Occasional Arguments Are Good for Friendship

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Everyone in this world should have at least one or two close friends, because friends are important parts of our lives. A good friend can bring happiness, be useful for each other, and make one feels comfortable when the other is around. Sometimes, friend can also have different opinions, and it might bring up arguments. It can strengthen friendship by having occasional healthy arguments and debate, because it provides the opportunities to learn from each other, to understand each other more, and to improve the relationship.

An occasional argument between friends provides the opportunity to learn from each other. Two people are not alike, and every human being is entitled to his or her opinion. Sometimes, we can learn good things from our company during a healthy argument. A good friend will desire the good of their friends for the friend’s sake that are most truly friends. For an example, if they ask, “Do you like who I’m dating? ” One might have couple ways to respond.

Brutally honest: “Are you kidding? He’s a loser.

He can’t hold a job, and he makes you pay every time you go out. ” Gently honest: “Well, I like that you seem happy, but I’m concerned about how he is treating you right now. ” (By Cherie Burbach, www. About. com Guide, A part of The New York Time Company, 04/17/2009 – 11/20/2011) As we can see it is a fine line between honest and rudeness sometimes. Honest is the to truth. An honest friend does not afraid to tell the truth.

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Sometimes, honest words sometimes are hard to deliver, because one will try not to hurt the other’s feeling either.

However, when a friend tells us an honest message, we will know where we stand with our friendship. Disagreement may lead to arguments between friendships as well. It might give us a hard time, if both of us are strongly keeping our own opinion. We should listen and try to understand the perspective of our friend. By doing so might give us a good way to solve problems. In the other hand, understand and accept differences in opinion are a good place to start.

The most important is that we have to respect other’s opinion, even though when other’s opinions are not the same as ours. A truth companion will tell us whenever we did something wrong and give us good advice. Even though listening to honest words is not easy, but we should not get upset with our close friend, because he or she is the person who understands us more than other friends, and he or she also helps us grow better every day. One of quotes concerning good friendship of Jim Beggs that I found, in which he says “What we say is important… or in most cases the mouth says what the heart is full of. ”

Our lives are changing increasingly by time. But good friendship would still remain the same. A good example would be the friendship between Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King. They have been best friends since their early 20s. In the years they have been friends; even though their lives have changed greatly. There have been men, fame, kids, and all the typical life events that they would expect, each with the potential to wreak havoc on their friendship.

Yet their bond is still strong. Trusting is the most important part in a friendship, which means we feel comfortable to sharing our feelings, our struggles in life with one another. And a good friend will not gossip behind our back because he respects and appreciates our friendship. Occasional arguments are good for friendship. It is an opportunity to bring two people together. Let’s each other learn more, understand each other more, and improve friendship by time.

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Occasional Arguments Are Good for Friendship
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