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Primo Levi: Chemist, Writer, Holocaust Survivor
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Primo Levi was an Italian-Jewish chemist, author, and survivor of the holocaust. Levi was born on July 31, 1919 in Turin, Italy. Growing up, he was a smart child and he was one of the last Jews to get a degree before they were banned from universities. Levi graduated with honours in chemistry in 1941 from the University of Turtin. After graduation however, he found it difficult to find a job because of the fact that he was a Jew.…...
The Holocaust
Holocaust Denial
Words • 812
Pages • 4
Gauss's theory For example there may or may not be a prime number tomorrow that proves Gauss's theory as incorrect, therefore we must be open to new ideas, but we must also trust some things simply because they are. A man who spends the rest of his life on this theory can never find knowledge as numbers never end. Reason can be used to portray the amount of doubt we can have. It is not reasonable to believe in all…...
PhilosophyScienceThe Holocaust
The Holocaust Was the Result of Hitler’s Personal Desire for Genocide: Assessment of the Statement
Words • 2469
Pages • 10
The Holocaust was not the result of Hitler’s desire for genocide, but rather stemmed from Hitler’s desire for genocide. Hitler’s desire for genocide meant that he was able to create the circumstances in Germany under which genocide could be possible, and encourage other individuals, such as Himmler to become involved. It is clear from Hitler’s first public statements made as early as 1920 that he had a long term desire for the extermination of the Jews “there can be no…...
DesireGenocideNazi GermanyPersonalThe Holocaust
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Reinhard Heydrich’s Life
Words • 2356
Pages • 10
When we die we all leave an impression on this world, most people leave a lasting impact on their friends and family, some fade away into insignificance and a small number of individuals have managed to change the world and leave a lasting impact still felt in the 21st century, this is due to their actions- for better or worse. Reinhard Heydrich was born on the 7th March 1904 in German city named Halle to devout Catholic parents Bruno and…...
HistoryLifeNazi GermanyPeriodThe HolocaustWar
Reinhard Heydrich During the Holocaust
Words • 629
Pages • 3
During the Holocaust, major perpetrators became involved with Adolf Hitler's genocidal murder spree. Each perpetrator helped in various ways, such as leading concentration camps or performing human experimentation. One of the major perpetrators was a man named Reinhard Heydrich. Reinhard Heydrich was a military man before and during WW II, becoming a wanted man. Before the beginning of WW II, Reinhard Heydrich was given tasks that he quickly succeeded in and received promotions for. He was talked into going to…...
The Holocaust
Mobilizing the Masses
Words • 740
Pages • 3
The World War 1 penalized Germans by taking a massive land from Germany and other colonies, they were told that they had to decrease their military forces. Germany had to payback for the damages that caused during the World War 1. Hitler was accused of the treaty of Versailles, and that was Germany's responsibility for Germany's financial complications. Some issues that were faced are: Consequently, after the war, the country had enormous unemployment and price rises. Hitler thought that foreign…...
HistoryNazi GermanyPeriodThe HolocaustWarWorld War 2
The Holocaust: America’s First Refugee Crisis
Words • 2988
Pages • 12
This essay will evaluate how America perceived refugees during WW2, and how the Holocaust changed this perception.During 1930"1933, the mood in Germany was grim. Their defeat in WWI had brought both shame and economic downturn to the country. The worldwide economic depression, which was worsened by the Versaille Treaty, had hit the country hard, and millions of people were out of work, homeless, and, with inflated food prices, starvation and famine quickly followed. To make matters worse, there was continuous…...
AmericaNazi GermanyThe Holocaust
The book Night shows the journey of Eliezer Wiesel throughout the Holocaust
Words • 863
Pages • 4
The book Night shows the journey of Eliezer Wiesel throughout the Holocaust and life inside of the Concentration Camps. When we were first introduced to Eliezer, we learned that he was extremely religious, and he wanted to go behind his father's back to learn more about his religion. Before the Holocaust, he and his family lived in Sighet, where they lived a normal life. Once the Nazis took over, all of that changed for Eliezer and the millions of other…...
