Holistic Health Center

My Mission

Holistic Health Center is a dedicated and a dynamic ensemble of the well-drawn professionals and instructors whose primary aim is to bring about a wholesome transforming experience through the teaching of holistic lifestyle relevant to the modern society with the reappraisal of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ without any form of indoctrination and discrimination. Holistic Health Center embodies the concept of an affordable and reasonable home-away-from-home-live-in-environment for interaction among the guests besides providing the freedom of personal space for those who require solitary.

My tailor-made health programs will be beneficial for whoever inclined to learn about health principles and its practical applications to attain a topnotch quality of living where the cost doesn’t exceed the money spent to treat the diseases and their complications. Today the number of those who are suffering from degenerative disease is increasing with leaps and bounds and the Ministry of Health is spending thousands to battle and treat the diseases. Providentially, these diseases could be reversed or prevented to a great extent by managing one’s lifestyle.

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Lifestyle management consists of incorporating health education, simple natural remedies and preventive medicine. I will treat mainly with nutrition which includes balanced diet, juicing, herbs, supplements, daily workouts, massages and variety of treatment modalities such as hydrotherapy. I will obtain a comprehensive medical history and physical examination of every guest after which each of them will receive individualized conditioning and consultations according to their needs respectively, by doctors who have both conventional and natural therapy backgrounds.

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Bottom line, our goal is to bring about healing to the soul which made up of mind, spirit and body.

Core value

With parallel to the First Angel’s message, found in Revelation 14: 6-7, the core belief of our church and institution, I will advocate for the holistic lifestyle through which one could give Him glory from all the aspects of life which is directed to people from every nation, tribe and tongue. I will strive my very best to reach out to people from all walks of life ,regardless of metrics such as caste, color, creed, nationality, gender, sex, age, profession or status. I will ascertain those who seek our guidance will achieve a holistic health which includes healthy: relationships, adventures, environments, physical, spiritual and intellectual growth, creativity and community.



I will tailor every lifestyle program and training in a personalized, stress-free and a positively surprising way. I am aware that our community is very diverse, thus, it is indispensable to resonate with each individual’s ideology and gain middle ground without hierarchical power preserving dynamics of the traditional pedagogy. By doing so, I could avoid judging my clients according to their pre-packaged ideas and pre-conceived notions about healthy habits. I will ensure the decisions are made out of freedom, rationale and accountability.


I will always educate my team and myself to abide by professional protocols and pre-performance templates to ensure efficiency in our service. I will train my team to use the correct service language, gestures and body language while serving the guests. Give and take from the existing establishments such as church and school will endow me with pronounced capacity to broaden my horizon by forming professional affiliations with other parties in the region. Consequently, I could be cognizant of the shared priority and keep abreast with the healthcare demands of the modern community.


I will ensure equality and equity in the accessibility of our service in the community. I will practice zero tolerance policy to inequality in my service.


I believe that a problem shared is a problem halved and if I am not a part of the solution, I am a part of the problem. I will be acutely focused on not only motivating my clients but to help them mature physically, ,mentally, spiritually and intellectually, that the experience of transformation will not be seasonal, but lifelong.


I will always diversify the approaches by constantly reinventing the techniques and branching out to new methods to avoid the novelty being worn off and clients experience withdrawal. In the long run, the metamorphosis of the clients will create a rippling effect, but not a crippling effect to the community.


I will ensure our service will surpass mediocrity and go extra miles to surprise the clients by exceeding their minimum expectations and demands.


I strongly promote clarity as it breeds mastery in our service. I will deconstruct our approaches and outcomes every now and then by doing deep reflections, as with better awareness I can make better choices, and with better choices I can make better results.


I will be focused on lifestyle related diseases and lifestyle related treatments especially for degenerative diseases, stress, autoimmune disorders, cancers and smoking addiction. Collectively considered, the mentioned factors or diseases strongly influence our lifestyle and vice versa.

So, I will achieve my aims by:

  1. A thorough medical history and physical examination
  2. Blood tests as the guests check in and several times as required towards the end of session
  3. Doctors’ consultation
  4. Hydrotherapy twice a day
  5. Colonic irrigation once if it is required as confirmed by the physicians
  6. Swiss massage twice a day
  7. Daily workout twice a day for 20 minutes every session
  8. Health and nutrition seminar once a day where one session is 1 hour long
  9. Vegetarian cooking demonstration once a day
  10. Interactive activity to support and build one another ( spouses are encouraged to join for greater success) for 1 hour every day
  11. Reflection and Journal of changes and transformation
  12. Well balanced meal three times a day
  13. Individual counselling for half an hour a day
  14. Go to bed as early as 9 pm and wake up at 5 in the morning for workout.
  15. Russian steam bath with juice fasting and herbal tea detoxification to fight withdrawal symptoms for the smokers.

By the end of the sessions (20 days):

  1. De-stressed and formed life-long friendships
  2. Lost weight
  3. Exacerbations of symptoms controlled
  4. Abnormal blood readings reversed i.e. blood pressure, lipid and glucose level
  5. Reduced withdrawal symptoms
  6. Better sleep at night
  7. Refreshed mentally, spiritually and physically
  8. Conscious of one’s health condition and driven to keep up with healthy lifestyle


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