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Why did a stalemate develop on the Western Front?
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A stalemate on the Western Front A stalemate is a situation where neither of the opposing parties can progress or do any further action. Often defence is stronger than attack on both sides and there is usually no way to break the deadlock. This is what happened when The Schlieffen Plan failed. Instead of the Germans racing out of France and back to Germany, they chose to "dig in". Trenches were dug over 700km, reaching from the sea to the…...
All Quiet on The Western FrontArmyInternational RelationsTacticWar
The tactical planning
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Introduction Associate responsibilities and time lines with each objective responsibility are assigned, including for implementation of the plan, and for achieving various goals and objectives. Ideally, deadlines are set for meeting each responsibility. The purpose of a plan is to address a current problem or pursue a development goal. It seems simplistic to assert that you should acknowledge if the problem was solved or the goal met. However, this step in the planning process is often ignored in lieu of…...
OrganizationPlanningStrategic PlanningTactic
Political Tactics in Bendix Corporation
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Political Tactics in Bendix Corporation             Political tactics are but common to different areas of job. These tactics are used by different leaders or head in order to create an appealing image to people working under their supervision. Most of the time, the media plays a vital role in interpreting and revealing these tactics not only to the people concern but to the whole public as well. The case study regarding Bendix Corporation has shown numerous political tactics. (more…)...
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Hannibal’s Tactics during the Punic Wars
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Human history was shaped by various struggles that have been fought by many. Nonetheless, these very same struggles became the root cause for the rise of innumerable wars that served as the measure of strength for millions of men and the establishment of vast empires that culminated history. While many shed blood to win these conquests, only a handful have mastered the art of war itself, and only a limited few were able to make it within the records of…...
Ancient RomeTactic
TESCO’s marketing tactics
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It is crucial for corporations to have a great prices tactic as it allows them to earn a good margin on their product or services while at the same time trying to make it appealing to clients. Pricing strategies are a very crucial part of the business and large amounts of money and time and effort are spending by various organizations to develop efficient and effective pricing strategies. (Mitchell, 2019) A general sequence of steps can be followed by the…...
Power and Influence
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Influence is a fundamental aspect of life in organization and it is unlikely that organizations could function at all without it. Almost all organizational members engage or attempt in influencing others and virtually everyone in any organization is subject to the influence of others. This assertion holds true for every type of organization, whether large or small in either public sector or private sector. In organizations, influence attempts to be occurring when legitimate authority or power is put into used.…...
Bodyline Tactics
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In the time of the 1932-33 Ashes Tour, bodyline tactics were found responsible for the strain on imperial relations between Australia and England. Heavvy social and political influences promoted the significance of the Ashes series and caused great reactions by players, management, spectators and primarily the media. The pressured relations between Australia and the Empire during the Ashes series made the game of cricket reach wider margins than what took place on the cricket field. It impacted on elements of…...
Global Research Paper: the Military Tactics of Mongol
Words • 1850
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The Mongol civilization was a highly advanced group of people in terms of military characteristics. They had superior weapons and strategic skills that contributed to their success of conquests. The purpose of this investigation is to address the question: To what extent did the Mongols benefit from their advanced military tactics? The major body of evidence will focus on Genghis Khan who was a prominent Mongolian ruler, the Mongol army, their war tactics, the empire and finally, the invading of…...
Genghis KhanMilitaryResearchTactic
Psychology Manipulation
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At a psychological level, the art of manipulation primarily involves two things: concealing aggressive intentions and behaviors and knowing the psychological vulnerabilities of your opponent well enough to know what tactics are likely to be the most effective weapons against them. Psychological manipulation is most often accomplished through covert-aggression or aggression that is so carefully veiled or so subtle that it’s not easily detected. Manipulators want what they want and fight hard to attain their goals. But the tactics they…...
Case analysis of Big Pharma’s Marketing Tactics
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Understanding Big Pharma: The US Pharmaceutical industry is the 2nd most profitable industry in the country. The nature of the industry follows an oligopoly form; with the big players yield much influence, hence lending to its name, “Big Pharma”. By 2010, Big Pharma has a staggering 526 lobbyists and gives an estimated $19 billion worth of gifts to physicians annually. Understanding Business ethics: The definition of ethics is given by as follows, “Ethics are moral principles that govern a person’s…...
AdvertisingBusiness EthicsEthicsMarketingPharmaceutical IndustryTactic
An Analysis of the Donna Dubinsky Case
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Pages • 8
Introduction: In Donna Dubisky case, Donna was facing challenge of changing distribution system. She needs to deal with change because it was affecting her at professional level. She has had a promising career at Apple Inc. she had a support from her boss, Ray weaver. The dilemma was that she feels what she is doing is best for company; therefore she was putting her job at risk. Company Background: Apple was a leading PC manufacturer in US. Head Office is…...
Apple IncCareer GoalsCompanyHuman NatureLeadershipOrganization
Significance of Vimy Ridge For Independence of Canada
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Vimy Ridge marks the day that Canada became an independent nation. The significance of the battle was not in the actual battle itself, but rather the effects that Canada would feel nationally afterwards. The objective was a ridge that ran from the northwest to the southwest between Lens and Arras, France. The main height of land was four miles long, with it’s highest point only 475 feet above sea level. The Germans had held it since 1914, and three French…...
