To maintain a commitment of professionalism Essay

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To maintain a commitment of professionalism

To maintain a commitment of professionalism is all about professionalism for both personal and professional growth. The ways I shows that I am professional are: I keep the parents and children files and observations confidential. I am very organized and work in a clean work space. I am hardly if not always on time to work and work related functions. I enjoy working with others and am always energetic with a great attitude with any task. I know how to assist with a disabled child or special needs child. I always ask questions on new rules or ways of going about in my work place to always try to be ahead of the game. CSVI a) Reflect on why you chose an early childhood professional.

The reason I chose to be in early childhood is because I love working and playing with children. I started child development classes my freshman year of high school and did it for four years. I love the way children learn and interact with one another and independently. In child development we would walk over to the elementary school; teach and listen to the children read and write for an hour. CSVI b) Reflect on what you believe are the most important indicators of professionalism that you possess.

My most important qualities of professionalism are being organized, having a positive attitude, and being able to keep children and their family’s information confidential. I also know how to handle disability children and special needs problems. My final quality would be that I stay informed on new policies and education on early childhood practices.

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