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Alternative Medicine Essay Examples

Essays on Alternative Medicine

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Traditional vs Alternative Medicine

Traditional vs. Alternative Medicine Traditional medicine vs. alternate medicine, is a subject of great scrutiny and speculation. An important point to understand is that both the systems share the same objective - a healthy and a safe body. While experts differ in their view on this subject, it is important to deduce the pros and cons of both the branches of medicine. A judicious mix of both can be a good way forward. The Systems Traditional medicine, as we commonly…...

Review of Related Legal Bases

In according to this study, there are none yet Laws, Ordinances, Republic Acts that have been passed nor created by the Government of the Philippines for Tamarind and Siling Labuyo. Review Of Related Literature Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) is a tree in the family Fabaceae indigenous to tropical Africa. The genus Tamarindus is a monotypic taxon, having only a single species. The tamarind tree produces edible, pod-like fruit which are used extensively in cuisines around the world. Tamarind has folkloric medical…...

Electronic-Based Medical Record

For many years, physicians’ offices documented all data in paper-based medical charts. Now, the physician or clinician records the medical data into a computer. Information stored in this manner is known as an electronic-based medical record or EMR. By definition, an EMR is a computerized record of the important health information regarding a patient including the care of that individual and the progress of that patient’s condition (Bonewit-West, Hunt, & Applegate, 2009). The use of computers in physicians’ offices is…...

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Cam)

Complementary and natural medicine (WEBCAM) includes a variety of interventions-- from exercise and dietary supplements to tension management strategies, biofeedback, and acupuncture. These treatments-- which originate from several disciplines and customs-- are normally thought about to be outside the world of conventional medication. When used in combination with traditional medication, they are referred to as "complementary;" when utilized rather of traditional medicine, they are referred to as "alternative." In the United States today, approximately 75% of individuals with MS usage…...

Health Is The Most Important Part Of Life

What business is your venture in? What is the current stage of development for the venture? 'Health is Wealth' is an age long adage, which infers that the health of a people is the most important part of life. Alok Tours and Travels is into the healthcare delivery sector, but with a different dimension. Gone are those days when the orthodox medical practices of the west monopolized the healthcare sector. Time and events have shown that some eastern countries have…...

Eizayaga’s Layers Method

Dr Eizayaga, an Argentinean homeopath, developed a method to deal with persistent cases (Watson 2004). He thought that clients have different levels of disease, which require separate prescriptions. In most persistent cases, there will have been long-term usage of drugs to reduce the particular pathology and signs (Kramer 2006). This indicates that the real photo of the illness may be obscured and toxicity in the system might likewise be causing side effects. This can impact key organs in the body,…...

Reiki: An Alternative Healing Modality Reiki

Reiki: An Alternative Healing Modality Axia College Expository Essays Reiki: An Alternative Healing Modality Reiki is a method of healing, with the power to harmonize the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Many cultures from Tibetans to Greeks possessed an understanding of the nature of spirit, energy, and matter and used the knowledge for healing. Dr. Usui rediscovered Reiki in the 19th century and became the founding father of this healing modality. There are three degrees or levels of…...

Alternative Medicine and Unit Learning Outcome

It is important to have a holistic approach to managing pain and discomfort by looking at the situation as a whole. Not just the physical side but also the mental, emotional, spiritual and social needs. Conventional medicine, alternative and complementary therapies can be used as options to relieve pain and other symptoms if desired. The care plan has been made with information which supports their lifestyle and culture. The purpose is to bring comfort, dignity and peace to the clients…...

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine describes practices used in place of conventional medical treatments. People increasingly prefer alternative to conventional medicine. The reasons for this are pretty simple - it is safe and it works! And USA is not an exception. It is estimated, by none other than the Harvard Medical School, that one out of every two persons in the United States between the ages of 35 and 49 years used at least one alternative therapy in 1997. Alternative medicine actually encompasses…...

Acupuncture: An Alternative

To support the life of an ailing individual and to relieve pain, the application of formal and conventional medical practice is not alone that can help. The application of complementary and alternative medicine may also relieve the patient of such sufferings. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), National Institutes of Health has defined complementary and alternative medicine as “a group of diverse health care and medical systems, practices and products that are not presently considered to be…...

