Stroke Essay Topics

Stroke – Case Study

Stroke is Australia’s single greatest killer and a leading cause of disability. Stroke is a serious and deadly condition involving cerebral circulation within the brain and can seriously affect a person maintaining a safe environment, communication and mobility as well as other activities of living. The case of Mr Shaw, a 73 year old male… View Article

Urinary Incontinence and Employee Health Nurse

​A nurse is caring for a client with a spinal cord injury. What are possible causes of autonomic dysreflexia that the nurse should monitor for? distended bladder (most common), fecal impaction, cold stress or drafts on lower part of body, tight clothing, undiagnosed injury or illness. A nurse is caring for a client who has… View Article

Stroke Awareness

Outcome1: Know what stroke is. 1. Identify the changes in the brain associated with stroke. Changes in the brain will be that some parts are not getting the blood supply which then leads to dead tissue causing a form of disability depending on the area of the brain affected. 2. Outline other conditions that may… View Article

Stroke and It’s Causes

A stroke, also known as the sudden loss of brain function, is a medical condition that affects the brain. A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is interrupted or severely reduced, depriving the brain tissues of oxygen. Within minutes, the cells of the brain normally die due to the absence… View Article