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Mobile phones have become one of the greatest achievements of technology in today’s world. It helps to create an informative, connected, innovative, creative, participative and converging society. Nowadays, it is a common scene to see everyone walking around with their noses buried in their mobile phones. This report has been written because there has been a massive increase in the usage of mobile phones among the young ones and older folks over the years and there is an indication it will continue to increase.

The objectives of the report are to identify the problems of mobile phones, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones and evaluate its recommendations to resolve the problems outlined. FINDINGS

1.0 Mobile phones are rapidly developing and evolving these days. Due to its swift evolutions, mobile phones have become increasingly important. A boon for better communication, mobile phone usage nonetheless has many health hazards.

1.1 It is believed that the use of mobile phones may lead to a higher risk of brain cancer.

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It is said that the mobile phone radiation increases the risks of brain tumors as mobile phone acts as a microwave transmitter. Microwave promotes rapid cell aging. Hence, the mobile phone radiation will cause cancerous cells in the body to grow aggressively if mobile phones users use their cell phones continuously for long hours. In addition, the radiation emitted out is able to damage brain cells and trigger early Alzheimer. 1.2 Infertility is another major concern of the society which may be caused by mobile phones.

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Many studies have been done and it was reported that sperm counts and quality might be damaged by the radiation emitted from mobile phones. The outcomes of the experiments conducted showed that the sperm has a substantial decrease in swimming abilities which is a crucial factor in conception when mobile phones were placed by them. 1.3 It has been reported many mobile phone users experienced sleep disorder especially when they use their mobile phones shortly before going to sleep. A research shows that users of mobile phones experience difficulty in attaining quality sleep compared to those who put their phones away earlier in the day.

This may be due to nightly disturbances by mobile phone calls or messages. Sleep disorder will eventually leads to headache, stress and depression. 1.4 As the number of mobile phone users increases, the way the mobile phone is dispose of has become an arising issue in our society today. This has become a growing concern as mobile phones contain toxic chemicals and metals which when it is leaked and continue to accumulate within our environment will lead to massive pollution, such as lead and land pollution. When consumed, lead can cause dangerous implications to humans’ bodies which can be fatal.

2.0 Mobility has contributed massively to the high rate of mobile phone usage in this generation. Everyone seems to own a mobile phone now as it is known to be a one’s need rather than a one’s want. However, many have acknowledged and expressed their concern on the social problems caused by mobile phones.

2.1 Not only can mobile phones have a negative impact on one’s health, they can also affecta person’s social life. Excessive use may result in family neglect. When one is constantly using the mobile phone, he or she would be distracted and pays very little attention to its surroundings and people around them. Family interaction would then be very limited as they find more reasons to stay with their mobile phones for longer hours. This results in significant reduction in interpersonal bonding among family members. 2.2 It is believed that mobile phones are the main cause to cheating on a loved one. As a mobile phone gives more privacy than a computer, easy access to social networking websites allows communication with anyone at any time.

On the other hand, the lack of face-to-face interaction due to increase usage of mobile phones destroys the art of true personal communication skills which is essential to build a strong relationship. 2.3 Mobile phone addiction is the newest addiction among the young ones and has become a huge social problem in the society. Many mobile phone addicts engaged in their mobile phones all the time and will suffer anxiety and restlessness once they are away from their mobile phones. This, in turn, would affect the
users’ academic performance and further detriment their future as they become emotionally attached to their mobile phones.

3.0 Though there are negative impacts from the usage of mobile phone, it does not necessarily mean that the mobile phone device is not important. Mobile phone technology has improved and changed people’s lives in many different aspects.

3.1 Mobile phones offer convenience due to its portable size which allows users to bring it anywhere at any time, provides access to their contacts instantly and grants users to be reached by others at all times. It brings people together regardless of where they are, making the world a smaller place. 3.2 Besides that, it provides easy access to all types of information including the internet, personal notes and data which can be stored in the mobile phones. Therefore, if mobile phone users have any question or encounter problems in their daily lives and they have instant internet access, they can search for the answers or solutions immediately without having to use the computer or going through the hassle to go to a library to look for the necessary information. 3.3 Mobile phones provide a measure of security to its users.

It provides valuable benefits especially when one is in the middle of emergency situations such as when the car broke down, feels threatened while walking or one is lost. No other technology enables people to feel more connected with emergency services as they are able to contact help at anytime and anywhere. 3.4 Most of the mobile phones with internet access these days allow its users to enjoy navigation in their hands. Due to the growing needs of today’s consumers, mobile phones are constantly being upgraded to keep up with the demand of its users. The global positioning system (GPS) which is integrated into the mobile phones gives direction to its users and prevents them from getting lost.

Besides that, the GPS function enables the police to track criminals. 3.5 Mobile phones have gone from being a luxury to a necessity in the business world. Mobile phones today have the capability of performing numerous tasks that a computer is able to perform. Users of mobile phones can access the internet, write emails and send documents from wherever the users may be. This, in turn, allows its users to be on top of time-sensitive issues. 3.6 In addition, mobile phones offer flexibility to the corporate world. The more flexible one is, the greater the chances one can show clients their business is the one to go with. Scheduled meetings become much easier when one does not need to be tied to a computer or a desk.