Natural Products in Medicine

Natural products There is a strong social interest in natural remedies more than 80% of the world populations depending on natural products for primary health care and medicine (Figueroa et al., 2012). Natural products (algae, bacteria, fungi, plants etc) have been used as an important source of healing agents for over millions of years and still several currently available today's drugs are derived from natural products or their derivatives (Kinghorn et al., 2011; Newman and Cragg, 2012). These products have…...

Effects of Drug Therapy vs. Alternative Medicine

New research Effects of drug therapy vs. alternative medicine Cost effectiveness - Speaker notes Media is one of the biggest influencers in today society. It gives people access to information in the simplest form. A lot of health and beauty organization use websites and blogs to discuss topics such as natural medicine and work alongside manufacturing companies and celebrities to promote this trend. The celebrities use their platforms to attract the people and get them hooked. For example, SHAPE.Com released…...

A Case Seen in a Pre-Hospital Setting

Reflective account of a case seen in practice in a pre-hospital setting Introduction I am a Paramedic registered with the health & care professions council (HCPC) and this essay will look reflectively at an incident I attended during the course of my duties. This case reflection aims to reflect on an encounter with a patient in pre-hospital care with which I was challenged during this particular emergency and were at that time available pathways to guide patient management have been…...

A Percutaneous Technique of Liver Retraction in Laparoscopic

Introduction Laparoscopic bariatric surgeries are challenging procedures to perform. A high body mass index (BMI) and an enlarged liver increase the surgery difficulty. Preoperative weight loss can help to decrease the size of the liver. However, an enlarged liver can impede optimal visualization of the stomach during surgery. The challenge for many surgeon s is how to retract the left lobe of the liver to obtain an adequate exposure of vision and maximum working space. Currently, the most common techniques…...

Stachytarpheta Jamaicensis in Alternative Medicine

For years, traditional or alternative medicine have been dubbed as unorthodox and the question of their safety still remains; though multiple countries utilize them. The Philippines is no stranger to turning to these kinds of medication especially in times of desperate need; since the majority of its population live in poverty, acquiring treatment from professionals are quite hard to come by. Kandikandilaan, scientifically known as Stachytarpheta Jamaicensis, is a plant that is commonly utilized by Filipinos to treat common ailments.…...

Alternative Medicine Based on Herbs

Natural drugs are the ordinary medications these framed by the assistance of herbs and therapeutic plant arrangements. The W.H.O. has portrayed ordinary medication as including remedial practices that have been in nearness, routinely for quite a while, before the progression and spread of present day prescription are as yet being utilized today. India is one of the 12 noteworthy biodiversity focuses having more than 45,000 plant species. Its decent variety is exceptional because of the nearness of 16 distinctive agroclimatic…...

Acupuncture in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is considered by many healthcare customers nowadays as another option of health care treatment that is outside of the scope of medical practice. As a matter of fact, according to an analysis and survey that was conducted last 2007 in the US, 50% of adults have utilized alternative therapies to treat chronic pains such as migraine (Armstrong & Gossard 2016). One good example of this kind of remedy is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a type of…...

Immunisation and Vaccination

Vaccinations Definition: Immunisation is a simple and effective way of protecting yourself and your family. Immunisation works by triggering the immune system to fight against certain diseases. If a vaccinated person comes in contact with these diseases, their immune system is able to respond more effectively. This either prevents the disease from developing or reduces the severity. Immunisation not only protects your own family, but also others by helping to control serious diseases in our community. Vaccination is safe and…...

Alternative Medicine- Home Remedies for Menstruation Relief

The female reproductive system is really wonderful. Each month the ovaries produce an egg that is deposited into the fallopian tube. The wall of the uterus known as endometrium thickens and there is an increase in blood circulation throughout the reproductive system. This is all in preparation for pregnancy. However, if the woman is not pregnant, then all these things have to be dismissed. This is known as the period. Once the expulsion is carried out, the ovaries produce a…...

Pan Pharmaceuticals And ACCM

  It constantly refers to alternative medicine or therapies in inverted commas, i. e. "medicines" identified on at least 16 separate occasions throughout the article. The author refers to it on other occasions as "muck". The journalist also implies through his rigorous use of more inverted commas that manufacturing problems were not the cause of the recall. The article refers to complementary medicines as "new age junk food". The manufacturers of which (e. g. ACCM's associates) being "peddlers of dodgy…...

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