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Social Issues Essay Examples

Essay on Social Issues

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Sociology. Davis Moore Thesis

... The functional consequence of inequality for society helps in ensuring that the various roles that are considered to be important in the society are filled by the relevant and skilled people (Macionis, 2009). Talented people in the society are supplied with the necessary opportunities and motivation that enables them to undertake training that result in filling of the important roles in the society (Macionis, 2009). The important functions are performed by people who are most talented...

Nuclear Weapons Persuasive Essay

...To conclude, the fact is that if every country were to have the right to possess nuclear weapons we would all be living in constant fear of attack. Our lives would be very different; we would be insecure with regards to our safety and this would impact greatly on how we lived our lives – we would need to be significantly more vigilant. A small example of this is the potential effect that liquid explosives has on air travel where we can’t take any fluids that are more than 100ml into an airpo...

Is life in prison without parole better than the death penalty?

...The sentence of capital punishment is a barbaric action for punishment a criminal. Murder is unacceptable by society, yet people seem to approve killing criminals. Sentencing a criminal to death does not solve the questions and problems left behind, it just creates controversy. Capital punishment is wrongly practiced and immoral and the wrong way to punish criminals. Life in prison without parole is a much better option, whereas capital punishment is just a way to seek revenge on the individual...

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Homeless in America Research Paper

...1. Kurtz, P. D. P. D., Lindsey, E. P. D., Jarvis, S. M. E. ,. S., & Nackerud, L. P. D. (2000). How runaway and homeless youth navigate troubled waters: The role of formal and informal helpers. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, 17(5), 381-402. Retrieved from http://link.springer.com/article/10.1023/A:1007507131236 2. Heidi, M. (2011, November 16). The history of homelessness in america 1640s to present. Retrieved from http://www.dceh.org/the-history-of-homelessness-in-america-1640s-to...

White Tiger

...The situation of corruption is addressed from two points of view, one is the rich and one is Balram, the darkness. Mr. Ashok comes back from America as a good person, but he has to adapt to how India’s economic and social system work, yet they persuade him to be corrupted. He has to listen and do things the more powerful people say, and money seems to run everything in the country. Mr. Ashok takes out money from the bank to seek the higher power interests in him. He never has an idea on his ow...

Is punishment always the right solutions to stop crime?

...A survey in 2005 shows that 95% of Singaporeans feel that death penalty should stay as it increases the sense of security. Hence, while it is true that sometimes criminals are wrongfully convicted, and that they may not be deterred or reformed, we do need a system of punishments in place due to our notion of justice. We cannot completely adopt an educational or rehabilitative approach. In conclusion, while punishments can be the right way to stop crimes (at least in terms of justice and how pun...

On Being Sane in Insane Places

...While reading this article, I was reminded about the homeless, and that many people assume that just because they are homeless, they are likely to have a mental illness. Now I see why many people assume this; the reason is the environment and contexts that civilians see these homeless people in. It is possible that some of these people are mentally ill, but it is more likely that they are in their position because of other reasons. From a sociological perspective, this experiment highlights the ...

World Dangers

...In conclusion, these are just some of the dangers that we face, and they prove that this world is an increasingly dangerous place. We don’t know when misfortune may befall us so we have to be cautious all the time. With the increase in nuclear weaponry, natural disasters and resource depletion we are spiraling into a dangerous state. The decline in general health standards and fast passed living riddled with increased crime and corruption are concerning factors. All these things I have indicat...

Women's Rights are Human Rights

...Clinton’s speech would best fit under the didactic poetic category, as she looks to teach about the issue of women’s rights. The Firs Lady’s use of pathos supports the characteristics of the didactic category, as it teaches through use of narrative, emotion, and reason. These characteristics can be seen when she states “It is a violation of human rights […]” Clinton not only taught her the audience and beyond to stand up for women’s rights, it worked to strive towards equal rights ...

Teen Pregnancy

...Society is not ignoring teenage pregnancy but society isn’t making it a high enough priority in the world. The groups of people that will continue to suffer from this only going problem if we do not find solutions are teenage girls from the ages of 15-19. Many things have been done about the problem, but from research a lot of solutions tend to fall through and end up not helping the problem. When the show on MTV, 16 and Pregnant first aired, the intentions of the show were to show teenagers ...

