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Statement of Purpose for Business Management

Categories: Business Management

SOP [ Statement of Purpose ]

It was on my trip to Leh Ladakh that I discovered my talent of photography for the first time in my life. On the outset, I gave credits to the scenic beauty of the place however it was later I realised that it takes an extraordinary vision to capture that beauty in the right frame. This is from where I stepped into the world of photography, thereby taking myself to a level of individually holding various photography events including competitions.

This includes providing other students with similar skills with a platform to showcase their talent. Therefore, discovering the spark of effective business management. Discovering my leadership qualities and management abilities.

Although I have a broad range of interests, I have always been drawn towards business management because to me it is a very exciting environment with lots of demands and challenges. The thing that excites me the most about this domain is the way it can directly and indirectly affect the lives of so many people.

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Acknowledging that business is the way of the world, I thought of involving myself in this field through my passion for photography, putting up exhibitions of my pictures was my premier idea. However, I thought of reaching out to more people using social media. This in return got me many praises for my work and boosted the bussing entrepreneur in me.

In my internship at Renovation and Design I was familiarised with an important aspect of business which is client dealing.

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My work field was studying design language and people management. It also involved giving clients insights into the Victorian style, the company’s expertise. I proved to be an asset to the company by adding to their cliental with my interpersonal skills. Through my internship in HT I learned that great ideas are only as successful as the accompanying marketing techniques. Working under the marketing department my area of apprentice was the study of competitive products. My project report presentation included bifurcating the local news items in three aspects- picture quality, number of local news items and political content, and prioritising the press releases. This helped me improve my analytical judgements and decision making which are essential components of management industry.

To relate to my further studies I have Business management, Economics, Maths, Physics, English and Hindi in my ongoing session. Apart from this I had undergone an Economics course training – 27 hours, that enriched my knowledge about the best business ideas, also enlightening me of the importance of savvy marketing strategies that are crucial to make any business viably successful. My in-depth studying has given me a profound basis to participate in various business competitions like Business Titan Challenge and stock exchange in Youthopia. I also headed an important department of patronage at SFHS MUN 2019. Looking at my competencies, I was awarded the responsibility of the House Captain in the Student Council 2018-19.

As a forward thinking individual who has drive, ambition and ability all of which are traits that are vital for effective business management, I seek admission in your deemed school of study. I take myself as a highly committed and motivated student who aspires to touch newer heights under your guidance and support. Recognising my calliper I hope you will help me polish my skills and leverage my potential.

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