How Do Values Affect the Cohesiveness of the Workplace?

The importance of sharing the same set of values helps the employees work towards the same goal. However, it is the manager’s responsibility to build, communicate, and implement values in the workplace. In the essay below, United Mobile is struggling to build cohesive teams. How will they overcome these struggles?


United Mobile has various offices worldwide. Our main locations are Tokyo, London, Bombay, Toronto, Mexico City, Chicago, and Seattle. The global economic crisis sales have been reasonable these last couple of months, an internal crisis exist related to employee morale being at an all-time low.

The beliefs amongst the employees are what is right and wrong across the board especially cultural and communication differences and the technological equipment challenges. The main concern is the selfishness of employees and them not enjoying working as a team. As the Vice President of the Service Department, I have found information about steps needed to help teams become cohesive, high performing teams, and improve communication barriers.

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Applying Cohesiveness

Teamwork is more than working together and having employees work every weekend on endless projects, teamwork is vital to the functioning of everyday organizations. The size of businesses depends on not only fostering teamwork but developing cohesive teams. Applying these proactive steps can build cohesive teams at United Mobile:

  1. Establish a mission – United Mobile employees are clueless about what is correct and incorrect across the board dealing with cultural and communication differences and technological equipment changes. In order to start building high performing teams, United Mobile management must decide the goals of the group and how they will be accomplished.

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    Next, choose which team member will contribute to the mission.

  2. Recognize diversity – In order to have a successful team, diversity is required. Selfishness and employee morale are at an all-time high at United Mobile. Recognizing the different skills and experiences each employee has will help achieve the company’s mission.
  3. Practice teamwork – Before ordering team members to work together, see how well they handle simple tasks like a starter activity. Observe the interaction and apply it to the real mission. This team-building exercise will allow United Mobile team members to break out of their selfishness and start building with one another.
  4. Utilize team members’ strengths – When team members’ strengths are determined assign specific tasks based on their strengths. Allocating based on strengths is the best way for the team to accomplish its goals. United Mobile team members must be clear about what each member is accountable for.
  5. Feedback – It is imperative that United Mobile management explains to their team members what worked, didn’t work, and the outcomes of the project. Constructive feedback will build cohesiveness amongst the team.
  6. Reward Success – When team members have successfully accomplished the company’s goal, United Mobile should set up a reward system to recognize and reward their teams for hard work and dedication.

Cultural, Language, Political, and Technological Differences

It is imperative to understand the importance of internal environmental factors that can affect team building. Every culture has its own feelings about work, authority, time, and the relationship between the employer, employee, or organization of how it should be. A failure to understand these perceptions may cause the team to fall apart. Cultural priorities such as time to pray with their family or team members’ lifestyle, may lead to an ineffective team if not being taken into consideration. Language is one of the greatest barriers to building a team of members from various cultures. There may be a situation where members speak a different language or not understanding culturally can cause problems within the team. If language issues are kept afloat, it will assist in building a multicultural team. People from different cultures communicate differently and failing to understand how each member communicates can hinder team-building efforts. Understanding simple expressions or gestures can prevent misunderstandings and team breakdowns. Political matters tower the output of an individual and eventually affects the productivity of the organization. When political problems arise in the team-building process, members find it difficult to concentrate on their work. They become more concerned with ruining the team’s image in front of their superiors. The availability of computer technology varies according to the socioeconomic status which creates a digital divide. When discussing the digital divide, it separates who has access to the computer and who doesn’t at home. Team members who don’t have access to computer technology at home may fall spectrum to embracing workplace technology. Members may feel reluctant due to not having enough technological knowledge that they may not feel enthused to finish their work.

Communication Barriers

For United Mobile to run smoothly, their employees must be in sync with one another. Often, employees follow their managers’ lead. Promoting Direct and honest feedback by allowing an open-door policy so that employees can feel comfortable discussing the issues they’re facing can be a way to break communication barriers issues. Always allow small reminders of the company’s mission and explain the key to accomplish the company’s mission is to work together. Avid overloading to much information, employees will get bored and stop listening if the information becomes unnecessary and too much. Instead, deliver information that is useful and informative. A little more thought clarity goes a long way, being clear about objectives, and what is being conveyed should be clear. Try arranging thoughts in proper order then communicate it accordingly. Building a team atmosphere in all locations is key, effective teamwork allows for team members to look beyond their self-interest and focus on what is best for the team (Warwick, n.d.). Team building breaks communication barriers and enables new ways for team members to work together.


As the Vice President of the Service Team, I have thought about this information thoroughly. If United Mobile follows these steps, their employee morale will be increase and employees will break out of their selfishness. Building a cohesive team will allow for United Mobile to continue to grow.

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