Smoking Addiction in America

Smoking is an addiction that effects fourteen of every one hundred adults aged eighteen and older in the United States. This means that 40 million people are smoking everyday of their lives according to the center for disease control (CDC, 2017).Millions of Americans will live with a smoke related disease which can include heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, cardiac arrythmia, cancers, trouble sleeping, and trouble breathing due to lung disorders like COPD.

Smoking addiction can also lead to the death of its users.

Understanding the harmful effects is not only important for the smoker themselves but, for those exposed to secondhand smoke as well. As, shocking as the facts sound to those addicted to smoking it still is no easy task to lay it down. In fact, according the article we were given to read (Clinicians Guide to Treating Tobacco Dependence) it states that millions die each year due to tobacco use. For the reasons mentioned above it is very important to start the conversation and try to set these people on the road to recovery.

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Intervention is an important skill to learn for health care workers everywhere. Utilizing the Five A’s and R’s approach have proven useful for the strategist.

The 5 A’s include

  1. Ask Which is Identify Tobacco usage.
  2. Advise- urging them to quite.
  3. Assess- Is the user willing to attempt to quit?
  4. Assist-Use counseling and pharmacotherapy
  5. Arrange-which is a follow up.

The 5 R’s Include

  1. Relevance-have the person to realize why quitting is relevant.
  2. Risk-Identify the negative effects of smoking.

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  3. Rewards-Identfy the benefits of stopping usage.
  4. Roadblocks- identify barriers.
  5. Repetition-Motivation should be repeated.

Once The clinician is comfortable asking these questions and implementing the plan, it is then that the persons can be placed on nicotine replacement therapies such as gums, inhalers, patches, and lozenges. It is also an important factor to make sure the person in the smoking cessation program has a healthy diet and exercises daily. Although one may not be able to run or walk for long distances it is important to document the time a distance the patient traveled.

There are three ways to implement a smoking cessations. One is Primary prevention which is prevention before a health problem occurs. Or, Secondary prevention, which is prevention after a problem has occurred but, before too much damage has happened. And lastly called tertiary prevention which is prevention after a disease. As, I mentioned above the time to stop smoking is immediately. Healthcare professionals should be up to date on either one of these protocol preventions mentioned here and ready to implement them as soon as the patient is ready and willing to.

By implementing a smoking cessation program morbidity and mortality rates can be significantly reduces. Healthcare practitioners such as Respiratory therapist and physicians can work together and make a positive effect on such interventions. It is important to stress that no matter how long one has smoked now is the time to stop. Quitting gives your body a chance to heal the damages acquired by smoking.

After quitting for just 1 year your chances of having a heart disease drops by about half of that of a smoker. Studies show the best way to reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, lung disease, and cancers is to stop smoking and eat healthy while practicing a good exercise program. By practicing a smoking cessation program we can help our patients lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Smoking Addiction in America

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