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A social problem is a condition that at least some people in a community view as being undesirable. Social problems directly or indirectly affect a person or many members of a society and are considered to be problems, controversies related to moral values or both. A few examples of social problems include murder, drug abuse etc.

Contemporary Human Trafficking
Words • 1206
Pages • 5
“He made me his slave. He broke me down. He took my heart, mind, and soul.” says Diana Bolivar who was held hostage in sex trafficking for two years in Colombia” (“Orlando Sentinel”). Human trafficking is still a human rights issue that affects millions of lives every day. Traffickers know that abduction is easy, profitable, and extremely violent, but they could care less. Human trafficking has been in existence for thousands of years. From Greek and Romans to Medieval times,…...
Human TraffickingSocial Issues
Importance of Awareness about Human Trafficking
Words • 2899
Pages • 12
Human trafficking has become a massive social issue in America. Unaware of exactly what it is, a vast majority of citizens, even some law enforcement officials, are not educated on the subject. The lack of knowledge on the subject has been said to be the cause of why such an industry is flourishing. As human trafficking expands, government and law officials are exercising tactics on how to bring trafficking to a control and then to eventually eliminate modern day slavery.…...
AwarenessHuman TraffickingSocial Issues
Housing First Program for Helping The Homeless
Words • 1502
Pages • 7
On any given night in the United States there are around 553,000 individuals who are homeless, and from that an estimated 360,000 individuals live in homeless shelters. The U.S. department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) defines homelessness as someone who does not have a proper home to sleep in and instead finds cover in public property such as homeless shelters, campgrounds, train stations or city streets. People with mental disorders have a hard time holding down a job and…...
Helping OthersHelping PoorHomelessHomelessness
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Programs HandUp and the Oasis Book Club to Alleviate Homelessness
Words • 746
Pages • 3
When discussing the topic of homelessness, more often times than not it holds some type of negative connotation. As a society we often correlate it with laziness and assume that those who are homeless are in that situation due to their lack of motivation to find a job. These people are then shunned and instead of getting the proper assistance they need due to mere lack of opportunity, they are forced to remain stuck in their compromising circumstances. In most…...
Euthanasia is a Murder, not a Mercy
Words • 1135
Pages • 5
Around 130,000 people were euthanized each year at the Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient. Although people argue that they should be able to die when they want, euthanasia should not be an option, because it is cruel, unjust, and is unfair to others, including the patient. My first reason that euthanasia should not be an option is that it is cruel. Some family members would resort to killing the patients themselves if euthanasia was not permitted. Family members…...
Assisted SuicideEuthanasia Should Not Be LegalisedMercy killing
Physician Assisted Suicide or Mercy Killing
Words • 716
Pages • 3
As humans, we all try to hold onto our lives as long as we can, but at the same time, a life-span is also finite for humans. Medicines and new medical technologies can prolong death but it can also put someone through a world of hurt for who knows how long. Some may view this topic as murder, and others may view it as helping someone from the suffrage of a terminal illness that the new medical technologies or medicines…...
Assisted SuicideEuthanasiaMercy killing
Analysis of Mass Incarceration
Words • 2541
Pages • 11
Incarceration pertains to an individual being confined or imprisoned based on a crime committed. When it comes to the incarceration rate in the United States, we top the charts beating larger countries such as Russia, India, and China for having a higher incarceration rate globally. The Bureau of Justice reported in 2018 approximately 2.2 million adults were detained in jails or prisons. This implies for each 100,000 individuals living in the United States, around 655 of them are in jail.…...
Mass IncarcerationPrisonSocial Issues
Social Problem of Prison Boom
Words • 2381
Pages • 10
What is it that you think of when you think of mass incarceration? Does the word “mass” clue you in? Mass incarceration, at other times, called the prison boom, hyper-incarceration, or mass imprisonment refers to a unique strategy used in the United States to disproportionately incarcerate a massive population in federal, state, and local prisons using unjust or otherwise unlawful practice. We’ve chosen to tackle this subject because the U.S. has a very high rate of historic incarceration compared to…...
Mass IncarcerationPrisonSocial Issues
Euthanasia Should be Allowed
Words • 680
Pages • 3
Imagine being trapped in a diseased body where the disease is terminal. Across the globe there are thousands of people who live completely trapped in a diseased body with no quality of life, and merely just exist. These diseases consist of cancer, auto immune disorders, dementia, and others. In every state across the country euthanasia should be legalized and permitted. Euthanasia is the painless killing of a patient suffering an incurable and painful disease. It can also be defined as…...
Reasons to why Euthanasia Should be Legalized
Words • 1071
Pages • 5
What would you do if your mom had been in a terrible car accident? She has been in a coma for months and you finally realize that she will not wake up. The doctors inform you that you now have a choice to make: keep her on life support, or let her pass on. What would you choose? In this situation Euthanasia would be a likely option, due to the severity of the case. Euthanasia should be legalized because you…...
