How does Technology affect Privacy?

The emergence of science and technology generates a platform for global communication. Users of technology forget that the platforms generated to offer communication expose their private information. One simple search through social media sites pulls out detailed information of a person for observation. Online fraudulent activities continue to grow as malicious attackers use fake accounts to steal from unsuspecting victims. Technology simplifies business by providing organizations with e-commerce platforms to perform business. E-commerce gives convenience to the business and the buyer as they spend less but still provide quality services to their clients.

The privacy of buyers decreases as malicious attackers hack into the sites (Schlag, 2013). A stranger can simply read an email if the owner of the email account forgets to logout. Subsequently, the user can access personal information of the user from the personal information profile.

Other forms of technology such as secret cameras also affect the privacy of individuals. Someone might spy shoppers using cameras without the shoppers realizing that the privacy is exposed.

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Technology companies trace people through computers chips embedded in cars and clothes. The use of digital records in hospitals leaves private information of patients exposed to anyone who has access to the records. Credit card records and mobile phone bills leave personal information on receipts generated for confirmation purposes (Schlag, 2013). Any person who sees this information could use it to display confidential information. The use of technology should have regulations that detail the exposure people get while encountering different technological devices. Technology does affect the privacy of individuals as it makes it easier for anyone to access personal information of people in contact with the technological device.

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Schlag, C. (2013). The New Privacy Battle: How the Expanding Use of Drones Continues to Erode Our Concept of Privacy and Privacy Rights. Journal of Technology, Law and Policy, 13(1), 1-22.

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How does Technology affect Privacy?

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