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I initially looked not so positive to communicate with any immigrants due to the fact that I didn’t know how to find the opening expressing to immigrant due to the fact that we varied culture such as way of life or habitual life. Meanwhile, when I got connection with them, I wanted my relationship be longer. As quickly as you will know each other; latter on, you exactly would like to make the relationship with foreigner stay longer. Aren’t you? I have had numerous experiences in talking with numerous immigrants and our relationship still in connecting considering that they have actually left Cambodia for one and a half year already.

I wish to share some points to keep relationship with a person from a different culture.

First off, you need to value their background well. Unless you understand the background of immigrant whom you talk with, there will be a little to bit troubles to begin your talk at the start.

It is impression that we can present ourselves such as name, research study, character, pastime so on. Spending longer time to understand this fundamental info by chit chat, you will launch the talking appears friendly to each other.

After that, make sure that your relationship is more detailed. Second, understanding understand well about each culture. You require to understand the culture of his or her country so that you can adjust into the situation or avoid of mistakes by stating verbal or noticeable expression. Example, native Malaysian females may not shake hands with guys.

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Ladies can shake hands with females. Men may also not shake hands with women and may bow rather while positioning their hand on their heart. So, you need to be mindful against misconception.

Third, sharing or introducing each the culture. At this point you can introduce the culture widely and evidently such tradition, custom, and other introducing of culture include language, people, lifestyle, art or festival in your country. Example, if foreigners stay in your country, you can introduce or go to those cultural places directly such as national museum, any theaters or restaurant, where has national foods. Your relationship will grow if you illustrate deeper. Of course, it is really joyful to share, describe each other like historical location or festivals. At this point, other introducing of each culture include

In brief, to keep in touch with foreigner who has different culture, you must at least follow some points of his or her background, knowing well about his or her culture, which relate to verbal or visible expression, and we can introduce or share the culture to each other. Foreigner want to feel either happy and enjoy the great experience in any specific location in order to understand about how different is the world if there is a pretty welcome and guidance from host citizens. By the description above is the helpful source for maintain relationship with foreigner who has different culture. Last but not least, the more you care about foreigner, the more relationship stays longer.

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How to Maintain Good Friendship
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