Revolutionary road

...Orawan, C. (2010, March 9). Revolutionary Road: Feminist Liberation in Post-War Suburban Prison. Retrieved from http://blog.nationmultimedia.com/print.php?id=8050 Silverstein, M. (2008, December 26). Feminism & Revolutionary Road. Retrieved from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/melissa-silverstein/feminism-revolutionary- ro_b_153604.html Tas. (2010, April 14). Was ‘Revolutionary Road’ about Feminism? Retrieved from http://metrac.wordpress.com/2010/04/14/was-revolutionary-road-about-feminism...

Civil Society and Corruption

...We live in a country where bribery is used as a tool to make work done such as paying taxes or issue of licenses. Due to corruption, many deserving people fail to get desired jobs and admissions in universities and schools as these places are already corrupted by favoritism and nepotism. This is quite an old and very unfair practice. This has brought instability in society. It is usually practiced by rich citizens of the country. Corruption is a curse to our society and we should all come forwar...

Refutation: Is the American Dream Still a Possibility?

...No one ever said it would be easy, but I believe the American Dream is still alive, even for us poor college students. I feel as though through the recent hardships our country has faced many people believe the American dream can no longer be achieved, but they only think in those terms because America has become lazy and we have forgotten how to work for what we want in life. Unfortunately, there is no solution for America to be more motivated, but the future is truly in our hands, and we have ...

Classical School of Criminology: Definitions of some terminology

...Botswana, (n.d.), In Wikitravel, Retrieved on February 17, 2014 from http://wikitravel.org/ Carlitz, A., (2013), Theoretical foundation of Sentencing, Bloemfontein Groenewald, Y., (March 3, 2009), Opposition slams release of Schabir Shaik, Mail and Guardian. Groenewald, Y., (January 8, 2010), Schabir Shaik’s Parole Paradise, Mail & Guardian Hedonism. (n.d.). In Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary (11th Ed.). Retrieved from http://www.mw.com/dictionary/hedonismp. Jackie Selebi (December 3...

Teenage Pregnancy

...Pro Familia , 2006. In: Schwangerscaft and Schwangerschaftsabbrunch with minor's women: Part I. Study social situation, circumstances of conception, pregnancy outcome. s.l.:s.n., pp. 35-37. Pro Familia, 2006. In: Schwangerscaft and Schwangerschaftsabbrunch with minor's women: Part I. Study social situation, circumstances of conception, pregnancy outcome. s.l.:s.n., pp. 19-34. Rogers, S. & Evans, L., 2011. Teenage pregnancy rates through England and Wales. [Online] Available at: http://www.gu...


...Schools need to pass stricter laws and parents need to start monitoring their children's social activity, even if they are the ones being bullied. In cases of cyber bullying you can never be to protective. So many kids have died because they have felt useless and worthless due to cyber bullying. How would you like it if you were being told daily that you meant nothing to world, and that it would be better off with out you. Eventually it would get to your head and effect you. Even some of the str...

?The role of a family in the society

...To conclude, in history, there have been very different societies in terms of their level of development, levels of inequality, political organizations and cultural factors but only those six types explain easily which stages we passed. Moreover, in today´s world almost all types of societies exist but each of them approaches through post-industrial society even if they are not. From this research paper, it is proved that how technology is important in shaping and characterizing society among t...

The Death Penalty Pro/con

...A. Rogers, Simon, and Mona Chalabi. "Death Penalty Statistics, Country by Country."Theguardian.com. Guardian News and Media, 13 Dec. 2013. Web. 27 Feb. 2014. B. "Top 10 Pros and Cons - Death Penalty - ProCon.org." ProConorg Headlines. N.p., n.d.Web. 27 Feb. 2014. C. "Methods of Execution." DPIC. Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2011. Web. 01 Mar. 2014. D. Meehan, Mary. "Ten Reasons To Oppose the Death Penalty." America Staging. TheNational Catholic Review, n.d. Web. 1 Mar. 2014. E. "Historical Time...

