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A Poem As I Walked Out One Evening

W.H. Auden through the shift of narrative voices explores the different perspective of love. This technique shows us not only one sided opinions but various views. And readers are shown, that perhaps what is right in the minds of one, may vary to the eyes of another. The image of romance is often twisted to extremes by society. As human beings, we have the tendency to form opinions based on our ow...

Poem Analysis on Out, Out- by Robert Frost

Frost uses emotionally filled words in this poem. That must mean that he was attached to it emotionally and personally. I did some background research and it is possible that he based it off of his neighbor’s son, Raymond Fitzgerald who cut off his hand with a saw and bled until he went into shock, causing heart failure. People either were not aware of the conditions back then, or they did and c...

Mi Ultimo Adios Poetry

Mi Ultimo Adios was the farewell poem of Rizal that originally had no title and was unsigned. This was believed as Rizal’s last will because he wrote it on the night before he was executed. Also through this poem, Rizal was giving his last message to his countrymen. For him, offering his life was the best way he could show his love for the country. Even he was going to die, he was not resentful ...

Tintern Abbey by William Wordsworth

Eric K. W. Yu is Associate Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at National Chiao Tung University. He has published essays on Romantic poetry, postcolonialism, and Chinese folklore. His current areas of research are urban space, travelogues, and the Hong Kong cinema. One of his latest articles, titled “Productive Fear: Cultural Anxieties and Ascetic Labor in Bram Stoke...

“A Blessing” by James Wright

Wright has created new interpretive descriptions of crossing into another lifetime. He developed a life where animals and humans can walk as one and where humans can walk as freely as animals. He also incorporated the common human need for rejuvenation and created “A Blessing” as a new way to fulfill that human need. James Wright developed a poem that touched on several topics, bringing them a...

Analysis of a Poem The Red Hat

The author uses vivid description to allow the reader to develop a mental picture of what takes place. The boy walks up the east side of West End, while his parents follow behind on the west side. An understanding between the boy and his parent’s permits extended glances across the street, but not eye contact. This unsaid agreement allows the parents the opportunity to look over at their son to ...

Interpersonal Barriers in A Poem Mending Wall

Mary K. Ruby. Vol. 5. Detroit: Gale Group, 1999. Literature Resource Center. Web. 15 July 2011. Frank Lentricchia’s interpretation of this poem supports my initial reaction that the poem is about barriers, friendships, struggles, and socializing rather than segregating. His analogy will strengthen my argument that this is the only interpretation based on the line-by-line dissection of the ...

A Poem In The Bazaars of Hyderabad

There she enquires about what they are selling. They tell her they sell lemon, pomegranate and plum. Then the musicians are asked what they play and they say sitar, sarangi and drums are played. She even comes across magicians and asks them what they are chanting and they say that they are chanting magical spells to charm thousand ages to come. The final stanza is about the flower girls who are as...

Human at War in The Man He Killed

Along with tone, the narrator uses word choice to justify and explain his actions. In the quote used before, "Yes; quaint and curious war is," the narrator is also saying that these types of events are unavoidable in the line of battle. In the first stanza of the poem, the narrator suggests that if he met the man in a bar while not in a war then they would be surely having a drink together. Using ...

John Keats "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer"

The error Keats made in mentioning Cortez as the discoverer of the Pacific Ocean indeed does not detract from the overall meaning of the poem – names are almost irrelevant, it is the actions and accomplishments that are so potent in his work. What is important is human truth, not historical accuracy, and Keats has once again created a work of enormous ambition that reflects the importance of kn...

Poetry of Muir and Wordsworth About Nature

The poem “Calypso Borealis” by John Muir and the poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” by William Wordsworth two great works centered on nature that contain vivid imagery and emotional changes of tone the pictures in your mind are the illustrations, your emotions are the story, and nature is the cover. These two works inspired by events in the 19th century are different in many areas, but no...

A Poem The Siren Song by Margaret Atwood

Atwood, though debatably trying to present men as the undesirable beings in the poem, uses imperatives, which could be construed in more than one way. ‘Come closer’ exemplifies a ‘siren’ trying to seduce a man. The application of seductive imperatives contradicts the blame being placed only on men. Perhaps the repetition of both words having harsh sounding ‘Cs’ creates the possibility ...

Shakespeare’s Poem My Mistress’ Eyes

Women are pressured to live up to the expectation of big bright eyes, full red lips, flawless skin, soft and shiny hair,“ My mistress’s eyes are nothing like the sun; Coral is far more red than her lips’ red; If now be white, why then her breasts are dun ; If hairs be wires ,black wires grow on her head”. 7) The couplet at the end of the poem line 13-14 “ And yet, by heaven, I think my l...