Case Study on Organizational Conflict
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Pages • 3
After reading “The New Career Development Program that Ruins Careers Case” on pages 330–332 of the textbook (Fundamentals of organizational communication: Knowledge, sensitivity, skills, values (seventh Ed. ) by Shockley-Zalabak, P. S. ) which will henceforth be referred to as the case study. I also reviewed chapter nine, Organizational Conflict, of the same textbook and have identified many examples of conflict preferences, strategies, tactics, and emotions displayed by all of the participants involved in the case study. All of which…...
Case StudyConflictTactic
Sally Soprano I: Negotiation Strategy
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Pages • 11
On behalf of my client Sally Soprano, I am preparing for my upcoming meeting with Lyrica Opera. I will focus on using the Principled Negotiation Strategy (PN). My belief is that the four crucial points of this strategy - People, Interests, Opinions and Criteria will help the negotiations stay on course and ultimately benefit both parties. The PN negotiation strategy will allow me to focus on the issue at hand, which for my client is securing the lead of Norma…...
Principles of Supply Chain Management
Words • 1879
Pages • 7
Case 3) Don’t shoot the messenger 1. If you were in Jeff’s position, what would you have done to preserve relationships? If I were in Jeff’s position, I would first have thanked my suppliers and expressed gratitude to them for being willing to work closely with the company in not only designing the new product line, but in then reducing supply prices by the asked for 10 percent. I then would have tried to explain the position of the company…...
BusinessSupply Chain ManagementTactic
Digital Marketing Plan
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Introduction In the current age of advanced technology and media, where consumers have access to broad marketing details any time, it is not easy for a business to grow and develop effectively without implementing sound marketing strategies. Such strategies need to mainly consist of digital marketing because of the broad usage of computer systems and adoption of web and other associate devices. With unimportant financial investment on web based marketing and production of website, a big population of consumers and…...
Digital MarketingTactic
How to play soccer?
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How To Play Soccer? Soccer is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball. According to FIFA which is the international foundation of football association, soccer is played by two hundred and fifty million players in over two hundred countries, making it the world's most popular sport. The game is played on a rectangular field with a goal at each end. The object of the game is to score by using any part of the body besides the arms and…...
Red Bull Business Tactics
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Pages • 5
Q1: Explain how Red Bull has been able to arouse and activate the consumer decision-making process. Initially, Red Bull made consumers realize that they need this kind of energy drink by physiological arousal. For blue-collar in Thai such as taxi and truck drivers, they usually have to combat mental and physical fatigue that are their bodily needs at that moment. Red Bull used and interprets these physiological cues to arouse related needs about energy drinks. After consumers recognized the needs,…...
Fire Attack: Offensive vs. Defensive
Words • 1698
Pages • 7
Structural firefighting can be very dangerous and can put the lives of firefighters in situations were their decision can end up being very detrimental. History has proven when the wrong choices were made, and lives and properties were lost. From past structural events the choice of choosing the wrong attack could end up being in the papers and going to funerals for firefighters. That’s why choosing the correct fire tactic is so important. Offensive versus defensive tactics need to be…...
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
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Pages • 3
Throughout this play we follow along with a group of people from Roman times. Its the culmination of a bunch of events happening on just one street with three houses shown. the play's primary objective is that of a comedy, therefore to tell the story with true hilarity. Many of the characters in this play had objectives. Pseudolus is a Slave and his main objective was to obtain freedom. Hero has an objective of getting the love of his life,…...
First Union: An Office Without Walls
Words • 1743
Pages • 7
Introduction The purpose of this paper is to analyze the Integrative Case 5.0, “First Union: An Office Without Walls,” found on page 589 of the text book Organization Theory & Design, by Richard L. Daft, and to respond to the questions relating to the case study. Problem Statement First Union Federal is a large savings and loan banking organization at which Meg Rabb has been employed with since she was 18. Meg has been recently promoted to Vice President of…...
Business ManagementFinanceOrganizationTactic
Pakistani Prunes
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I began my preparation for this negotiation by reading the section in the textbook, The Pakistani Prunes, on page 498. Although this did not give me any additional information on the negotiation itself, it did make me aware of the main idea of this negotiation which was “work together in cooperation.” When I realized this negotiation was based on collaboration, I studied article 1.8, Implementing a Collaborative Strategy, more in depth. I took notes on points that I would be…...
12 Angry Men The Film
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In reviewing the film 12 Angry Men, I have identified many types of influence tactics being utilized by the jurors. The five tactics that I believe were most used in this film were; reason or rational persuasion, coalition building, ingratiation, inspiration and pressure. Although there were several jurors throughout the film who may have demonstrated similar tactics at various times, it is my opinion that the majority of the influencing throughout the deliberation came from juror #8. I do believe…...
12 Angry MenJuryLawTactic
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Why did a stalemate develop on the Western Front?
...A single shell could kill as many as 40 men. I think that the two most important factors in a stalemate are barbed wire and machine guns. When combined these two lethal aspects could stop any army in advancing. The machine gun could slaughter any inf...
How to play soccer?
...In contrast, in the indirect kick, the player passes the ball to one of his teammate to continue their attack operation. Having an idea about soccer rules, fouls and the different types of kicks may help players to get familiar with the circumstanc...

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