 Applying Critical Thinking Skills to Ethics in Abortion
Words • 1331
Pages • 6
Critical thinkers apply three different concepts when applying ethics to decision making. Set priorities, attempt to find additional options and alternatives, and negotiate options fully aimed or partially achieving the most important interest of all involved parties (Peter A. Facione). Considering our values, rights, and consequences we can assume abortion is and can be different according to one’s view or the view of others in the matter. After much research I wish I could say I have decided whether I…...
AbortionCritical ThinkingSocial Issues
Moral Issues with Immortality 
Words • 1562
Pages • 7
Throughout history, anytime an invention or technology has been presented to public, there has been criticism of some sort. Inventions such as the printing press, light bulb, television, alternating current, flight, vaccines, personal computer, phones and internet in received severe criticism due to their perceived effect on humanity. We all realize the importance of these technologies and how they can be utilized to make our life easier and more efficient. But it must be accepted that new inventions come with…...
MoralSocial Issues
Ethical Issues in Police Pursuits
Words • 2623
Pages • 11
 Research questions The study presents in this paper seeks to explore ethical issues primarily, and thus assumes a qualitative approach. However, the fatalities in the event of police pursuits also suggest a quantitative data despite the main focus on ethics in criminal justice. The research questions state below will act as a guideline framework which help the audience to explore the topic. What are the persistent themes for which different existing research identify in the domain of criminal justice? What…...
PolicePolice BrutalitySocial Issues
The Solution to the Problem of Rape
Words • 2297
Pages • 10
For many years, the world over, women have been victims of violence and rape whether at home, in social places or even at their workplaces. In the earlier days, it was difficult for women to report cases of violence or rape to the relevant authorities for fear of victimization. However with time, and a lot of sensitization has taken place, feminists have come out in large numbers to encourage any victims of rape to come and seek justice, more women…...
Social Problems In Our Society
The World Keeps Getting Higher
Words • 2176
Pages • 9
Drugs have been around for so long, that it’s almost starting be normal to be on drugs. It’s ridiculously crazy how many people are on drugs now a days. The thing about drugs is that they’re are drugs that are legal and illegal. You may or may not this, but even the legal drugs can be illegal. You may be thinking how a a drug can be legal and illegal at the same time. Well for example when a person…...
DrugsSocial Problems
Different impacts of Capital Punishment
Words • 1989
Pages • 8
How many times a day do you hear about a heinous crime that was committed? The amount of news we see throughout our days is significant and the majority of what we see from what is being reported on television, social media and news platforms is crime. Within these crimes there is more than likely men and women who become victims. As a result, there are people who become physically impacted by injury and could fall to death due to…...
Capital PunishmentDeath penaltyDeath penalty against
Capital Punishment can’t Appropriate in Modern American Sentencing
Words • 928
Pages • 4
Our group is researching the death penalty and whether it truly should remain standing in American society. Although it has been prevalent in sentencing codes since ancient times, killing someone for their crimes was first observed in the United States around the 1600s. It was seen as the harshest punishment and was reserved for the worst acts, such as murder. Many people believe that capital punishment has no place in modern society. They argue that it is immoral and outdated,…...
Capital PunishmentDeath penaltyDeath penalty against
Consideration the Issue of Capital Punishment
Words • 1479
Pages • 6
The death penalty, additionally called capital punishment, execution of a guilty party condemned to death after conviction by an official courtroom of a criminal offense. The death penalty ought to be recognized from extrajudicial executions did without fair treatment of law. The term capital punishment is at times utilized conversely with the death penalty, however burden of the punishment isn't constantly trailed by execution, in view of the likelihood of substitution to life detainment. The issue over which the death…...
Capital PunishmentDeath penaltyDeath Penalty Pros And Cons
Capital Punishment`s Moral Issue
Words • 812
Pages • 4
Pretty much every community in the world considers that the murder might be the one of the top-level crime that can be possibly committed. It is not discussed that the murderer should be punished. What is discussed is how the punishment should be? Most societies around the world see the murderers as someone deserves the highest punishment that there is and that is to say “Capital Punishment”.On the other hand, most of the others see life as something valuable and…...
Capital PunishmentDeath penaltyDeath penalty against
Gatsby: A Symbol of the American Dream
Words • 737
Pages • 3
The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald depicts the story of an anomalous millionaire, Jay Gatsby, told by Nick Carraway, Gatsby’s neighbor who works in Manhattan. Gatsby rose his social status through immoral methods for a “golden girl” Daisy Buchanan. This legendary novel illustrates how characters, such as Jay Gatsby, have an ardent obsession with the American Dream, the idea that anyone can attain their own version of happiness and success, regardless of social status. Through the figurative symbolism of the…...