JourneyNazi GermanyNightThe Holocaust
An Overview of the Museum of Tolerance During Our Museum Trip
Words • 1112
Pages • 5
OverviewThe museum of tolerance provides unique experiences that are influenced by the cultural and historical events especially based on prejudice and discrimination that took place in the past. The museum is owned by a Jewish human right organization through its education arm. I must admit that the assignment gave me a rare opportunity to learn and experience on events that have transpired on human life in the past changing my entire perspective on the importance of the freedom we enjoy…...
CultureField Trip To MuseumMulticulturalismMuseumNazi GermanyThe Holocaust
Adolf Hitler as an important political leader
Words • 6394
Pages • 26
Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau am Inn, Austria. His parents were Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl. Adolf was the fourth child out of six. Three years after he was born, the family relocated from Austria to Germany. Typically, Adolf Hitler and his father did not agree; the fine arts fascinated Adolf, but his father disapproved of it. Adolf Hitler was profoundly affected by the death of his younger brother, Edmund. Adolf Hitler also displayed a…...
HitlerNazi GermanyPoliticsThe Holocaust
Death And Concentration Camps In The Holocaust History
Words • 1378
Pages • 6
The Holocaust was a horrifying crime against humanity. Adolf Hitler led a nation of Germans who were trying to rid “inferior races”. Hitler had a “final solution” to take care of anybody who he saw as inferior. “The plans included in the Final Solution included the deportation, exploitation, and eventual extermination of European Jews”. (Grobman) His method was to kill any undesirables. He would use concentration camps and death camps. Within the years 1941-1945 over eleven million people were killed.…...
ConcentrationConcentration CampsDeathHistoryNazi GermanyThe Holocaust
Adolf Hitler
Words • 327
Pages • 2
Adolf Hitler was a notorious dictator over Germany during World War II. Hitler was a unique but complex individual that was heavenly influenced by his upbringing. Hitler became the dictator over Germany during the years of 1933 to 1945. During his dictatorship, Hitler participated in the World War II and was the cause of the Holocaust. The Great Depression provided Hitler with an opportunity to rule. Once Hitler realized the opportunity to overtake Germany, he began to run for fuhrer.…...
HitlerThe Holocaust
The Film Conspiracy
Words • 959
Pages • 4
Within two hours the senior officials seem to casually discuss the most practical way of eliminating the Jewish race and conclude with the final policy solution. The film is based on the Wannsee protocol or the minutes the document which is authored by Adolf Eichmann and the document was found 1947 by Robert Kemper. The film is dramatized for entertainment purposes, meaning that it is not fully accurate because the creators tended to take certain liberties in making the film.…...
FilmThe Holocaust
Elli: Coming of Age in the Holocaust by Livia Bitton-Jackson
Words • 354
Pages • 2
The book “Elli” is an account of the Jewish race being devastated in the death camps during the Second World War. They suffered inhuman brutality and starvation. It was Elli’s courage and determination which helped her to stay alive. The Jews suffered inhuman brutality. An example of this is Felicia’s story. Felicia is the Blockalteste at Plaszow. She told of how she had to either shoot her family quickly or the German guards would kill all her family very slowly.…...
AgeComing of ageThe Holocaust
Equal Rights
Words • 421
Pages • 2
Throughout history people have had their equal rights taken away; such as during the Holocaust when the Jews, mentally and physically disabled, gypsies, black people and children of mixed marriages, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, social misfits, and members of the political and religious opposition were taken to concentration camps. They had all their rights ripped away such as the right to religion, freedom of choice, and basic rights, like eating any type of food. People have been discriminated against due to…...
ReligionRightsThe Holocaust
‘Lady Lazarus’ by Sylvia Plath.
Words • 916
Pages • 4
The poem 'Lady Lazarus' gives us an insight into the troubled life of the poet Sylvia Plath. She lost her father at an early age. Supported solely by her mother she went through a very rough childhood. In fact, Sylvia Plath escaped a near fatal accident in her childhood and went on to attempt suicide twice in the following years of her life. In the poem, Plath lets her emotions flow and sheds light on her distress. In this poem,…...
