A Poem I Wish I Could Remember

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Christina Rossetii had expressed her regret and longing to recall the “first day, first hour, first moment” of the “unrecorded” first meeting of her youthful love. She consider the first meeting “mean so little” in the old days, she thought it was “dull” to remember the youthful love that she knew would not last long in her life. However, as time pass by, She felt regretful she would like and wish to “recall” the memory of the “days of day” and “first touch of hand in hand”.

Metaphor, simile and personification were used in the poem as to express her emotion of regret. Christina Rossetii wrote “my tree” as to represent her life with metaphor. Also, she express memory to “thaw of bygone snow” by simile. She also made use of personification as to show the memory fade out into slip away. Besides, she had make use of words related to senses such as “touch”, “see” and “say”. Moreover, she used repetition, alliteration, assonance and internal rhymes.

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For repetition, she repeated the word “I could” many times as to express her longing to remember the memory of the meeting. For alliteration, she used the words like “meeting me” to attract us. For assonance, she stress on the vowel sound ‘O’ very much to catch our soundings. And for internal rhymes, she used words like ‘hour’ and ‘your’, ‘see’ and ‘foresee’, ‘one’ and ‘know’.

Christina Rossetii used the image of season, time, memory, nature, evasion and nothingness in “I wish I could remember”.

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She made the contrast in summer and winter in season as she express the past has gone just like the “bygone snow” by using metaphor and now her “first day, first hour, first moment” just like season and time go so fast and could not be caught. Besides, she showed her longing to remember the moment by making use of the words of recollect’, ‘remember’, ‘recall’ and ‘bygone’. Moreover, she created the image of nature with words like ‘tree’ and ‘blossom’ as things change everyday like nature does although it is beautiful and wonderful that she miss that particular “first day”.

Also, she indicated her love has gone and so as the memory of that day as the evasion with words like slip away by personification. She did not want to remember that day in her life as she didn’t think it was worth and just to evade. Besides, she used the nothingness with words “traceless”, “aught” to show the vanishing memory of the first meeting memory. She loved to use conditionals in the sonnet s to express her longing for going back to the past and recollect the first meeting memory. She had used the falling tone as to express her regret, sadness and longing to remember also.

Christina Rossetii stress on her theme that we would feel different at different stages of our life. And as her own experience, she thought the first meeting was not a big deal in her life and did not worth to remember it. But while she realized that feeling last long and she thought this mean so much and she just want to recollect that memory of the first day. We always learnt to regret and cherish after losing but not before losing it, we should learn to cherish everything around us as not to be regretful till the end.

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A Poem I Wish I Could Remember
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