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I would like to firstly, thank everyone for attending my event on a very important humanitarian crisis, an on-going issue which is occurring today. I hope I can educate you and you will leave here knowing you have learnt much more than you knew yesterday, about the Yemen humanitarian crisis and how philosophically it cannot go on.

I would first like all of us to remember when we first started pre-school and were taught the basics of respect and were nurtured into learning how to care for one another.

For example, from learning how to share toys to simply giving up your seat on a bus for a vulnerable person in need. This simply refers to the ‘Golden Rule’ we should treat others on how we would like to be treated.

To those who are unaware of what the Yemen humanitarian crisis is I will briefly explain. It initially has its roots in the Arab Spring of 2011, where an uprising forced Ali Abdullah – the president to hand over power to his deputy Hadi.

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Hadi, had struggled to deal with many on-going issues such as food insecurity, corruption and so on. The conflict until this day seems to have deteriorated recently, published by the BBC News, according to them 85,000 children are dead from malnutrition. This is a devastating figure is heart-breaking.

There are millions of citizens which are malnourished and are almost on the brink of death, there have been many shortages and many are affected by basic rights such as being able to drink clean water and eat basic foods.

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There are many rich countries and surely, if this was occurring in England we would get all the help which is needed. The Golden Rule would state treat those in need just as they would like to be treated and in turn we would receive this back equally, protecting our society.

A man of honour that was doubting of the Golden Rule is known as Immanuel Kant; he represented the possibility of an all-inclusive reason for the Rule. Just take a minute and imagine what life would resemble if everyone used the Golden Rule, imagine a scenario in which you’d get a kick out of, the chance to be treated as eminence and thus, consider the possibility that everyone needed to be treated like royalty? Having a social structure would be incomprehensible, our government would be rendered pointless and the whole socio-political structure of England would disintegrate. Now take a minute and imagine you were a family trying to get away from the Yemen crisis and coming to England to get aid and start a new life. Now from Kant’s claim, let’s imagine everybody who lives in Yemen is attempting to flee to England to begin a new life. As a country, we would have to develop a new society integrating both values and would soon become British-Yemen.

Furthermore, today we are being faced with a massive poverty crisis with over 14 million people, living in poverty. Imagine everybody from Yemen were to join this, not having any idea at all about what they were about to commit too? The Golden rule doesn’t seem as golden now??? However, if we take a step back, and walk through the busy streets of London we would be able to witness with our own eyes, how many homelessness people are out there. Grabbing on tight to their blanket and begging for money to help themselves. This gets more and more severe during the harsh months of winter whereby; people are in desperate need. How is this reality, any different to our country under the Golden Rule?

If we look back at history, during World War Two, Nazi Germany has enforced aggressive policies which forced Jews to emigrate and suffer badly. According to the Holocaust Encyclopaedia ‘more than 340,000 Jews emigrated from Germany and Austria. Of these, about 100,000 had fled to other European countries and were killed during the Holocaust.”

As we can tell from the given statistics, many unfortunately suffered. If we compare this event to the Yemen humanitarian crisis which has been happening for a length of time now it would be fair to say history is just repeating itself. Loads of innocent lives are being lost.

We need to act in the most responsible way to help this on-going issue before it escalates into a world war crisis. We need to treat others on how we would like to be treated. Even donating to a Yemen charity or sponsoring a family which are in desperate need would make a massive difference. We need to treat others as we would hope to be treated if we were ever to experience these unfortunate events. We would need to start thinking of the greatest good rather than think of an individual benefit which would just repeat all over again. The choice is completely yours to make. I would act in this situation before the time is too late.



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