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Alternative Medicine Essay Examples

Essay on Alternative Medicine

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Traditional vs Alternative Medicine

The sad part of the plight is a variety of side-effects caused due to the antibiotics. In fact, some of the medicines prescribed for headache have been banned in certain countries due to harmful effects on other organs of the body. On the other hand, a simple massage therapy, meditation session, yoga or practice of 'tai chi' can permanently cure headache. Thus alternate system rates over tradition...

Medical Pluralism

This broad term helps us understand health care systems and health care seeking behaviours within specific cultural contexts. The process of seeking medical treatment depends on the availability, convenience, and religious views amongst other factors in each culture. In some cultures this approach of medical pluralism works to one’s advantage, but in others, can have various consequences as seen...

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Cam)

Talk to your doctor about risks and benefits of complementary and alternative medicine Work with your conventional medical doctor to help you make informed decisions regarding complementary and alternative treatments. Even if your doctor can't recommend a specific practitioner, he or she can help you understand possible risks and benefits before you try a treatment. It's especially important to in...

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Alok Tours and Travels

What is the cost of providing the product/service for three years? Include cost of product/service worksheet—Cost of Product/Service (Excel file NVE_6c. xls) Financial Projections What is your budget for marketing, administrative and general expenses? What is your net profit? What are the costs to start this business? What are your start-up expenses? What are your capital expenditures to start t...

Eizayaga’s Layers Method

There are a couple of other layers that can exist in a patient (Kramer 2006). There may be a drug layer on top of the lesion layer. In most cases these days, where there is pathology, drugs will have been used to suppress the symptoms. Long-term use of drugs in this way can create a drug layer. A side effect could be that vital organs, such as the liver or kidneys are affected. This layer should b...


In researching Reiki I have discover how large the topic of Reiki really is and the more fascinated I have become with the healing technique that is Reiki. People do not need a special background to learn how to perform Reiki and are able to use this healing technique on themselves and others. Reiki’s energy healing technique is an excellent complement to one’s regular health care since Reiki ...

Alternative Medicine and Unit Learning Outcome

3Encourage an individual to use self-help methods of pain control Answer 22. 4Assist an individual to be positioned safely and com-fortably Answer 22. 5Carry out agreed measures to alleviate pain and discomfort Answer 33. 1Carry out required monitoring activities relating to management of an individual’s pain or discomfort Answer 33. 2Complete records in required ways Answer 33. 3Report findings...

Alternative Medicine

Chiropracty primarily involves the adjustment of spine and joints to alleviate pain and improve general health.  Naturopathic medicine also strongly believes in the body's inherent ability to heal itself. Vitamin therapy or orthomolecular medicine uses vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to return a diseased body to wellness. Biofeedback, body work, massage therapy, reflexology, hydrotherapy, aro...

Acupuncture: An Alternative

The NCCAM provides in its website that the use of Acupuncture has a relatively lower account in terms of health problems and complication despite the huge number of treated individuals in America. Generally the negative complications resulted from the use of inadequately sterilized needles causing serious undesirable effects, including infections and punctured organs. Moreover improper needle plac...


When researching about the different types of food, I came across a book called: "don't eat this if you're taking that". According to this book, vitamin K which can be found in veggies such as: onions and garlic contain an ingredient which is essential in the formation of blot clots and client's on blood thinners (ex: Warfarin) and patient's on anticoagulant should limit the amount of foods contai...

Stachytarpheta Jamaicensis

A similar research article entitled High dosage toxicity testing of medicinal herbs Momordica charantica. Emblica officinalls, Tribulus terrestris and Trigonella foenum graecium in albino pice: a pilot study by V. Vikram and S. Kaushal, made use of the Acute oral toxicity test in order to determine the hazards and risks that may occur when an individual intakes a medicinal herb. Results obtained f...

Complementary and alternative medicine CAM

From what has been discussed above, it can be concluded that acupuncture can be considered as effective as drug treatments. Whilst the available evidence proposed that acupuncture has efficacy in improving ones pain, still it should be combined with other treatments of migraine attacks in order to further decrease the episodes. Furthermore, people who are willing to receive acupuncture may conside...

Alternative Medicine- Home Remedies for Menstruation Relief

Puberty and menopause mark the two ends of the spectrum of a woman’s reproductive life. Puberty is characterized by the onset of menstruation, breast development and the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics. The age of onset of puberty can vary between individuals, however, the onset of regular menstruation before age 8 or delay of more than 16 years old required medical attention. Sim...

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