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Professionalism in the workplace
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For a long time now, unethical behavior in the professional world and in all fields rapidly decreases. However, the existence of unprofessional behaviors in the workplace may be as a result of selfish interests or corporate pressure. For instance, an unprofessional person may decide to act unprofessionally when there is pressure from the board of directors on improvements that need to be done, when there is pressure from clients, when they want to take short cuts in life among other…...
Improving Moral on Workplace
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There are many benefits a company can receive by increasing morale in the workplace but it can prove to be a very difficult task. When trying to instill a different environment or make necessary changes to a company it is good to remember that a company’s leadership is only as fast as their slowest player. Many leaders may at times forget that it takes all hands in a business or company performing at peak conditions for it to be successful…...
The Management of Organizational Justice: Dynamics of Fairness in the Workplace
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Justice is a subjective concept. Organisational justice is a personal evaluation of fairness within a company, which affects employees’ work attitudes and behaviours. It is crucial to ensure organisational justice because it can bring great benefits to both organisations and individuals. As explained by Cropanzano et al (2007), there are three components of organisational justice: distributive justice (fairness of outcomes), procedural justice (fairness of allocation process) and interactional justice (fairness of interpersonal transactions with others). Employees care about justice for…...
Justice And FairnessOrganizational BehaviorWorkplace
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How To Develop A Relationship With Your CBD Company Just Like Doctor?
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CBD is an astounding supplement that is capable of meeting the needs of different people with various kinds of ailment. Though, just because CBD has been proven over time to be of no or little side effects with a lot of benefits does not neglect the fact that it is not a solution for some. Therefore, it is pertinent to build and develop a relationship with your CBD Company to direct you. Approaching your CBD Company with your interest inclined…...
Stress in the Workplace
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The topic I chose to write about for the final paper is job stress. Throughout the course, I have found it very interesting to learn about. Job stress can play a significant role on someone's life, but they have the ability to cope with the stress as well. I will talk about the common job stressors and the outcomes from them, certain job characteristics and the impact of them, and coping strategies, along with a model of stress. Different jobs…...
EmotionHealthPsychologyStressStress ManagementWorkplace
Global Occupational Health: Current Challenges
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Introduction Global Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is very much in tune with the transformation of economic globalization. As global marketing grows, the gap between developed and underdeveloped countries, occupational illnesses and injuries affect a large number of workers worldwide. Global OHS issues are local in developed countries due to many factors, including migrant workers, construction, and agriculture who are not trained in the informal sector. Worldwide, 2.3 million workers die every year from occupational accidents and work-related illnesses; This…...
GlobalizationHealth CareSafetyUniversal HealthcareWorkplace
Marijuana Legalization and Impact on the Workplace
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Medical use of Cannabis has been legal in Canada since 1999. On October 17, 2018, the Cannabis Act came into effect which made Cannabis usage for recreational purposes legal throughout Canada. Although the use of Cannabis was not a new issue for HRs, and many companies had their relevant policies in place, the legalization of cannabis was still a challenge for the workplace as it might increase substance abuse, unsafe behaviors, and medical and insurance costs, and decrease the attendance…...
DisabilityMarijuanaSafetySubstance AbuseWhy Marijuana Should Be LegalizedWorkplace
Listening to Music Can Improve Workplace Productivity
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Listening to music at work can have a positive impact on the performance of workers if certain conditions are met. The music will help us to block the stimuli that may harm our concentration (keyboard noises, calls, whispers ...) because we focus on the music itself and "forget" those sounds less desired. The main dilemmas/issues in the search for the possible real usefulness of listening to music at work: Does music at work have a higher productivity effect? Listening to…...
Communication in the Workplace
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Pages • 4
Introduction A. Communication in the workplace is a valuable tool that is essential in our everyday life. Knowing how to communicate efficiently and effectively will enable you to successfully achieve every goal you set in life. B. Do you want to stand out from the competitor? The top 10 communication skills that ensure that the first word spoken is as valuable as the last word spoken. Master these skills and demonstrate them in your everyday life, your image will take…...
Body LanguageCommunicationEmotional Intelligence In The WorkplaceNonverbal CommunicationTeamwork In The WorkplaceWorkplace
Millennials in the Workplace
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After being introduced to the topic of Millennials in the Workplace, it is best to say that the workplace should adapt to accommodate the needs and ideals of the millennials because they are the future of this planet right? They have proven to be the most educated generation despite experiencing hard times. They still face criticism from their elders because of their work ethic. Although they seem to all be lazy and not interested in working, many millennials are not…...
