Political Tactics in Bendix Corporation

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Political Tactics in Bendix Corporation

            Political tactics are but common to different areas of job. These tactics are used by different leaders or head in order to create an appealing image to people working under their supervision. Most of the time, the media plays a vital role in interpreting and revealing these tactics not only to the people concern but to the whole public as well. The case study regarding Bendix Corporation has shown numerous political tactics.

            The first political tactic that I had noted was on Mr.

William Agee’s part. Discarding the policy of reserving the best company parking space for him and saying that it was deserved by the person who arrived first at work each day is one clear political tactics that Mr. Agee used when he took over the position as chairman of the corporation. Why is that so? Because, Mr. Agee, being new to the job, tries to get the compassion of those people who are inferior to him.

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This act of disregarding the said policy would be a plus factor for him as the new chairman. He is most likely to be viewed as a noble and considerate chairman on the corporation and would therefore gain the employees’ respect and admiration. Accompanying the abolishment of the said policy, which in my opinion would also gain the admiration of the employees, is the installation of a telephone line in which employees can laid there complaints directly to the chairman.

            Surveying or soliciting reports from senior executives regarding significant issues in the corporation as perceived by its employees is another political tactic that Mr.

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Agee exercised. Through this, he could actually monitor if there should be things that is needed to be cleared especially those that would bring damage to his name as a chairman. Upon clearing his name and dealing with the issue about Mary Cunningham’s promotion, the chairman again used another tactic which is placating. In his statement in the article provided, he defended that Mary Cunningham’s rise in the company is unusual not because of their rumored relationship but because of her talented skills. In his statement, he tends to build up not only his composure as the chairman but also the lady’s characteristics. Surely, this shows a sense of placation. Placating is one of the surest way to sell ideas or position.

            Mary Cunningham also employed a political tactic when she opted to file for temporary leave of absence instead of resigning. Her request for the said leave was also filed just a few days ago after her promotion therefore restricting the members of the board to just take back the announced decision. Her letter for the said temporary leave of absence also tends to pose warn to the board because it contains statements wherein she regarded the option for resignation as a dangerous precedent that may enable the female executives to be forced out of a company through malicious gossips. Still, we can see that the used political tactic is for the protection or the benefit of the person using it.


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Political Tactics in Bendix Corporation
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