American DreamThe Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby: An Analysis of the American Dream
Words • 2492
Pages • 10
The American Dream is an ideal that has been the key motive for many Americans from the beginning of literature. The American Dream has become corrupt through the trajectory of time due to materialistic objects. Normally, the dreamer aspires to obtain riches and leave behind the poverty they are accustomed to but they also dream of non-materialistic things such as love, popularity, and a possession of power through their journey. The dream has differentiated within different time frame, although it…...
American DreamThe Great Gatsby
The American Dream Is Freedom to Act
Words • 1600
Pages • 7
Many people have probably heard the expression “American Dream”. However, the majority of them do not know the proper definition of this term. They can only define it in a simple way: the American dream is to become successful, to be a master of one’s own destiny and to enjoy the freedom. This opinion is based on their different worldviews, sociological status, mental perception of the environment and time background. Before giving a proper definition of the American dream, it is important to go back to history. Abraham Lincoln- one of the American presidents who is the…...
American Dream
The American Dream and Its Origination
Words • 2066
Pages • 9
The American Dream originated in the early colonial days among poor immigrants who searched for opportunities in America, and those who believed in certain intangible rights, that were not granted in their home countries. The creators of the of the United States’ Declaration of Independence believed that “all men are created equal” and that each man is “endowed by their Creator with certain intangible rights,” including “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” It was these truths and beliefs stated…...
American DreamSocial Issues
The American Dream Not Reality
Words • 999
Pages • 4
The American Dream represents the growing materialistic desires, an important ideal of the 1920s . F. Scott Fitzgerald pursues the American Dream through his career as a writer and his wife, Zelda. Fitzgerald regards the American Dream as undesirable, problematic, and ultimately unachievable. Fitzgerald uses figurative language to show the American Dream’s undesirability. In the end, it does not make one happy. Daisy, who has the American Dream, shows the unhappy when Nick reflects on “what a grotesque thing a…...
American DreamThe Great Gatsby
The American Dream Not Reality
Words • 999
Pages • 4
The American Dream represents the growing materialistic desires, an important ideal of the 1920s . F. Scott Fitzgerald pursues the American Dream through his career as a writer and his wife, Zelda. Fitzgerald regards the American Dream as undesirable, problematic, and ultimately unachievable. Fitzgerald uses figurative language to show the American Dream’s undesirability. In the end, it does not make one happy. Daisy, who has the American Dream, shows the unhappy when Nick reflects on “what a grotesque thing a…...
American DreamThe Great Gatsby
The Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima
Words • 1999
Pages • 8
On December 7th, 1941 Japan attacked a United States naval base located in Hawaii. This would be known forever as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. At this point in time, the United States had not officially declared war against anyone. It caught America by surprise and exposed America’s unpreparedness for such a devastating assault. It’s likely this unpreparedness contributed to the United States’s rash decision of dropping two bombs in rapid succession in response to Pearl Harbor. The topic…...
Atomic BombAtomic Bombing Of Japan
Trinity: A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb
Words • 925
Pages • 4
The dropping of the first atomic bomb impacted everyone differently. Some say that it was for the better and others said it made things worse. The creation of such an atomic weapon has changed the world drastically in regards to warfare. This creation enabled multiple different countries to practice making models of their own, simply for the destruction of others. Not only did this bomb leave people scared, but it also killed hundreds of thousands along the way. The way…...
Atomic BombBooks
Dead Man Walking: Thoughts on the Death Penalty 
Words • 1558
Pages • 7
Dead man walking is what inmates on death row hear when they are taking their last walk of life before they are served their method of death penalty. But what lead them to that last walk? What crime could they have committed in order to be sentenced to murder? And what gives any person the right to sentence a person to losing their life? However, what gives a criminal the right to walk free without punishment? Life is full of…...
Capital PunishmentDeath penaltyDeath penalty against
The Federal Hand in the Abortion Dispute
Words • 1937
Pages • 8
In todays United States of America, the topic of abortion is a very heated subject. Whether people’s views on abortion are due to own personal or religious beliefs, constitutional rights or medical concerns, there seems to be a great divide amongst the population if abortion should be legal or illegal. Today, abortion is legal in all fifty states, however the legality of this topic isn’t so black and white. There has been major hurdles and changes over the last three…...
AbortionAmendmentSocial Issues
The Practice of Abortion
Words • 745
Pages • 3
You just found out you are pregnant and you are not sure if you should keep the baby. Part of you is not sure if you are mature enough to handle a baby, and the other part of you wants the baby. Everyday people have to face this hard decision. But more and more people are choosing the practice of abortion and it is becoming more common in our society. In fact, many are more accepting of abortions because it…...