InnovationMillennial GenerationWork EthicWorkplace
Managing Emotions in the Workplace
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Introduction The workplace offers opportunities to experience a wide range of emotions. Most of the emotions are rarely, if ever, openly discussed in organizational behavior (Muchinsky, 2000). The culture of the workplace is changing. Not only is the workplace becoming more diverse, but the way business is also conducted is changing as well. Some companies are not adapting to the new ways of handling emotions as they are with new practices. The protocol of the work world kept a discouragement…...
Good Communication and Common Sense in Workplace
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Communication in your workplace can make or break your business. The common sense of purpose needs to be clearly communicated to everyone in the organisation and also need to ensure that each employee understands how their contributions help the organisation achieve the common sense of purpose. At the same time, it's important that you keep an open mind and listen to what your team has to say. Below are some of the many benefits of effective communication in organisation. Improves…...
Common SenseCommunicationTeamWorkplace
Common Sense of Purpose in the Workplace
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Pages • 3
Communication plays a vital role in establishing a common sense of purpose in the workplace. Communication during recruitment and the interview process is an initial opportunity for interviewer and interviewee to express their professional values from which a common sense of purpose can be built organisationally. The idea being that it is important to recruit someone with strong, active pre-existing shared values that mirror the company’s values and principles. Good communication at the interview stage plays an important role in…...
Common SenseMission StatementPsychologyRecruitmentWorkplace
Dignity, Rankism, and Hierarchy in the Workplace
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Rankism is a type of bullying; however, rankism is the belligerence of dominance through your superiors. Bullying is not limited to the halls of higher learning as we expect. Awkwardly, bullying in the workplace is a real fact in the workplace around the world. Rankism is putting another employee down when the boss doesn’t think the employee is nobody, which can be disconfirming. In the workplace, there are several ways that rankism plays a role, discrimination, abuse, and exploitation. For…...
AbuseInjusticeSocial IssuesWorkplaceWorkplace Bullying
Managing conflict in the workplace
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Conflicts in the workplace are a serious threat to productivity. According to a recent report by CNN (Zupek, 2008), human resource managers are forced to dedicate between 24 and 60 percent of their time mediating disputes between employees. Imagine the difference in hiring and retention rates if this time were in less demand. Tension between coworkers is one of the major causes of work-related stress. Some employees become so frustrated with their ongoing quarrels with coworkers that they eventually leave…...
Equity in the workplace
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Equity in the workplace implies equal opportunity for all despite indifference in gender, age, origin, professionalism and other factors. It comes as an important tool in addressing the corporate state of functionality. It also forms an important aspect in addressing cooperate education which is rooted on the strategic management facets that foster cohesion and collaboration between the different departments and cooperate constituencies Generally, workplace equity is a wide scope phenomenon that captures equality in payment and other compensation programs as…...
Affirmative ActionDiscriminationPolicyWorkplaceWorld Wide Web
Workplace learning
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Pages • 2
Although unions have very limited role at the policy formulation level, they have a larger new role in improving workplace learning. The establishment of the union learning representative is perceived as an innovation of the central union. The role of the representative is to support and motivate workers in taking up workplace learning. The success of workplace learning is evident from the associated facts and figures. As of December 2006, the TUC claims to have trained over 13,000 ULRs. More…...
Workplace gossip
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Pages • 2
Workplace gossip can have lasting effects and impressions. The workers and employees are best advised to abstain from it so that these gossip conversations do not have lasting effects in the long term. Workplace gossips can turn pretty ugly at times since the informal ‘grapevine’ network present within an organization spreads very quickly and no one can actually stop rumors as well as true stories from being shared openly. The causes of workplace gossips are that the small conversations which…...
Workplace Ergonomics
Words • 1930
Pages • 8
In today’s hectic lifestyle, occupation or work related ill healths are on the increase. Physical and mental strain contributes to relative stress, which affect the physical or mental state of the individual. Ergonomic designing of the workplaces, helps to avoid, if not reduce stress factors. The design and arrangement of desks, chairs, computers, and other work associated items according to the age, body weight, height and age of the user, would not only help the user, but also improve work…...
Women in the Workplace: Work Life Balance and Equal Opportunity to Enhance Women Empowerment
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Literature Review Women in the Workplace: Work Life Balance and Equal Opportunity to Enhance Women Empowerment By Asih Budiati Swiss German University, Batch 19 I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY More and more women now perceive employment and career paths are critically important to them and that parenting as an option is currently unattractive since they feel that parenting is incompatible with their career. Working women have the sense if they want to be succeeded; doing dual role both office and family is…...
JusticeLifeRightsSocial IssuesWomenWomen Empowerment
Preventing Workplace Discrimination
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Pages • 3
“Discrimination undermines employee loyalty, destroys employee morale, and reduces productivity and work quality. It can also lead to costly and painful lawsuits and do irreparable harm to a company's reputation” (Guerin ; DelPo, 2007, p. 119). Preventing workplace discrimination, therefore, is important to companies because this will make an organization stronger and will provide the employees a more harmonious working environment. Discrimination can take several forms and there are more than one way of managing such situations, which was demonstrated…...