A Poem Little Red Cap Overview

Almost like today’s”bad guy syndrome”: some young girls are longing for something different, tired of being a “goody two shoe”, always doing what they are told, so they find guys that are the exact opposite. Advices given by an adult, do not mean anything, they have the need to figure out things for themselves, life experience, even though they might regret it in end. Why did I not liste...

Tone of A Poem Her Kind

These short words quickly get the point of the poem across in a simplistic way. The imagery used in this poem helps the reader to picture the author as nonhuman, and doing nonhuman activities. When Sexton describes feeding the creatures in the forest, such as the worms and elves, she creates a nonhuman and unordinary character. Even though this character seems inhuman and odd, one can analyze the ...

Analysis of Love and Relationship in Porphyria's Lover

Simultaneously, the poet uses normally innocent and customary descriptions in a way that highlight the degradation of the situation at hand. When Porphyria entered the cottage, she “withdrew [her] dripping cloak and shawl, / and laid her soiled gloves by” (lines 11-12). This relatively common act reveals something greater about the situation. When she came out of the dark stormy night and took...

A poem Piano and Drums by Gabriel Okara

Piano and Drums is a poem which basically themed and created by two different and opposing culture in the poem, the piano culture and drums culture which suggested by the poet whenThe culture of drums is straight forward, and direct, and this just like the world and culture in the ancient years which before civilization. People do not hide their real selves, showing and communicate without pretend...

Child Abuse Problem in A Poem Rush Hour

The issue seems to be a recurring issue as, “she pulls the children to her...thinking of the arm raised over them.." as if she were going through the abuse again (L.29-30). It is inferred that it is reoccurring because the mother pleaded that, "It was an accident," and that, "He didn't mean to do it. This is the truth about human life, day to day people face domestic abuse, and most of the time ...

A Poem The Man He Killed by Hardy

Hardy in “The Man He Killed” does a wonderful job exposing the insecurities of the man, without even stating them by using figurative language and literary elements. The repetition deduces hesitation, while other elements such as wordplay, and the use of dashes represents deep thought, and possibly regret lets the reader infer how the man is really feeling which is different from the words on...

Brief Analysis of a Poem Anahorish


"Growing Old" - a Poem by Matthew Arnold

There are much more poetic devices used in this poem, assonance has a great impact on the poems meaning. Assonance is a repetition of the sound of vowel throughout the stanza, and in the poem they have repeated a vowel throughout a line in a stanza. For example, “Not our bloom only, but our strength decay?” the vowel “O” is used throughout this line of the poem, creating assonance and a me...

Analysis of A Poem An Absolutely Ordinary Raibow

Through the use of techniques, Les Murray communicates interesting concepts of this unconventional hero effectively. The weeping man's quality's of being able to influence others and attain their attentions through his strength in sending across messages in unconventional ways make him heroic because he is just but a simple and ordinary man. Whether or not the weeping man achieved his un mentioned...

Allusion in a Poem Ithaca

This poem is discussing a life journey to a paradise land known as Ithaca. It describes the horrific creatures that you would meet along the way. It also explains that this journey should take most of your life to reach the place called Ithaca. I think that the author is referring to the challenges in life when he talks about the fierce monsters, and that overcoming them will allow you to reach I...

The Rape of the Lock

"Satire is a glass wherein beholders do generally discover everybody's face but their own" (Long, "Racine" 4). Pope uses every aspect of the mock epic to satirize the frivolity of the people around him. He takes specific scenes and uses parody to illustrate the insignificance of everyday rituals. He even uses the structure of rhyming couplets to juxtapose the ordinary with the extraordinary to rev...

John Keats' Lamia as a Product of Romanticism

Although Lamia begins to wither under Apollonius' stare, it is only when Lycius considers his teacher's thoughts as truth, that she is actually destroyed. In attempting to define and confine Lamia's nature to their record of common things, they destroy her imagination--her own perceptions on beauty and truth, "Do not all charms fly at the mere touch of cold philosophy" (II-229-230)? The dream that...

Message of a Poem On My First Sonne

Jonson concludes the poem by vowing not to love "he...never like too much". This father's feeling on the loss of his son, has brought Jonson to use various structural features to identify his stages of sorrow he has gone thought. The use of various language features, such as polysemy and rhyme describe his various interpretations to his grief and gives the reader the challenge to understand fully ...

Explication of a Poem Siren Song by Margaret Atwood

"Alas it is a boring song but it works every time", says the Siren in the final stanza. Her song, her cries for help - they all have been a ploy to lure in her next victims. Maybe, her promise to reveal her secret was kept, after all. Perhaps her secret was the fact that her song will always work. She describes her song as "boring", and seems almost amused with the outcome of her trap, as though h...