Cheap Labor & Violation of Workers Rights Continue to Exist

...People can perform a number of actions in order to ensure companies start to produce their products the correct way. The first step is for people to demand sweatshop free products where they shop or not to shop there at all. People can also by union made and second hand products, as well as purchasing fair trade products. The next step is to spread the word and encourage others to do the same until cheap labor is non existent, this wont happen over night but it will show companies that the stigm...

Preventing Juvenile Delinquency

...Our justice system really needs to focus on better ways of rehabilitating our youth, or so I feel. On the other hand, I do like that some crimes have very harsh punishments because those are the ones that I see are committed less often. We also have to keep in mind that it is not society’s responsibility to raise our children, real teaching starts at home with proper parenting. In some parents’ defense, some kids are hard to maintain, but that’s when further measures should be taken, for e...

Gender Inequalities

...Many women have to deal with stereotypical comments in the workforce and sexual harassment. Harassment is also a big difficulty for women to proceed in the workforce, a quote from a Huff Post article “The HuffPost poll found that one in five women said they'd been harassed by a boss, and one in four said they had been harassed by another co worker. And although women were more likely than men to say that they had been victims of one or both types of sexual harassment, men also reported being s...

Equal in the workplace for men and women

...Women must have strong mental to handle their work. That is because, in the work place they need to challenge with men. They need to become a super woman to secure their ability, position and a lot of pressure from the workplace. When they go back home, they need to change their mental to become a loving mother and gentle wife. In addition to, they need to do a lot of housework and take care about their family. And they do not put any pressure to home from the workplace and do not vent pressure ...

Poverty Satire

...Many people would probably argue that this solution to homelessness is too dangerous or inhumane but it will prepare the homeless people for a life after the landfill. The landfill would offer a refuge for the poverty stricken victims to be provided for and it would also allow the homeless to provide a service for the public. The landfill already offers such valuable resources that are just going to waste. It would be unreasonable to think that the landfill residents couldn’t sort through the ...

?What Are Social Problems?

...A valence issue is typically a social problem that is uniformly agreed upon.[17] These types of issues generally generate a widespread consensus and provoke little resistance from the public. An example of a valence issue would be incest or child abuse.[18] Unlike a valence issue, a position issue typically outlines a social problem in which the popular opinion among society is divided.[18] An example of a position issue is vegetarianism or veganism, due to the lack of widespread consensus from ...

Reward or punishment

...For example, as the investigation was occurring “the police said they couldn't find a "Carlos Hernandez" [with a criminal record] despite his long rap sheet.” There was also a bloody foot print outside the store which was never processed. The judge was influenced by his ethnicity and appearance. He looked like the criminal, therefore for the judge, he was the criminal. Nor the judge or the court gave DeLuna the opportunity to prove himself innocent. Many people don’t categorize the death p...

Effectiveness of juvenile justice

...Overall juvenile justice law, as assessed in the previous section, promotes fairness, equality and justice. The common law aims for rehabilitation of offenders, but will not hide from more serious sentencing options, such as detention. If this is continually maintained as the driving force behind the Juvenile Justice System, the pinnacle point of the effectiveness will be reached. For the system to be most effective, a balance must be achieved between the offender and sentencing options, remaini...

Theories of Social Phobia

...Clark, D, M. A cognitive perspective on social phobia. In: Crozier W. R, Alden L. E, editors. In International Handbook of Social Anxiety: Concepts, Research and Interventions Relating to the Self and Shyness. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons; 2001. 405–430. Fedoroff, I, C., & Taylor, S. (2001). Psychological and pharmological treatment for social phobia: A meta-analysis. Clinical Psychopharmacology, 21, 311-324. Furmark, T. (2002). Social phobia: Overview of community surveys. Acta Psych...

Plantation Society in the Caribbean today

...Sidney W. Mintz: "Caribbean Society." c. 1968 Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. David Watts 1987 The West Indies: Patterns of Development... Beckford, George.The Plantation Model in Christine Barrow and Rhoda Reddock (eds.) Caribbean Sociology: Introductory Readings. Ian Randle Publishers; Kingston Jamaica, 2001. Best, Lloyd.“The Contribution of George Beckford.” Social and Economic Studies. Vol. 41, No. 3, September 12 ISSN: 0037-7651. -------------“Models of a Pure Plantation Economy....