Medical Marijuana in the Workplace
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Pages • 4
English Persuasive Essay Medical Marijuana Unfairness Cannabis Sativa (marijuana) has been around for thousands of years. It’s a plant that grows native to Africa and Asia. But it has been exported all over the world and used for its physcoative ingredients known as THC. The THC gives you a feeling of being high and is now illegal is the single most used elicit substance on the planet today. (Wikipedia) Marijuana has been used for many different reasons over the last…...
DiseaseDrugsHealthMedical MarijuanaMedicineWorkplace
Managing Conflict in Workplace
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Pages • 4
Power affects each of us in every part of our lives. We often find ourselves wrapped in conflicts with little or no idea how to resolve them (Fisher & Sharp, 2004). The most challenging phase of conflict would be learning how to resolve them and manage them. Conflict can be defined by just having differences among two people. Although we as people differ about a lot of things which doesn’t necessary, lead to conflict (Wood, 2007). Throughout life we go…...
Labor Relations (Unions), Wage Hours, OSHA
Words • 1259
Pages • 6
In this module, my case assignment was to analyze the McWane Corporation and explore Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) involvement with the McWane case. The labor union played a minor role at the McWane Corporation. OSHA and the labor union together brought about changes in at McWane Corporation. Every organizations top priority should be safety; however there are many organizations that have had similar safety issues as the McWane Corporation. My SLP organization, Starbucks recognizes safety as a top…...
Generational Differences in the Workplace Essay
Words • 911
Pages • 4
PurposeThis article attempts to depict the different age groups composing each of the classs of coevalss in the current U. S. work force and their distinguishing features. The piece besides seeks to analyse how each group’s differing traits may impact an organisation. The chief intent of the paper is to learn direction how acknowledging these differing positions may assist them to break motivate and fulfill the members of each group.QuestionSo who are these different generational groups? The writer has broken…...
Baby BoomersPsychologyWorkplace
Ethics, Costs of Absenteeism & Impact of Policies in the Workplace
Words • 2274
Pages • 10
Company policies are intended to be a benefit to the employee, actually give a means for the employee to use it unethically and hurt the financial security of the business. For example, at Wisconsin Physicians Service, there is an employee benefit of short-term disability that is also incorporated into an occurrences program. The number of occurrences that an employee has indicates how well the employee meets company standards. An occurrence is given for any time away from the job if…...
Ethics Choice in the Workplace Essay
Words • 1111
Pages • 5
Ethical motives and corporate societal duty ( CSR ) becomes one of cardinal point to rating concern value. “In today’s extremely interconnected. planetary. and crystalline universe. corporations are happening that societal duty is indispensable to cardinal concern strategy” ( Trevino & A ; Nelson. 2010. page 332 ) . The chief intent of this paper is to offer readers an overview and construct about the function of moralss and societal duty in nutrient industry. Besides that. some ethical jobs of…...
Employee Safety, Health and Welfare
Words • 1190
Pages • 5
The safety, health, and general welfare of employees in the workplace are vitally important to the continued success and prosperity for any employer. Many employees do not understand their rights under the law, nor do many individuals understand the responsibility of employers as it relates to the protection of employee safety and health. By outlining such laws as the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act, a better understanding of employee rights and employer responsibilities…...
Multiculturalism in the Workplace
Words • 503
Pages • 3
Sometimes when opinions of co-workers are in conflict with the opinion of the other individual, arguments arises within the workplace, however, it can be easily be solved if it is properly handled. Being the leader, the researcher, see to it that all of the members’ opinions are get and they will weigh things out. Majorities’ decisions are the ones they follow. Moreover, in a workplace one should separate personal grudges and set aside selfish acts against co-workers, it is important…...
Common sense and compassion in the workplace have been replaced by litigation
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Pages • 4
Legal Safety and Regulatory Requirements  The legal, safety, and regulatory impact the human resource department greatly by ensuring that all employees are treated equally and fairly. The rights of both employer and employee are covered by several different entities such as the National Labor Relations Board, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These have been set in place by the United States so as to protect both employer and employee from unfair acts on either’s…...
Common SenseEmploymentWorkWorkplace
Changes In Uae Workplaces
Words • 1074
Pages • 5
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a middle eastern federation comprising of seven states; Abu Dhado, Dubai, Rai al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al Quwain and Fujairab. It has the 5th largest GDP per capita in the world. It has a rich economy fueled by availability of oil and natural gases as well as being a preferred destination of global investors. Its growth is rapid in terms of economy. This has influenced the labor market therefore bringing changes in the work…...