Teleconference via mobile phone can be conducted thus increases one’s ability to multitask. 3.7 The built-in camera in mobile phones allows pictures to be captured instantly, sent out and deleted. This added feature in mobile phones saves time, paper and money as less photos are being printed out. On the other hand, all sorts of information can be transferred via the Bluetooth technology just in span of seconds which significantly reduces one’s time. Furthermore, it would benefit our environment indirectly as fewer papers are being used in our daily routine. Hence, fewer trees are needed to be chopped to meet the demands of the market. 3.8 Mobile phones have helped the education industry indirectly as well. Many students use their mobile phones to record assignments and organize their time. Planners in mobile phones facilitate students to arrange their activities and events in their everyday lives. Mobile phones are a great resource in the classroom or lectures.

There are numerous helpful research applications such as dictionaries and translators. A portable dictionary is readily available right at ones’ fingertips which would further improve the students’ understanding and spelling in their studies. 3.9 On the other hand, mobile phones can impact economic development in many aspects. Mobile phones are able to reduce the costs of communication by lowering search costs and make information more accessible and manageable to the general population of developing countries.

This will then lead to more efficient and effective market operation by reducing the amount of wastage caused by spoilage and by facilitating communication between producers, sellers and buyers. Last but not least, mobile phones can stimulate the economy by creating demands for mobile-based services, which in turn increases employment in the market. RECOMMENDATIONS

From the analysis above, mobile phone has its good sides and bad sides. Nevertheless, if we look closely, mobile phone projects negative impacts when it is being used excessively or when it is being abused. Therefore, it is recommended that the below is being put in practice in our routine constantly to overcome the problems highlighted above:- i) Call durations should be minimized as much as possible as this would mean that one would be less exposed to the harmful radiation emitted from the mobile phones. Unnecessary long duration calls increase the exposure to mobile phone rays and risks too. Mobile phones should be used for emergencies and not for long and lengthy conversations.

When a call is made using the mobile phone, wait for the call to connect before placing the mobile phone next to the ear. ii) From the studies and research by many scientists through various experiments, it is reported that keeping mobile phones in the front pocket of the shirts and bottoms can be more risky to one’s health since it sends radiations to the body of mobile phone users directly. Hence, it is advisable to keep mobile phones away from the pockets where they are being pressed up against the mobile phone users by putting them in a briefcase or computer bag. iii) Children should not use the mobile phones too often as it more hazardous to them because they are in developing stage and it can have long term effects on their health.

Thus, it is important for their parents to educate their children in using the mobile phone effectively and to set the amount of time they are allowed to use the mobile phone. Besides that, parents should also constantly remind their children of the negative effects of the mobile phones if overused and set a set of rules and responsibilities in the household on the usage of mobile phones. iv) It is suggested to avoid using the mobile phones when charging is low or when there are very minimal amount of signal. Low charge mobile phones require more power to establish connection.

This, in turn, results radiation emitted out from the mobile phones to double and when there are fewer signals, the radiations are five times more than normal. v) Due to the increased awareness of the harmful radiation from the mobile phones in the society today, radiation reduction mobile phones accessories were invented to diminish the problems caused by mobile phones. These accessories are capable of protecting the mobile phone users to a certain extent from the dangerous cell phone radiation. The accessory acts as a shield against rays and protects one from ray exposure.

A wired headset is able to increase the distance of the mobile phone and the body of mobile phone users, thus, significantly cut down any exposure to radiation while users are using their mobile phones. In addition, using the mobile phone in the speaker mode also reduces the radiation emitted to the head. vi) Social problems can be encountered if mobile phone users recognize the need to use their mobile phones moderately and not allowing it to take over their life completely.

From the surface, it seems that people are more connected with each other; unfortunately, the truth is not like how it seems. People neglect the real interpersonal communication with others since they rely too much on their mobile phones. Therefore, it is really vital to limit the mobile phone usage during occasions such as family dinner, dining out with friends, family time, driving, on vacations and when someone is communicating to you. vii) Mobile phone addiction is linked to the fear of missing out.

Mobile phone addicts are afraid that they might miss something more exciting that is happening online than one is doing right now in real life. As with any addictions, the first and initial step to overcome this addictive behavior is to admit the problem. Once one realizes the existence of this addiction, then one can look for treatment solutions. Begin with small steps so that one does not overwhelm oneself. Completely cutting off mobile usage is a huge step and it is not necessary to stop using the mobile phone. One should assess how strong the addiction it is by recording down the amount of time each day that one uses his or her mobile phone. Once one has the records, one would realize that the high usage is unnecessary.

One can begin to re-prioritize their surroundings. As one deliberately limits the amount of time each day one uses their mobile phones, one is then working towards disbanding the addiction. One’s habit will change naturally over a period of time while one’s independency from mobile phone is increased. viii) Purchase a mobile phone with a low Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), that is, a low radiation mobile phone. Most mobile phones have an SAR level in its instruction manual. The SAR level is a way of measuring the quantity of radiofrequency energy that is absorbed by the body. The lower the level is, the better it is for the mobile phone users. CONCLUSION

Although, technology as a whole has an effect on the way markets operate, every coin have two sides, that is, mobile phones have both positive and negative consequences. Mobile phones have improved and will continue to improve people’s lives in many different ways and make our life simpler as well. Our society today is one that is based on technology and technological advances. The presence of mobile phones has provide its users the opportunities to stay connected on a totally different new level that does not depend on space or time, but is readily accessible at anytime and anywhere.

People can choose the most comfortable and suitable way to contact friends and families. On the other hand, nothing is good, when done in excess. Mobile phones have changed our social environment. Individuals have become enveloped in their mobile phones and less aware of their social surroundings, missing out possible new social interactions. In conclusion, it is essential for mobile phone users to maintain a good balance of our time with the usage of mobile phones. Mobile phone is a great asset in aiding our everyday lives. In short, mobile phones have helped advanced globalization and improve people’s lives all over the world.

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