Symbols in "A Sense of Shelter"

What all these symbols do is reiterate to us the apparent theme, loss of comfort, and how it allows William to feel a certain amount of contentment. When this comfort-level is challenged, the audience can notice how the tone gets more depressing. Whether it is through schools sense of shelter, a desk, or snowy, frigid days, these symbols all play an important role in supporting the theme and tone ...

If You Forget Me By Pablo Neruda

This, in fact insures that the poet is unafraid of the risks of falling in love, but remains completely aware. According to the Poetry Society Of America, “anyone who knows anything about Pablo Neruda knows that he is considered the ‘poet of love’”. Which is clearly demonstrated throughout this poem. Neruda was effective in creating a love story, one of which can be interpreted in many way...

Critical Analysis of A poem by Coleridge

Even though this dome is Coleridge's dreaming interpretation of paradise, the poem is visionary as it taps into the power of creativity and imagination. The fact that this poem was inspired by a drug-induced dream is one thing, but the dream aspect is more important. Coleridge is relentless in his attempt to recreate his hallucination in order to produce his form of art for others to enjoy. If you...

Elizabeth: English Queen Life

The correlation between the snake, the father, and the primitiveness can lead to a sense of danger in Elizabeth's life. Elizabeth senses the danger and evades it by becoming sly and controlling. This is indicated by the tonal transition in as she slides from thoughts of "Tom, soft laughing"(28) and "turning / with the rhythm of the sun on warped branches, / who'd hold my breast and watch it move l...

An Analysis of William Blake's Poem The Tyger

In stanza number five, there is a reference to shooting stars which says "when the stars threw down their spears". With this stanza the writer asks many rhetorical questions like, if the god smiled when he saw his creation? if he is the same god that made Christ? These questions are asked with the meaning of making the reader ask himself about the nature of this god. Is this god pure good?The sixt...

Language Analysis of A Poem The Cool Web

The first three stanzas have a relatively simple rhyme scheme of A B C C. The effect of lines 3 and 4 of each of these stanzas rhyming is that each stanza is concluded firmly. Three stanzas with the same structure creates a pattern and an expectation that the next stanza will be the same. The fact that it is not is a surprise and a type of foregrounding. The last stanza has a rhyme of A B C D C D ...

A Poem Rising Five by Norman Nicholson

The fact that we stop being human if we reduce life to numbers is conveyed in the seventh line of the first stanza when the poem reads "fifty-six months or perhaps a week more." The poet could have chosen to use the words "four years and eight months," but chose to use the words "fifty-six" to emphasize more on the numbers. Although these words aren't spoken by the boy it is an emphasis on the usa...

A Poem The Conscientious Objector by Karl Shapiro

At the conclusion of the poem, Shapiro relates how in the end how the objector, and now the reader, can come to the conclusion the conscious objector suffers in ways that may differ from the sufferings of a soldier, but are still sacrifices none the less. The reader must always remember that the objector is the soldier's counterpart, and his balance. Even the soldier, who hates the objector during...

A Poem Ithaca Based on the Odyssey

As humans we are all given the chance to embark on a wonderful journey through life. Some choose to focus on the final goal and choose to dedicate their lives for the end destination. The poem "Ithaca" by C.P. Cavafy suggests that one should not focus ones entire life on the end goal but instead enjoy the journey, and take as much as one possibly can from it. The author uses Ithaca as a metaphor f...

"The Voice" by Thomas Hardy

The final stanza uses shorter lines to show that he knows he has to move on and carry on with life, but that the process is difficult summed up by both the diction and alliteration of 'faltering forward'. The 'I' sound suggesting s painful movements with the likelihood of falling or stumbling. The setting and mood are bleak and anticipate withering and dying, "leaves around me falling". The "wind ...

A Poem Thistles by Ted Hughes

Some variation in line lengths, such as in the short second line of the first stanza and the first like of the second, is effective in suggesting the abrupt and violent nature of thistles. The poem slows and becomes jerky, and simpler, in the last stanza, as if with exhaustion, and so conveys a sense that the thistles are dying. Half of the last stanza refers to the "sons" and gives a clear sense ...

A poem Void Deck by Alfian Bin Sa'at

"Teenage rhetoric scrawled, in liquid paper" (stanza 5, verse 6) refers to the graffiti that could be found on the stone-table chessboards. The inconsiderate nature of the teens in Singapore is evident in the mindless scribbling. "Where the king used to sit" tell us that the chessboards, which used to be for the purpose of playing chess is now used as "an outlet" for the teens to "express their fe...

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