ChangeUaeUnemploymentWorkplaceWorld Wide Web
Respect and Dignity at Workplace
Words • 1224
Pages • 5
During my placement here I have witnessed how the staff promote respect and dignity in their work every day. When the children are getting changed for their PE lesson the teachers allow them to use toilet cubicles, this gives them their own personal space to change and they can lock the door. This has a positive impact as the child feels comfortable and prevents any embarrassment which may have been caused by having to change in front their peers. Their…...
Quality of Life in a Workplace
Words • 271
Pages • 2
The quality of life of employees has raised concerns in the field of HR and in Kenyan families and especially among millennial who are more worried about living lives that are less fulfilling and it can be attributed to the increase in work-related pressures including information technology advances, increased access to information, the ever-growing demand for prompt responses and the requirements for constant and improved customer service which has led to the increase in occupational stress. The general assumption is…...
LifePersonal InterestsQualitiesWorkplace
Words • 554
Pages • 3
It is quite time we take play a bit seriously. Play is often being confused with hobbies and relaxation, free time, and sometimes play is all-to-often perceived as the exact opposite of work. But it's not. Agree with me to say the opposite of play is depression! In fact, play has a lot to offer in the workplace. Play provides a means by which people explore, learn and adapt in order to deal with uncertainty.Effective communication is the foundation of…...
Inequality between men and women in the workplace has been an issue
Words • 736
Pages • 3
Inequality between men and women in the workplace has been an issue in American society since the establishment of this country. There are few people in our history that have attempted to combat the expectation that men are to provide for the family and women stay home to clean and cook. However, the few people who have fought for this inequality to end, have made an immense impact on society. As women, there are certain professions that are considered appropriate…...
Equality And InequalityInequalityWomen EqualityWomen Work And FamilyWorkplace
How to Recognize Workplace Abuse?
Words • 794
Pages • 4
In all workplaces, each one of us has strengths and weaknesses, and each in turn has different skills to add to the smooth running of the setting. There are many different situations that can occur in a playwork setting. Not just with the children and young people in our care, but other factions can come into play, such as stress related issues at home, coming into school when you are ill, (but shouldn't really be there), possible bullying in the…...
AbuseBullyingChildPsychologyWorkplaceWorkplace Bullying
How ethics affect the workplace?
Words • 1039
Pages • 5
Introduction In this essay, I will discuss how ethics affect the workplace and also identifying twenty acts of unethical behavior linked to the SAPI, Town and Regional Planning Department and CPUT Code of Ethics, Values, and Morals. Values Values are personal beliefs or something that comes from within. Values can be defined as acts, customs or preferences, and rejections which we find in different societies. Values are what really matter to us (family devotion and respect for the elders). According…...
Workplace Conflict and Meditation
Words • 2639
Pages • 11
Analyze conflict Judith Vasquez Northcentral University OL7100-4 Conflict Resolution and Mediation December 6, 2018 Analyze conflict Workplace conflict is considered one of the greatest causes of stress and employee marginalization in the workplace. Taking simple steps to ensure that conflicts find swift resolution can be the key to preventing escalation of a majority of workplace related issues. Health complaints, employee stress, reduction in productivity, bullying claims, compensation, and a tainted image are all preventable through a quick resolution to emerging…...
ConflictConflict ResolutionMediationWorkplace
Workplace violence is considered a crime and is fast becoming more of
Words • 1970
Pages • 8
Workplace violence is considered a crime and is fast becoming more of a common event in today's working environment. It has complicated many of the aspects of what we consider "hazards of the job". Workplace murder is the leading cause of female occupational fatalities and the second leading cause of male occupational fatalities in the United States (The Hartford , 1999). How are victims selected by perpetrators during this violent phase? In this paper, we argue as to why are…...
AbuseCrimeSocial IssuesViolenceWorkplace
Sales Assistance Workplace Practice
Words • 1409
Pages • 6
Product This one appears to be truly straight forward; before you can assault the advertising procedure, you must have an item to showcase. This item can be physical or impalpable. In any case, it's critical to compartmentalize whatever you're putting forth into a nice unit. How would you do this? Packaging. Price With the right tools, pricing can be a lot easier in retail. In retail there are a lot of different factors to consider, these are overhead expenses, competitors,…...
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How to Recognize Workplace Abuse?
...A member of staff runs a choir workshop, once a week, and was unable to attend, due to illness. I offered my services to take the evening session, so that the children did not miss out on a rehearsal. I have also supported in Christmas concerts and r...
How ethics affect the workplace?
...In conclusion ethics, morals and values work hand in hand to build ones character, they are the core foundation. They help stabilize companies, organisations and institutions with the rules and code of conduct. With regards to morals and values they ...

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