Nursing and Professionalism In Healthcare

​All nurses need to strive for maintaining a professional appearance at all times. People will always judge nurses by their appearance. When it comes to nursing, a nurse’s appearance can either instill confidence in the patient or total mistrust.

Watch and Analysis

​Was this individual professional

I think the individual in the image is a professional nurse. The nurse is dressed appropriately in a clean blue scrub. Her is hair short, neatly styled and out of her face.

​What made the individual professional

What makes her professional is dressing smartly at work.

She is personable, wears a smile on her face, which makes her approachable. She is caring and compassionate nurse, as she is in the bedside with her patient.

​Were there aspects presented that were not professional

I did not see anything in the picture that was not professional.

Personal Reflection and Connection

​What is the appropriate attire for an individual in your profession

All nurses in all settings should look neat and professional.

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Uniforms, lab coats, scrubs and shoes should be clean. School nurses wear business attire instead of scrubs. The attire usually is tailored pantsuits, long or short sleeves blouses, jackets or sweaters and conservative, closed-toed shoes.

​What makes someone professional in your field

Professionalism in nursing includes your attitude, your appearance and your willingness to help others. Nurses as professionals are expected to display competent and skillful behaviors in alignment with their profession.

​What behavioral attributes do you practice that identify you as a professional

As a nurse I always put the needs of the patient first, above all else.

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According to White “Nurses cannot lose sight of the fine art of nursing which is caring” (as cited in Nursezone, 2014). As a nurse I am always kind and compassionate towards others in our daily lives.

​What attributes, such as attire, communication skills, and presentation of self, do you possess that makes you professional

Showing up at work looking professional at all times. Clean clothes, net hair, clean shoes and a well groomed look making the statement that you care about yourself as a person and therefore have the capacity to care about others. In nursing it is more than talking to a patient. Being a good listener especially to the needs of the patient is very important to provide the best possible care.


​Nurses represent the nursing profession at all times, whether at work or at play. If you conduct yourself professionally and present a professional demeanor, you will command the respect you deserved from your employer, your coworkers, your patient, families and community. If you look and act the role, your patient will have much more respect for you as a professional.

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Nursing and Professionalism In Healthcare
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