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“God composes directly with jagged lines,” as a Portuguese proverb goes (cited in Lukacs NP). This means that the craziest events in life make a great deal of sense in the long run and yes, in hindsight (Lukacs NP). My friend Mike simply flew in from Canada. It has actually been years because we last saw each other. We had half of our lives worth of catching up to do. Mike and I hanged out that night, over a great deal of beverages and much more talking.

I told Mike about the love of my life. He took me home that night as I was so intoxicated I dropped off to sleep. The following morning, he told me that he wishes to see the woman I was deeply in love with.

He stated, I discussed her so passionately that it seems likely that I can not potentially spend the rest of my life without her with me. Mike stated, he left a kid few years back.

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Now, Kevin, his finest good friend is a grown guy. Mike was so fired up that he offered to arrange a dinner date for me and Denise. He stated, all I have actually got to do was to be at the venue with my woman and he’ll organize all the rest. He said, “I truly desired to satisfy her.” I called up Denise that day to tell her I’m taking her to a dinner date the day after tomorrow. It ends up, she was not house.

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I just left my message and asked her to return my call as quickly as she can. Denise and I are having serious issues lately. It seems that we are growing apart. I hope she will not deny my deal as we are so in need to talk things over between us. The night prior to the scheduled date, Denise called me up. She said, “See you at the venue at 7 p. m. sharp, you do not need to fetch me. I will exist, don’t worry.” I stated on the other line, “That’s excellent but I demand taking you to the location after all it is our date.” She stated, “You don’t need to.

I’ve got to go; my boss requires me at his office now. I’ll see you tomorrow night.” Before I had the ability to factor out with her, she has actually already dropped the line. Denise does not want to argue about things she has given her last word to. This is the factor why I did not called her up again to firmly insist on my deal. I understand I will simply need to wait for her at the location, which is the way she liked it. The following morning, Mike was even more thrilled than I was. He stated, this is the minute he can repay me for all the times I conserved him from the school bullies back in the old days.

He said, I will surely cry the way he perceives things will turn out to be come this evening. I was speechless. I know Mike really has a knack for surprises. I came to the venue earlier than 7 p. m. , because I did not want Denise to wait for her date. I was so nervous. My hands and feet were so cold. Before I know it, Denise was walking towards my direction. Mike, at a relatively far distance blinked at me. He signaled that he has got everything on cue. I smiled and Mike knew that it means ‘I’m allowing him to take over. ’ The food service and all the works were in great orchestration.

Mike after all was so good at it. Then almost so suddenly, the world was just about me and Denise. She told me, even though we don’t get to spend a lot of time together, the moments we shared are some of the best ones she’s had. I looked down and cried. She even wiped out the tears that fell from my eyes. Denise said, “I know you are so in love. I can sense it whenever you utter a word. I can see it in your eyes. I can feel it in the way you hold my hand. ” I wanted to tell her how sorry I am for not being able to love her in return.

She stared at me for a couple of minutes before saying, “Please hold my hand for the last time while saying the words you so long to tell me. ” I did, I inched close to her and grab a hold of her hand. To our surprise, fireworks lighted up the sky. Perfectly on cue, balloons came holding a banner as it reads: “I love you so much. Will you marry me, SARAH? ” I was dumb founded. And Denise broke down. That was the only moment I saw her cry her heart out. I wanted to tell her I never meant it to be this painful but no words ever came out of my mouth. Before I knew it, Denise with her voice breaking told me, “I knew it after all.

I know how much you longed to tell me this. Even though I knew it’s coming, no one can ever prepare too much to get hurt. ” She then removed my hand and went away. I cried like I never knew I could. I don’t know if I can ever forgive myself. Mike came to me almost puzzled but never uttered a word. I told him, “Do you remember that day we spent together to update each other on the happenings in our lives? Have I told you anything about how my love life was going? ” Mike replied, “You were talking about your love life for the most part of our conversation.

Just before you fell asleep for being so drunk, the last words you did told me was that, ‘I so love her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Sarah. ” I looked at Mike and told him, Sarah was my ex – girl friend. The girl that was here earlier was my present girl friend and her name is Denise. Mike told me, “This was all crap but Denise was so great of a woman to let you go. ” I have never heard of Denise since then but I so wanted to tell her how sorry I am. Nevertheless, I know things do happen for a reason. If that never happened, until now me and Denise will still be living a lie.

They say, things are best learned when they are taught the hard way. It can never be so true. This experience taught me so much about myself. No matter how hard it can get, it pays to get real. Looking back, I know that hurting Denise was indeed one of the greatest mistakes I have ever done in my life. How I wished I had mustered the courage to break it to her a lot gently. I feel so blessed that Mike was so right when he said, Denise was a great woman. She is so great that she so not deserve someone like me. And she so did not deserve that sort of treatment that evening, or ever for that matter.

While I may be glad that Denise learned about my real feelings, I would have altered a lot of things if I could. I learned the importance of staying true to oneself. It was one of the best lessons this mistake has told me. Staying true to oneself is staying true to others as well. I learned that we are not only hurting ourselves in the process if we did otherwise, we are also hurting the ones around us. And that is so not fair on their part. Life may deal us a couple of bad cards in the process. And that is a given. Nevertheless, we cannot always blame our misfortunes to circumstances.

We always have to admit to our mistakes. While some mistakes can possibly be undone, most often than not, time is not on our side. Whenever we feel like there is something wrong, let us muster that courage to work things out the best way we know how. It will definitely not be easy but in the long run, everything will surely be worth it. No sane person will ever say that it is fine to get hurt. But just the same, it is surely not fine to withhold our courage at the expense of others. Work Cited Lukacs, John. “Best Mistake; By Accident. ” New York Times 18 April 1999.

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