STATEMENT OF PURPOSEI wish to pursue a career in research and development

STATEMENT OF PURPOSEI wish to pursue a career in research and development in an Automotive Industry that involves creative thinking, challenging problems and that creates a significant impact on society. My keen interest in Automotive Manufacturing and Design field accompanied by good analytical skills capabilities and visualization which are the heart and core of research have prompted me to go in for graduate studies. As a child, I was always intrigued by the working of intricate mechanisms and equipment. I used to spend a lot of time trying to explore and figure out their working principle.

In school I gradually found myself drawn towards subjects that required in-depth analysis and logic thinking. I was very fascinated by their fundamentals which form the governing basis for a lot of machinery. In order to understand these concepts, I took part in practical workshops and science fairs. This exposure taught me the importance of simple and practical design. To understand the principles and practical aspects of designing a product I decided to pursue my career in engineering.

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Due to my enthralling interest in automobiles and machines and impressive performance in the SRMJEE (SRM Joint Entrance Examination) for Engineering, I secured a seat in the one of the most prestigious college in India, SRM Institute of Science and Technology for my undergraduate study.In the past three years of my undergraduate study, I have been exposed to various topics ranging from thermal sciences, fluid mechanics, automotive engineering to computer-aided manufacturing and design. As per the requirements of the institute I was also exposed to the need and desire of the industry through a series of well-orchestrated lectures by renowned people who are leaders in their respective field.

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These courses have helped me build a strong foundation in Mechanical Engineering and laid the necessary groundwork for pursuing graduate studies. In my sophomore year, I credited Engineering mechanics and was intrigued by the new concepts which were introduced in that subject. Due to my inclination for analytical problems, I found the course very captivating and did quite well in that. In the upcoming year, I was introduced to courses like the Mechanics of Solids, Machines, and Mechanism, Manufacturing Technology etc. These have provided me with useful insight into the principles, processes, stages, and considerations required in the field of product design. In the subsequent year, I credited Internal Combustion Engines and Gas Dynamics and Propulsion Systems. I found that my interest and in-depth analysis required to be my forte and did exceedingly well. It was not until the end of the fifth semester when I got an opportunity to have an industrial training in Continental India Private Limited that I realized how important a role does manufacturing and design play in the industry.In the duration of my industrial training I got to learn everything there is about the Design, manufacturing, testing of finished product and transportation of raw material in the tire manufacturing process. I got familiarized with various manufacturing machines and equipment used there which were of industry standard and used for such high level of mass production. The importance of automation and skilled labor in an industry can be easily deduced. This being my first exposure to industry related to automotive filled me with a considerable sense of achievement and self-satisfaction.Out of my strong conviction that knowledge of computers is a prerequisite in today's research, which involves analyzing complex structures and designs in a relatively short time, I credited AutoCAD and SCILAB in my coursework. This course opened up a realm of possibilities in the field of Design and Analysis which I could never before have imagined. As I followed up this course for designing which introduced me to SolidWorks. I completed this packages from an outside training. As a part of my course, I was later introduced with Computer Aided Design Laboratory which made my path more lucid.Last semester I had to present a seminar and present a research paper on the same. Mr. Gyanendra Prasad Bagri was our professor who was assigned to this seminar. I presented a seminar on the topic Increasing the Efficiency of Turbojet and Turbofan Engines by Alternate Methods. In this, I researched the unconventional ways to increase the efficiency of the turbojet engines like using nitrogen at the inlet etc. This resulted in my taking up the senior project in a related field namely, Effect of Ground Effect on an Airfoil.At the end of my first year I attended an internship conducted by Ezineth namely, Automobile Development Internship. In this, I got hands-on experience of Dissembling and Assembling of the Four Stoke and Two Stroke Engines and got to know a lot about the engines used nowadays. A detail session on environmental problems caused by the engines and their remedies was also conducted by some of the eminent figures in the Automotive Industry. This experience acted as a catalyst in my career and after this internship, I was very clear with my goal to work in the research and development department in an Automotive Industry.Apart from this, I had been an active participant in a wide range of extracurricular activities that has ensured an all-rounded development of my personality. I have been a part of various cultural activities and personality development activities as well as presentations and group discussions etc. I also play Badminton and Table Tennis as my hobby. Apart from this, I was one of the members who managed the fests like Innovate and Rubaroo in our college. These experiences combined lead to the formation of leadership and managerial abilitiesI feel that the University of Texas, Dallas with its rich blend of competent faculty, intense curriculum, and cherished history of success, state of the art laboratories and multiethnic diversity among students would be an ideal place to shape my career. The innovative research projects being undertaken by your faculty along with the positive feedbacks that I have received about your university from the seniors who were graduates at your university have influenced me to seek admission into your university.My objective is to enhance and bolster my knowledge base in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The ideal path towards this, I feel, would be by pursuing graduate studies in the Mechanical Engineering. In the long run, I seek to be the leader in my field, which requires the fostering of team spirit and goodwill besides intellectual and creative enrichment. The University of Texas, Dallas with its team of highly motivated and industrious graduate students would hence be the ideal start to my career. I can assure you that given a chance I shall strive to live up to the expectations.

Updated: Apr 12, 2021
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