Sylvia PlathThe Holocaust
Schindler’s List: Holocaust Portrayal
Words • 1499
Pages • 6
Introduction In Steven Spielberg's Schinder's List, the events are depicted in the Hollywood style narrative dramatization of the Holocaust events. The film offers representation of the real characters based on the true story in the emerging popular cultural discourse about Holocaust. The film has images of graphic violence depicting camps at Plaszow and Auschwitz, offers individualized focus on the two German characters – Goeth and Schindler, collective portrayal of Jews and uses realistic narrative filmmaking conventions to describe Holocaust. As…...
The Holocaust
Hysteria Comparison of the Salem Witch Trials and the Holocaust
Words • 1193
Pages • 5
During both the devastating Holocaust in the Germany and the tragic Salem Witch Trials in the small town of Salem, innocent people were brutally killed, causing hysteria among the people. Both groups of people endured hardships because of the hysteria that occurred among them. This hysteria caused people to react in ways that they would not usually act. Both of these events are very historical and help The United States of America be a unified and prosperous country that it…...
ComparisonMass HysteriaSalem Witch TrialsThe Holocaust
Causes of the Holocaust
Words • 644
Pages • 3
The Holocaust was a very horrific time for the Jewish people of Europe and the world. Adolf Hitler, dictator of Germany at the time of the Holocaust and World War II, started the Holocaust which killed over 10 million people, including almost 6 million Jews. Adolf Hitler was very anti-Semitic, but Hitler alone could not have caused the Holocaust. Hitler was the driving force behind the obsessive and fanatical Nazi persecution and ultimately also the mass slaughter of the Jews…...
Nazi GermanyPropagandaThe Holocaust
Paul Joseph Goebbels
Words • 404
Pages • 2
Paul Joseph Goebbels (29 October 1897 – 1 May 1945) was a German politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. As one of Adolf Hitler's closest associates and most devout followers, he was known for his zealous oratory and anti-Semitism. He played a hand in the Kristallnacht attack on the German Jews, which many historians consider to be the beginning of the Final Solution, leading to the Holocaust. Goebbels earned a Ph. D. from Heidelberg…...
HistoryNazi GermanyPeriodPoliticsThe HolocaustWar
Anne Frank – Primary Source
Words • 705
Pages • 3
The Diary of Anne Frank is a remarkably moving book about the short life of a young girl and her family. The Holocaust was a horrible time for Jewish people and Anne and her Jewish family’s lives were completely turned upside down as a result. The war resulted in the deaths of countless people, mostly innocent people. Before the invasion on D-day and the end of the war not too long after, the rest of the world didn’t know the…...
LiteratureNazi GermanyThe Holocaust
Shooting Stars by Carol Ann Duffy Critical Essay
Words • 1692
Pages • 7
Paper Type:Critical essays
“Shooting Stars” is a horrific and moving poem written by Carol Ann Duffy. She adopts the persona of a female Jew speaking out from beyond the grave about her terrifying ordeal before she died in the Holocaust. A powerful impression is left on the reader after reading Duffy’s dramatic monologue and visual descriptions of her ordeal and immense suffering. She urges the reader to remember what the Jewish victims were forced to go through, and begs us not to turn…...
Carol Ann DuffyStarsThe Holocaust
Night Study Guide
Words • 260
Pages • 2
Wiesel reports that after Buchenwald was liberated, the prisoners had no thoughts of revenge. Is this surprising? The prisoners’ lack of will for revenge is in no way surprising. The Jews held in the concentration camps had little will to survive after liberation, let alone seek retaliation. The entire point of the concentration camps themselves was to exterminate the Jews, both physically and mentally, and they were terribly effective. The atrocities these humans underwent had an immense toll psychologically, and…...
Concentration CampsHuman NatureNightThe Holocaust
Pyramid of Hate – Holocaust
Words • 437
Pages • 2
Adolf Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat, blaming them for Germany's economic and social problems. His Nazi party promised to resolve these issues, and in 1932 won most of the vote. Many members of the German public were bystanders and did nothing to condemn the Nazi Anti-Semitic policies. This may have been due to the fact that they were content with other Nazi policies, which appeared to improve the disastrous financial and economic conditions in Germany. People were also…...