Homelessness as a social problem

...For homeless people, there are the good days and the bad days.The good days include the homeless getting reasonable amount of money in which they may receive 10 pounds by panhandling an hour. The bad days involve inflation or recession in which case they would receive very little and undergo starvation for the night. Some Homeless people may find other ways overcoming the problem of homelessness; one of which is going to prison. This way they will receive accommodation and enough food for them t...

Assess the functionalist explanations of social inequality

...Weber argued that stratification is not just based on the economic relationships people enter into, as Marx argued, but the standing or status a person had and the political influence or power a person might have as a result of membership of a political party or trade union. Class, status and party are all linked to power. However, he accepted that class is the most important determinant of the three in relation to the acquisition of life chances and inequality. Postmodernists argued that the wo...

The True Meaning of the American Dream

...It is a difficult dream for the European upper classes to interpret adequately, and too many of us ourselves have grown weary and mistrustful of it. It is not a dream of motor cars and high wages merely, but a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are, regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position." As you can see this has many different ...

Corruption of Corporations in Oryx and Crake

...Last, in order to provide a better illustration, three characters will be closely looked at: Oryx, Crake, and Jimmy. Oryx is a mysterious figure in the novel because her real name. Also, her past was not very clear when compared with the pasts of Oryx and Jimmy. She was influenced by the corruption because due to the corruption or Rejoovesence, she died. The other character who also was affected was Jimmy. He was mentioned as Snowman, who goes and talks about the past and the present and is a li...

Crime Are Positivist Criminology

...As a result, Environmental Criminology is the most practical approach to the security manager, consider the Positive Criminology is the theory that criminals are born, and which their biological problems makes them to commit crime, a security manager can not control the customers biological problems and how they are born, so this Positive Criminology is not a suitable approach a security manager to use; the Classical Perspective suggested that the greater punishment issue, the less crime will be...

Gender Issues in the Workplace

...Has the He-covery Become a She-covery? (6 month change in employment chart). The New York Times. http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/tag/women-in-the-workforce/ Pacenti, J. (2008). Workplace Discrimination: Hitting the Maternal Wall. Corporate Counsel. Retrieved from http://www.law.com/jsp/cc/PubArticleCC.jsp?id=1201255554661 The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Laws Enforced by EEOC. Retrieved from http://www.eeoc.gov/laws/statutes/index.cfm The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Comm...

Argumentative Essay Abortion

...Condoms can tear or be forgotten, and emergency contraceptives like the morning after pill are not easily obtainable. 50% of women getting an abortion in Britain used some form of contraception when they got pregnant. This obviously shows that women are having huge problems with using contraception, and something needs to be done about it. This also means that we can't judge people immediately. Women are still getting pregnant even though they use contraceptives. I think that women have the righ...

Argumentative Essay against Capital Punishment

...Finally, a society that values life does not intentionally kill people. The truth is that capital punishment is a traumatic case of homicide that has been approved by the government. This practically supports killing in order to impose a solution to the problems that are being faced by society (Mandery 58). This is something that is not very good particularly on the part of the youth who will grow up knowing that the government is approved of just killing people who violated the law. The funny t...

Animal Farm by George Orwell

...They lived in luxury while the other animals starved as “once again all rations were reduced except those of the pigs and the dogs“?page 81?. The Farm has not become the utopian society strived for due to the corrupted government. The pigs regarded themselves to be on a higher tier than the other animals, completely violating the last and most important Commandment “All animals are equal”. This corruption led to the failure of the rebellion. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts ...

Should Begging Be Ban?

...Others view it as acceptable. What are about hearing, sight -impaired and other disadvantaged people who are born not to be lucky and reluctant to become beggars? It is, though, argued that there is no absolute equality in this life, and in stead of finding excuses for their misfortune, they should find out what they can do to survive- A basic instinct of any species in the world. Newspapers have, in fact, given a series of cases about those people whose life is deprived by accidents and natural...

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