Learning new things has always got me excited and gradually as my cognitive abilities broadened, I was intrigued with the study of Law. It is the only subject that comprehensively encompasses all the aspects of mankind. In this age of globalization, when there is a huge rise in inter-country commercial activities, it has become essential to have appropriate laws in place. Similarly, the corporate world has been witnessing drastic changes in the past few years with advanced business methods replacing age-old practices.

Following this intricate pattern at a gradual pace, I felt I have the drive to be a part of this challenging and dynamic sector by infusing acumen of corporate law. With this view, I aspire to pursue my LLM at King’s College of London. Academically, I have consistently obtained excellent marks throughout my school days. I secured a CGPA of 9.4 in 10th and 94% in HSC in Commerce. Growing up in a family dominated by engineers, I wanted to pursue a different career line and was extremely inclined towards legal studies from a young age.

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It was natural for me to opt for B.A., LL.B. (Honours) from a top tier University-National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam. I showcased utmost commitment towards my duties as a student, by being regular in my studies and striving hard to excel in all the assignments and examinations put forth by the course and have always remained amongst the top 10 in my batch. Our curriculum extended crucial theories, practical know-how and detailed understanding of varied subjects and I have been fervent in devouring all of them.

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Currently, I am in my 8th semester and so far, I have been consistent in maintaining a CGPA of 8.73/10. It was in my 5th semester of under graduation that I got acquainted with corporate law when I received a brief insight about Company Law in India. Following which I went on to pursue it as a specialisation for my next four semesters. It was truly engaging and enriching at the same to time to get equipped with so much knowledge and understanding about this particular field. And from then on I was motivated to make a career out of the same. Meanwhile, I have been proficient in balancing academics and co-curricular activities simultaneously. I was part of several college events including workshops, seminars and paper presentations. I have been an active member of the Centre for Child Rights associated with the regional branch of UNICEF functioning at my University. I have presented papers on ‘Right to Food: A Constitutional Perspective’ and on ‘India’s Foreign Policy’. Along with these paper presentations number of my research papers have been published in reputed journals like “Romantic cases and the POCSO Act” in the journal of ‘Law and Society: International Journal of Law and Society’ (ISSN-2348-4861), “Human Trafficking : A Growing Problem in India” in the journal of ‘International Journal of Legal Research and Governance’ (ISSN 2394 7829), “ Critical Analysis of Polluter Pays Principle in India” in the Journal ‘Legal Mirror’ (ISSN 24546216) and “Regularisation of Services in Light of Mahendra L. Jain And Ors. v. Indore Development Authority and Ors” in ‘International Journal of Legal Sciences and Research’ (ISSN: 2394-7977). As a part of the study program at my University I have had a wide range of opportunities to work as an intern under the guidance of some of the most eminent personalities of the legal field among which is Dr. Adish C Agarwala, a Senior Advocate, under whom I worked on civil cases and his recently published book, ‘NarendraModi: A Charismatic and Visionary Statesman’. Besides him, I have gained enough professional perceptive by doing internships at the Delhi Commission for Women, Delhi State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, and with prominent legal entities and firms like Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan and Vaish Associates, owing to which, my cognizance and discernment were shaped extensively and I got profound understanding about various issues pertaining to court proceedings, IPR Trademark Department, Goods and Services Tax Act, Corporate Advisory department and matrimonial suits. Through these, I was able to develop my research skills and administrative skills, learn drafting, prepare due diligence reports and enhance my confidence, leadership qualities, communication skills and reasoning abilities. All this while I have been conscious in contemplating about expanding my knowledge about corporate law and for a long time I have been nurturing this aspiration to enter the business arena by extending inventive legal insights. After an intense thought process and research, I felt it apt to gain knowledge along with a global exposure and thus, decided to study abroad. On further search, I found Kings College London in the UK that was offering a graduate program in International Business law, perfectly in tune with my career objectives. Highly ranked in QS World Ranking, this venerated College boasts of being one of the oldest institutes in England and for having a rich lineage of alumni. It is a great platform for doing research works and gaining real-life industry skills. Furthermore, the LLM program offered is unparalleled in the wide and specific modules offered addressing several key areas of the subject and gives emphasis on providing practical knowledge to those who are keen to have a career dealing with commercial or corporate law and work in related sectors. I was quite impressed with all these factors which made me feel positive about taking the right decision for my career development. With this program and the guidance that I will receive from Kings College of London, I am confident that I will chase success effortlessly and with much efficiency. On completing the course, I will return to India and look for rewarding job opportunities in some reputed law firm here, where I will be able to utilise my newly acquired knowledge and expertise and prove my calibre. I greatly look forward to joining your student community!

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