AbortionSocial Issues
Abortion and Its Unethicality
Words • 2018
Pages • 9
Jane Kisonda was sadly a barren women for most of her life. In years past, she had terminated many pregnancies, even on her first time of testing positive. She now lives with the ongoing effect of those abortions. Resembling Jane, millions of women who get abortions damage themselves and the people around them. These women and their partners are not fully aware of the effect they can cause by terminating a birth. Abortion is unethical because it harms the mother’s…...
AbortionSocial Issues
Ethical Issues on Abortion
Words • 1039
Pages • 5
The issue of abortions for minor abnormalities and other special cases has continuously elicited debated over its legalization and how it can compromise the societal morals and ethics. The main proponents of these debates are religious institutions who back their arguments basing on rights and other factors. However, despite this uproar from some of the organizations and religious institutions, some countries have adopted laws that legalize abortions in some special cases. The common one is when the life of the…...
AbortionSocial Issues
Abortion on Teens Should Be Abolished
Words • 2296
Pages • 10
Am sure we have all heard of the girl meets boy story, where the girl falls in love with the boy despite receiving plenty of warnings and criticism from any person who has ever mattered in the girl’s life. Everything is merry and life is good for the girl until one day she realizes she has missed her period and rushes to her man’s home telling herself that everything will be okay. Reality checks in, hard, when the boy declines…...
AbortionTeenage Pregnancy
Abortion: Evil or Legal
Words • 1857
Pages • 8
If a mother kills her child, say her five year old son for example, she goes to jail. So, why do people believe that it is perfectly fine to execute an innocent, unborn child in the womb? The unborn child will never get to run around in a field on a sunny day or drink hot chocolate on a snowy day. It is inherently known that murder is wrong and should be illegal, but for some reason abortion is thought…...
AbortionSocial Issues
Abortion and the Right to Life
Words • 1135
Pages • 5
The argument about abortion, and whether or not it should be legal, has been a prevalent topic of controversy for decades. Abortion has always been a sensitive subject to discuss, as people are hard set in their viewpoint on the matter. The two viewpoints on whether or not abortion should be legal has divided society into two contradicting categories. While the abortion epidemic is not settled in our own country, I will be examining the viewpoints taken by Europeans and…...
AbortionSocial Issues
Abortion: Pro-Choice
Words • 1196
Pages • 5
Abortion is one of the most divisive topics in society and has been for many years. There are many parts to pro-choice whether people realize it or not. Women have every right to choose what she wants to do with her body for the next nine months whether she will save the fetus or abort it. Pro-life supporters do not consider what the mother goes through those nine months she will be carrying the fetus, they just label her as…...
AbortionSocial Issues
Abortion: A Woman’s Right to Choose
Words • 694
Pages • 3
One of the most controversial subjects a person can write about is a woman's right to choose to terminate her pregnancy. I'm going to write about this difficult topic, because  although it's a polarizing issue  it's an important one. While abortion is not something I encourage, it's a right I believe Americans should preserve for all women. In this essay, I will explain why preserving that right is a sensible, moral thing to do. People who disagree with me will…...
The Consequences of Choosing Abortion
Words • 601
Pages • 3
The am only writing the defence of innocent babies conceived through fonication only to be murdered by their own biological mothers through abortion. Abortion is another evil bedeviling our spinsters, robbing them of their future fruitfulness and happiness when finally married . Its already bad to fornicate but it's worse to abort (kill) You can't use a greater evil to hide a lesser crime . A foetus is a human even its a day old , “ thou shall not…...
Abortion: John Rawls vs. Robert Nozick
Words • 2056
Pages • 9
Abortion is a complicated debate that has been discussed throughout the years. When does the fetus become an actual person? Is it morally right to terminate a pregnancy? These are some of the questions that many females ask themselves when they are thinking about getting an abortion. This debate used to be a social issue, but situations and people change. Now abortion has become a political and moral issue, as well. An abortion can be classified as removing or terminating…...
The Problems and Risks of Abortion
Words • 2144
Pages • 9
Abortion is the most controversial issue having no grounds of agreement among two polar aspects. The argument is life and death. Abortion is morally wrong because it’s murder we are not the ones that can decide whether the person that a woman gives birth to should live or die. Abortion is a life or death matter, and there are supporters on both sides. Yet those supporters have one goal in common: decreasing the number of abortions and making abortion safer.…...
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A social issue (also called a social problem or a social situation) is an issue that relates to society’s perception of a person’s personal life. Different cultures have different perceptions and what may be “normal” behavior in one society may be a significant social issue in another society. Social issues are distinguished from economic issues. Some issues have both social and economic aspects, such as immigration. There are also issues that don’t fall into either category, such as wars.

