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The basic reason why I chose Biology as my pre-med degree to pursue in college was because I believed that the subject promoted critical thinking. Critical thinking is basically an outcome of normal experiences and implemented to new ones. I believe that if I will be immersed to biology subjects as a preparatory degree for my medical studies, I will be able to utilize this critical thinking along with my talents to establish a good career after my college days are over.

I believe that critical thinking is important in my life, therefore my pursuit of a Biology degree will improve me as my experiences and medical knowledge improves also. I am very firm in my belief that contrary to what other people say, Biology triggered a learning process in me which exposed my capabilities and skills in logical procedures, which eventually led me to an investigation to possess information that validated what I have found out or in a specific case.

I believe that biology subjects therefore initiated within me the desire to implement my critical thinking capabilities in order to establish the appropriate way to do or the correct solution to a dilemma being faced. The second major reason why I took up Biology as my major in college was that I had always dreamed to become a doctor or a nurse someday.

I believe that by pursuing a Biology degree in college, I will be able to use these knowledge in my future medical profession, involving either the doctor or the nursing job, and perhaps I may be able to use various procedures established on Biology courses particularly because of their priority on both gathering scientific information on the initiatives that they illustrate based on other results and evaluations that have been established by other individuals, therefore also emphasizing on the precision of the results.

Yet, I know that Biology courses are holistic academic programs that include not only one subject but the entire field. As far as my extracurricular activities are concerned, beside my usual study during my high school days, I was also interested in activities like quiz contest, oratory contests, and many more. I have also volunteered as a member of Family Planning association of Nepal. Above all these, I was a member of Malangwa Junior Jaycess which served people in different aspects. As a member of this association I voluteered to provide relief to the flood victims during 1995 in Nepal

When talking about taking my choices and options of majors as an incoming transferee to your prestigious college, however, my critical thinking skills I believe really fits with the Biology and Medical degree programs. In handling biological projects, for example, I will be expected to quickly choose for the appropriate manner that the projects will be accomplished, not to mention the various cases that have to be involved for the choices. The significance of accomplishment and the ethical queries must also be involved as well.

And these skills can be provided to me by my Biology courses. As I mentioned a while ago, pursuing these subjects will give me a more knowledgeable position when talking about evaluating my future career as a doctor or a nurse, and at the same time I will be able to fulfill my ambition since childhood. Due to these circumstances, I know that I must always be careful about my life decisions, especially my academic decisions for my future. Nonetheless, there is no doubt in my mind that Biology will still be my major as I transfer to your prestigious college.

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