Strategist/Business Analyst Statement of Purpose

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During my high-school days, I developed a penchant towards fantasy cricket league, an online game that involves creating a virtual team of 11 players within a fixed budget to earn points based on their performance in real matches. Many factors had to be considered such as analyzing players’ previous performance data, before making a team. Playing the game required considerable skills, acumen, and discretion which helped me realize my strength in analyzing data. It also helped me recognize the need for data analysis for effective decision making and eventually led me to develop an interest in the field of Data Analytics.

I pursued B.E. in Electronics and Communication at PES Institute of Technology, Bengaluru in 2013. Having an affinity for Quantitative Analysis, I chose to take up electives like Probability and Random Process, Estimation and Detection. I worked on projects titled, “Adaptive Traffic Control System” and “Crop Growth Monitoring System using IoT” that further improvised my data analysis skills. Through these projects, I learned that data in any sector of life, when analyzed efficiently can turn into useful information.

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After graduating, I interned as a Research Analyst at Zinnov Management Consulting, Bengaluru in June 2017 where I supported and contributed to consulting assignments through primary and secondary research. I was also involved in Data collection, interpretation, and analysis for Zinnov’s proprietary consulting platform, Draup. Subsequently, I completed a course in Advanced Excel and VBA programming at RIA Institute of Technology, Bengaluru in December 2017. Post this, I joined Triquetro Infotech, Bengaluru in March 2018 as a Business Analyst where I currently assist in the development of market research analysis and support in the process of data gathering and analysis.

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I am also involved in conducting clients’ meetings, understanding and integrating their business needs into technology. The skills and professional understanding acquired here has motivated me to seek a Master’s course in Business Analytics.

From my research, I inferred that the MS program in Business Analytics from the University of Texas, Dallas (UTD) will expand my basic understanding of various aspects of data sourcing and extraction methodologies and data manipulation and visualization techniques using Business Intelligence (BI) or Analytical tools, thus paving my career path in this field. The wide range of electives and the flexibility of the program offered at UTD would give me the option of customizing my courses to perfectly match my career goals. As I understand that Business Analytics is a prerequisite for the success of any business in the coming years, I envision myself as a Strategist/Business Analyst working with a top marketing or operations advisory firm like Accenture back in India as there is going to be a significant demand in this field in due course of time. In the long run, by implementing my academic and professional knowledge, I will work towards starting my own consulting company and drive organizations to adapt to the constantly changing market landscape by proposing unconventional methods to take actionable data-driven decisions.

I have the required skill and aspirations and now seek the right platform to move towards my goals. I sincerely hope that the admission committee finds my profile well-suited to the requirements of the course. It would be a matter of pride and honor to be associated with a name of such high prestige and esteem and pursue my MS course at UTD.

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Strategist/Business Analyst Statement of Purpose
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