HateInjusticeNazi GermanySocial IssuesThe Holocaust
Peter Eisenman
Words • 3927
Pages • 16
Introduction * Peter Eisenman was born in 1932 in Newark, New Jersey. He studied architecture from 1951 to 1955 at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and later at Columbia University in New York City, and concluded his academic training in 1963 with a doctoral thesis on design theory. * He worked together with Charles Gwathmay, John Hejduk, Michael Graves and Richard Meier in the architects’ group »The New York Five. At this time, Eisenman developed his principles for design…...
ArchitectureArtLibraryMuseumPetThe Holocaust
Night: Elie Can Not Escape His Fate
Words • 557
Pages • 3
In Night, Elie Wiesel goes through a journey as he and his fellow Jews are deported to the concentration camp in Auschwitz. There, for the first time in his life, he is tested with his beliefs as he encounters and witnesses acts of barbarity. Through this, Elie discovers that atrocities and cruel treatment can turn decent people into brutes. Unfortunately, Elie is one of those people – he does not escape this fate. Aroused from his distorted faith in God,…...
Techniques of the Movie Freedom Writers
Words • 1365
Pages • 6
‘Richard La Gravense’s’ movie ‘Freedom Writer’ is based on a true story of a teacher and one hundred and fifty students of Woodro Wilson High School. This story is taken by the Eva’s diary, a true story of a girl, who suffers a lot in her life because of the racial riot. In the movie all the students are affected by the gang violence and racial tension in their life. This movie shows the effort of the teacher, who reconciles…...
FreedomFreedom WritersMoviePoliticsThe Holocaust
Analysis – Mein Kampf
Words • 1134
Pages • 5
Hitler's contemporaries - Baldwin, Chamberlain, Herbert Hoover - seem pathetically fusty figures, with their frock coats and wing collars, closer to the world of Edison, Carnegie and the hansom cab than to the first fully evolved modern societies over which they presided, areas of national consciousness formed by mass-produced newspapers and consumer goods, advertising and tele-communications. By comparison Hitler is completely up-to-date, and would be equally at home in the sixties (and probably even more so in the seventies) as…...
Book ReviewBooksCharacterHistoryHitlerLeadership
Dehumanization in Night
Words • 503
Pages • 3
Night is a heart pulling memoir of its young Jewish author, Ellie Weasel, and his experiences in the Holocaust. The book begins with him living in the town of Sighet. He had a very sheltered life, with no accounts of negativity in the world. He and his family were also raised heavily on Jewish beliefs. One day a man by the name of Moshe the beadle comes to warn the people of the dangers of the Nazis. Unfortunately the people…...
HistoryNazi GermanyNightPeriodThe HolocaustWar
Elie Wiesel’s Changes
Words • 342
Pages • 2
In the memoir, Night, we discover how Elie Wiesel, one of the minority of Jews to survive the holocaust during World War II, identity changes in response to his concentration camp experiences. The war had been raging for two years and was about to enter Sighet. The Germans believed in the Aryan race and attempted to commit genocide on the ‘lesser’ races, particularly Jews. The separation from Elie's loved ones and the horrible conditions of these camps affect Elie immensely.…...
ChangeThe Holocaust
Holocaust Survivor
Words • 849
Pages • 4
One of the many important and most memorable incidents of World War Two would be the Holocaust. During the Holocaust, the Germans who were known as the Nazis, considered the Jews to be “enemy aliens”. As part of this, the Nazis thought that “Aryans” were a master race. Therefore, they decided to destroy the Jewish race, and created genocide. The Jews were put into unbearable torture at many concentration and death camps. In fact, 6 million Jews were killed in…...
Concentration CampsNazi GermanyThe Holocaust
Hitler vs Stalin
Words • 963
Pages • 4
How is evil measured? One of the most discussed topics of the century has been the contrast between the command of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Both leaders have had a massive impact not only in their country’s history, but also in society itself. Hitler and Stalin wanted to obtain the well-being of their country and people, but it is their attempt to achieve this victory is what truly made history. Their tactics ranged from concentration camps to mass murders…...
