expanding and becoming an excellent platform for personal and societal growth. Individuals and institutions are realizing the significance embedded in the development of vibrant business ideas. Doing business has become a lucrative venture in the world of today with…

Air France-KLM Business Model

A full service network carrier’s business model is typically based upon the operations of a hub-and-spoke route network (Vespermann & Holztrattner 2010). Air France-KLM group currently operates the largest network between Europe and the rest of the world. The network is coordinated around the two intercontinental hubs of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam-Schiphol airports. These…



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Netflix Business Model Analysis

Netflix is an online subscription-based DVD rental service that promises to connect their customers to the movies and television shows they love through means of sending discs through the mail or streaming them directly via the internet. For only $7.99 per month, Netflix offers their customers unlimited access to their massive video library (>70,000 titles…

Edward Jones’ original business model

Executive Summary This memorandum addresses some of the key issues with Edward Jones, which includes the lack of an online presence, possible cannibalization from larger firms, and the inability to manage funds from institutional investors. I conclude that the most effective of all of the theorized strategies would be a combination of Edward Jones’ original…

Warfare in Toyland

Role of Business Level Strategies in Developing an Organization’s Competitive Advantage Business Level Strategies: A plan of action to use the resources of firms, capabilities and distinctive competencies to gain competitive advantage over it’s rivals in a market or industry. It involves Selecting and managing the domain of the organization will compete in and positioning…

Too Far Ahead of the IT Curve

Over the years Peachtree had grown from a single hospital to a regional network of 11 institutions. With over 4,000 employees and a million patients Peachtree’s IT infrastructure has not kept up with their growth. The current IT system is not reliable, efficient and secure. The company mission is to provide “quality, consistency and continuity…

Rapid, volatile and discontinuous change

Brief Overview To compare with last decade, all industries or organizations have dramatic changed in today’s global market, no matter in social, political, technological and economic areas. Base on that, all industries have to make appropriate respond to these changes. However, the continuous change is no longer appropriate to the newest business model, but that…

Business Model of Amazon

Amazon.com is the pioneering bookstore on the Internet that first opened in July 1995 by Jeff Bezos. The firm offers online shopping services and partnership opportunities such as online search for books, music and video items. The products that they sell include an array of audio, video and book titles. Amazon has one of the…

Netflix’s business model

Analysis part Question 1 In its competition with Netflix, where did Blockbuster go wrong? How was the use of customer data a key differentiator? How might Blockbuster have better positioned itself against Netflix? Answer 3 things that Blockbuster goes wrong are: 1. Slow & Inadequate Response “No Late Fees” program was misleading “Total Access” program…

Netflix Leading with Data:What advice would you give to the CEO of Netflix

Case: Netflix Leading with Data: The Emergence of Data-Driven Video Question: What advice would you give to the CEO of Netflix? Digital distribution market is undoubtedly the future of the video rental industry. Netflix has already taken a good lead in it but must have fresh ideas to keep its advantage in the industry. Beating…

Consider the business model

The easiest way to start a design is to consider the business model that you sat down with when starting these designs. You now need to recreate that structure in Active Directory using Organizational Units as the building blocks. Create a complete Organizational Unit structure that exactly mirrors your business model as represented by that…

Zipcar Business Model

1.How is Zipcar’s business model different from its competitors? First, Zipcar has a very user friendly website and app that allows customers the ability to find a car within a short distance, choose which model of car he wants, and reserve the car. When a car is rented through Zipcar, the insurance and gas cost…

Spotify Case Study

Critical Analysis: What is the Strategy of Spotify and how improve business Spotify model: Executive Summary: This case study about the Spotify business model allows a broader vision of what the digital music industry is. In a short time, many companies have developed and managed marked their territory in a highly competitive industry. The start-up…

Case Analysis of Yahoo Business Model

Abstract Yahoo! business model is to perform value creation activities to maximum its long run profitability in the internet advertising industry. Yahoo! first started as a simple directory. And today, it’s a global internet communication, commerce, and media company that serve 237 million individual users monthly. Because of the huge number of users now are…


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