Why I am interested in Business Management

I first became interested in Business Management when I was a junior high school student. I asked my father who is Certified Public Accountant in Japan about his usual work. He told me that he is doing a lot of work such as auditing and consulting. Furthermore, he also talked about what he trying to do at work. Among them, the story to which I was most attracted is what money is. It is not important how much money do you have but how to use it.

I guess that this way of thinking is common not only money but also other things for example people, information and also business. Since I heard it, I am curious about Business Management. I am of the opinion that managements mainly teach me how to survive our society because business is an effective allocation of management resources human being, money and information. The field of Business Management is constructed such as management organization, management strategy, finance, accounting and marketing.

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I believe this field will challenge me to extend my strategic thinking and to improve ability to solve problems by making full use of management knowledge. Playing sports has grown myself. When I was a junior high school student, I was a member of a football team in my school for three years. I became captain of the team and then even though the team had only a few experienced people and we had never won the group stage, we ranked second in our district competition.

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We accomplished it is that we took communication each other as much as possible, we comprehensively analysed by our opponents every game and we overcame our weaknesses without compromise. I learned a lot of things from this experience. This thought me how to solve the difficult situation and how to communicate with my teammates. Moreover, after graduate the high school, the idea of seeing the world not only from Japan but also overseas perspective gradually grew bigger. Thus In order to improve my English skills, I had studied in Manchester for 5months. I got also an unexpected harvest. It is mainly two things. First of all, I got a communication skill to speak as much as possible with people from different languages. I tried to make it easier for talking people to understand using body language and the strength of voice. This means importance of challenge without fear of failure. Second of all, I gained ability to cope with calmly without trouble shaking. When I travel to London with my friends, my friend lost his wallet. I calmly thought out what is the best action then led to solve the problem. In addition I came to EF Cambridge to learn it in The UK. I will continue to challenge everything that I am not good at by drawing on my past experiences. For the above reasons I would like to proceed to this department. My final future dream is to run a company that is worldwide. I trust that Business Management can learn quite a lot as a place to approach dreams. I am convinced that admission to the university will make future more reliable.

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

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