Professionalism in the workplace

For a long time now, unethical behavior in the professional world and in all fields rapidly decreases. However, the existence of unprofessional behaviors in the workplace may be as a result of selfish interests or corporate pressure. For instance, an unprofessional person may decide to act unprofessionally when there is pressure from the board of directors on improvements that need to be done, when there is pressure from clients, when they want to take short cuts in life among other reasons.

As a result, many laws have been enacted for the sake of ensuring professionalism in the workplace like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act that promotes ethical conducts, accuracy, honesty and compliance of certain rules and regulations (Jacobsen, 2008). Professional behavior in the workplace Different professions have different bodies of knowledge and practices, oath and code of accountability to the society and values that they have agreed upon with regards to their professional behavior in their respective workplaces. For instance, flight attendants, social workers, physicians and journalism professions all have different codes of behavior.

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Therefore, professionalism depicts a certain kind of behavior in the workplace based on the understanding of the specific professional role as indicated by in our behavior (Thornby, 2008). Professional behavior in the workplace can be judged based on a set of expectations and principles. Additionally, it can also be judged from our own personal values and perception on how one understands the meaning of professionalism. Besides being situational in nature, professional behavior in the workplace may strongly be influenced by culture related factors.

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Therefore, professional behavior is judged through ones capability, image, communication and manner (Thornby, 2008). A good professional behavior in the workplace will show one’s mutual respect, integrity, empathy, accountability, general concern, commitment, support, trust as well as making others within the workplace feel safe around that person. On the other hand, a poor professional behavior in the workplace may mean poor relationship with others, improper communication, exploitation, selfishness, breach of confidentiality or code of conduct (Thornby, 2008).

Professional behavior in the workplace is important in ensuring that the expectations of all persons are met. This is achieved through functional trust, open communication and mutual respect. Moreover, respect in turn enhances healthy personal relations. As well, trust among employees, employers and clients are also enhanced as everyone has the equal need and right to be respected and appreciated. Consequently, an accurate and supportive feedback is enhanced in a move to make the necessary changes at work (Thornby, 2008).

Therefore professionalism at the work place can only be maintained when the employees are able to ignore pressure, be it internal or external that would lead them to work unprofessionally. Besides, employees also need to ensure that they perform an in-depth analysis of the work to be done as they prepare to do it. Rushing through work or taking short cuts just for the sake getting the work done at an unnecessary fast speed is considered unprofessional at the work place (Jacobsen, 2008). To enhance professional behavior at the work place, laws preventing unprofessional practices at the work place have been enacted.

However, professional behavior in different professions is governed under different laws while these laws have also been designed at the state and national levels as well. For instance, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was enacted in a bid to promote professionalism by ensuring that companies maintain honest and ethical conduct. This is why publicly traded companies are required to disclose their code of conducts for the senior financial officers as mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Jacobsen, 2008). Working towards good professional behavior at the workplace

Professionalism has different meanings to different people. Moreover, most of the individuals loose their jobs as a result of lack of a good professional behavior. Such behaviors include absenteeism from work, failure to follow given instructions and poor relations with colleagues. Consequently, professionalism highly affects ones ability to get a job, maintain it and advance in their careers since many employers look for employees with good work ethics and proper social behavior (University of Guelph, 2008).

With regards to professionalism in the workplace for new employees, it is always important to make a positive first impression. This can be achieved by the new employee ensuring that they are fully aware of the company culture while also making sure that they clarify their work culture based on their experiences. Subsequently, knowing ones character will be greatly beneficial on the job whereby as a new employee, it will be easy to boost one’s confidence when faced by new situations by helping one in dealing with the ups and downs of a new job (University of Guelph, 2008).

In addition, it is important to stay organized by keeping track of everything that happens at work. This may be beneficial in ensuring that factors like deadlines and improvements can easily and accurately be worked on time. Additionally, it also important to stay away from conflicts as much as possible so as to maintain a good reputation. However, when faced by a conflict at the workplace regardless of whether or not one has dealt with conflict, it is always important to be positive when dealing with the matter.

In doing this, professionalism can be enhanced as such conflicts may produce difficult problems with creative solutions thus actively participating in moving the company forward (University of Guelph, 2008). In a bid to building trust among colleagues may be achieved in a number of ways which includes soliciting advice and opinions when asked by other colleagues. As well, this can also be achieved observing reactions from others and by always apologizing incase of offenses. As a result, this promotes a good professional behavior at the workplace (University of Guelph, 2008).

An employee may also adopt a team mentality by taking the initiative to introduce oneself to other colleagues. Also, as a sign of a good professionalism in the work place, being a team player may also be achieved by ensuring that one works together with the rest rather than separately, knowing one’s job in working into on the whole strategic plans of the organization, by respecting others and showing ones professionalism by the way they communicate with one another at the work place (University of Guelph, 2008). Conclusion All persons in a workplace feel important and have an equal need for respect.

Thus, good professional behavior will enhance a positive working environment and also affect ones reputation and performance on the job. Different professions have their own different codes that govern the conducts of individuals in that specific profession or field. With good leadership in place and commitment from employees, good behavior and professionalism at the work place will be highly enhanced and this will in turn lead to positive work relations as well as a contributing to a positive working environment for all employees.

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