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The envy firm has been providing security services for companies since 2002. A once small corporation formed with 4 employees, started out providing database performance assistance for database applications, has since built itself a 1.6 million dollar security service provided. Envy has been able to expand its services, profits and clients over a 4 year span. The company now provides assessments, penetration test, policy creation and regulatory compliance assistance for companies. The Envy firm is currently seeking opportunities to address security-related issues and prepare government agencies and mid-sized organizations to operate in a more secure manner.

The organization has grown in size to 22 full time employees, with 8 employees focusing specifically on services and products. Five currently hold CISSP certifications, four hold CISM certifications, four hold GIAC, and six hold other GIAC certifications. The envy firm has won major contracts over the last four years for assessments and penetration testing. Although the firm does not offer services that review source code to assess its security, the envy firm has every belief that it is qualified to address this RFP.

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a.1 – provide the proposal transmittal and statement of certifications and assurances completed and signed.
– Envy company meets this requirement,

a.2 – Provide documentation of financial responsibility and stability:
– The firm routinely provides complete security services and the firm’s annual gross sales are currently 1.6 million U.S dollars. a.3 – Proposer or any individual who shall perform work under the contract has a possible conflict of interest

– Firm meets this requirement no current conflict of interest.

a.4 – Provide a statement confirming that the proposer does not have active managed security service provider contracts with any State Government agency.

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– The firm currently has two ongoing contracts for providing security services for federal agencies that regulate commerce and land management. The firm does not meet this qualification.

a.5 – The proposer must have performed a vulnerability assessment and/or penetration test on a government entity or corporation that has the minimum of 5,000 employees.

Currently the firm does not meet the requirement:

a.4 Provide a statement confirming that the proposer does not have active managed security service provider contracts with any State Government agency. The firm currently has contracts with 2 agencies.

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