Teamwork Essay Topics


Andrew Carnegie – a famous businessman, the King of Steel once said “ Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results ”. Some people like to work independently, while others would… View Article

Eight Leadership Style

Collegiality and teamwork are central to professional communities such as schools, colleges, and universities. Roger Mottram has conducted research and he found eight fairly distinct styles or team roles that managers consistently adopted. The combination of these roles in the workplace largely contributes to the climate in every organization. Thus, the efficacy and productivity of… View Article

New Holland Tractors

The New Holland Tractor was present in India in the form of JV with Escorts Ltd, since 1969. However NHI was tempted to play a greater role, while Escorts ltd. was interested in consolidating its business. Hence in 1995 NHI started its liaison office. The company took pride in itself for always being ahead of… View Article

Team Development Intervention

1. Team Building is typically used in OD to loosen up an over-organized system that is too rigid and bureaucratic. In this case, team building is aimed at providing structure to an under-organized system. In doing a diagnosis, what factors are important to consider in determining whether a company or team is over- or under-organized?… View Article

Creating the Guiding Coalition

Major transformations are often associated with one highly visible individual. Consider Chrysler’s come back from near bankruptcy in the early 1980s, and we think of Lee Iacocca. Mention Wal-Mart’s ascension from small-fry to in­dustry leader and Sam Walton comes to mind. Read about IBM’s efforts to renew itself, and the story centers around Lou Gerstner…. View Article

Work Team Analysis

At work I am part of the Incident Debriefing Team. We meet after any incident to watch any video that may have been taken, read incident reports from those involved and then try to figure out anything that could have been improved on. Our team is comprised up of Incident Response Team members (me) from… View Article

Employability Skills and Swot Analysis

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) define employability skills as ‘the skills almost everyone needs to do almost at any job’. The employability skills term as UKCES defined in 2008 is most often related with the ‘job readiness’ through demonstration of some elements of the personal characteristics such as (time keeping, responsibility, basic… View Article

The Forgotten Team Member

The Forgotten Team member is a excellent example of team development as well as developing leadership skills. Christine is faced with a group member Mike whose personality fits well with the teams but because of time commitments, does not feel included in the overall team atmosphere. This causes him to not contribute as much, which… View Article

To What Extent Do Teams Outperform Individuals

Introduction In recent decades, as with the development of the economic globalization, the information technology has been updating constantly and the industries in the marketplace are faced with more and more stronger competition. In order to adapt to this severe situation, many enterprises, especially some hi-tech companies, are all trying to seek a new special… View Article

Learning Team Reflection Week

The week prior we reflected on how to succeed at team building, conflict in the team work, different tip on team collaborations, and conflict skills that make a difference in the work place and in your team. As we all collaborated on our issues and thoughts about how these are used in our work place… View Article

Understand The Role Of The Social Care Worker

1.1 A working relationship is different from a personal relationship by : Working relationship – building a relationship on a professional manner, which involves working within a team, working to achieve a goal/task and working within set standards/guidelines. This also refers to working with an individual to ensure they receive care in a respected, dignified… View Article

Reflective Writing Study Skills

At the beginning of the task no one took the initiative of introducing themselves. Our initial concern was getting started on the jacket. This seemed to be of more importance to everyone. This could be viewed as unsociable, but on reflection, previous to this task we all took part in an ice-breaker session, whereby we… View Article

FISH! Philosophy of Teamwork

FISH! is a philosophy people around the world are implementing in workplaces and educational facilities to help foster fun and teamwork in their business. This philosophy is interesting and has been successful. The founders Stephen C. Lundin, Harry Paul, and John Christensen pulled together to create three books on teamwork which are named _Fish!, Fish!… View Article

Teamwork Reflection and Assessment

The members in our teams are Bi, Xue, Qiaoyu and Chloe. Although we didn’t appoint a leader nominally, Chloe is the one who organized everything in our team. In this case, she is a true leader of us. Everybody in our team did a good job and the division of our job is showed as… View Article

Equality and Human Rights Commissio

Effective partnership working is vital in a childcare setting because we have a professional responsibility to support better outcomes for the children and their families. There are two core principle features that lead towards successful partnership working. These principles are integration and co-production. For successful integration to take place, crucial steps are taken by local… View Article


Gore-Tex is a multinational textile company. It was first founded by Bill and Vieve Gore as W.L. Gore & Associates in 1958. The company started with serving the electronic products market. In 1969, Bob Gore independently discovered expanded polytetrafluoroethylene and introduced in the market as Gore-Tex. In today’s date Gore-Tex is more focused on electronics,… View Article

Help improve own and team practice in schools

Teamwork is important in any group of people that work together as it means they share a common goal, each member of the team has there own strengths. Schools have a huge number of staff and whilst you must focus on your own role, it is just as important to have a good knowledge of… View Article

Teambuilding – Meredith Belbin framework and application

In the Hotel and Tourism Industry, many activities are carried out in project teams. Hence, the Shandrani Resorts and Spa. Hotel actively encourages its employees’ group training and team development. This report examines a group of 15 permanent workers including their manager, who, currently work full time for the same large Hotel. They were commencing their… View Article