Concentration CampsHitlerJoseph StalinNazi GermanyThe Holocaust
Fantastic Mr. Fox and Maus
Words • 1027
Pages • 5
In times of immense strife, a child’s relationship with their parents becomes more important. As a child’s world is turned upside down, they cling to the familiar as means of self-identification and discovery in confusing circumstances. But when parent child relationships become unhealthy, a child’s sense of identity is damaged as they struggle to rectify their sense of self without clear role models to follow. In particular, relationships between parents and children of the same gender carry with them gendered…...
FamilyIdentityParentPeriodSocietyThe Holocaust
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne and the Holocaust
Words • 1499
Pages • 6
Author John Boyne published his infamous novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. John Boyne was born in Dublin, Ireland. Boyne attended Trinity College in Dublin where he first studied English Literature and then proceeded to the University of East Anglia in Norwich where he then studied creative writing. He began his published writing career in the year two-thousand with his first published book The Thief of Time. Though The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas separates itself from Boyne’s traditional…...
Boy In The Striped PyjamasNazi GermanyThe Holocaust
Holocaust Reflection
Words • 1215
Pages • 5
Paper Type:Reflective essays
Millions of innocent humans were dealt with worse than dirt throughout the holocaust. Numerous grownups and kids experienced events in their lives that made their life look like a problem, due to them being Jewish. Crowds of eyes viewed the scary that happened in front of them, attesting of the genocide. They were seeing innocent souls being mistreated, thrown around, being dehumanized and their rights stolen away from them, but yet voices weren't heard. Rather the voices were trapped within…...
GenocideThe Holocaust
Experience of the holocaust?
Words • 2218
Pages • 9
Of all the debates concerning the holocaust, the most inflammatory question is whether gender mattered. Some writers like Roth have argued that the history of the holocaust is not complete without the inclusion of women as victims, perpetrators, bystanders and resisters. The holocaust was an intended total destruction of the Jewish people and the actual murder of more than six million Jews. Even though million other people were also destroyed in the holocaust web, the primary targets were the Jews.…...
ExperienceNazi GermanyThe Holocaust
Anti-Semitism and The Holocaust Refugees
Words • 2125
Pages • 9
What took place in Germany more than 50 years ago that made Holocaust perpetually imprinted in the history of man? What made an entire country support and commit planned, strategic, and state-sponsored acts of genocide during this time? The extermination of approximately six million Jews during the time of Hitler happened more than half a century ago; yet, the emotions it evokes among humans fifty years later is as raw as the morning news. The Holocaust was the strategic, bureaucratic,…...
Nazi GermanyRefugeesThe Holocaust
Holocaust Museum Experience
Words • 1858
Pages • 8
The capability of the Holocaust Museum to create variety of experiences among individuals has been manifested upon my visit in the museum. The capability of the museum to be an instrument for learning and at the same time an avenue for recounting history’s sad past remains to be evident in each person’s eyes as they try to recall what transpire in those incidents. Thus, visiting the Holocaust Museum can create a lasting effect among individuals. According to (United States Holocaust…...
ExperienceMuseumNazi GermanyThe Holocaust
Slavery vs. Holocaust
Words • 658
Pages • 3
When discussing slavery and the holocaust you will learn that they have similarities and differences. Is one greater than the other, I don’t see one being greater than the other as they both were unwillingly taken away from their families and forced to work. The main purpose of slavery was that an African American be sold to a someone of high power or richer and then forced to work for the owners. The main purpose for the holocaust was solely…...
PoliticsSlaveryThe Holocaust
Dr. Mengele’s Experiments
Words • 3011
Pages • 13
Dr. Josef Mengele, The Angel of Death, is one of the most well known of all the Nazi doctors from the Holocaust. Mengele is well known for the unspeakable crimes he committed against Jewish men, women and especially children. The following essay discusses the experiments of Dr. Mengele, the deception he used in carrying out his gruesome crimes and the pain he left behind for the few victims who survived. “The more we do to you, the less you seem…...
ExperimentThe Holocaust
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