List of social issues

Personal issues versus social issues

Personal issues are those that individuals deal with themselves and within a small range of their peers and relationships.[1] On the other hand, social issues threaten values cherished by widespread society.[1] For example, the unemployment rate of 7.8 percent[2] in the U.S. as of October 2012 is a social issue. The line between a personal issue and a public issue may be subjective, however, when a large enough sector of society is affected by an issue, it becomes a social issue. Although one person fired is not a social issue, the repercussions of 13 million people being fired is likely to generate social issues. Caste system

Caste system in India resulted in most oppressed Untouchables on earth for the past 3000 years. The United Kingdom recently banned the caste system [1] and the US is also planning to ban [2] the caste system.


Main article: Economic problem

Unemployment rates vary by region, gender, educational attainment and ethnic group. In most countries, including the developed countries many people are poor and depend on welfare. In Germany in 2007 one in six children depended on welfare. That is up from only one in one seventy twelve yes in 1965.[3] economy is undefined nowadays.[4]

Social disorganization

Main article: Social disorganization theory

So called problem neighbourhoods exist in many countries. Those neighbourhoods tend to have a high drop-out rate from secondary school and children growing up in a neighbourhood like this have a low probability of going to college compared to a person growing up in another neighbourhood. Abuse of alcohol and drugs is common. Often those neighbourhoods were founded out of best intentions.[5]

Age and the life course

Main article:


Throughout the life course there are social problems associated with different ages. One such social problem is age discrimination. An example of age discrimination is when a particular person is not allowed to do something or is treated differently based on age.


Main article: Social inequality

Inequality is “the state or quality of being unequal”.[6] Inequality is the root of a number of social problems where things such as gender, race and age may affect the way a person is treated. A past example of inequality as a social problem is slavery in America. Africans brought to America were often enslaved and mistreated, and did not share the same rights as the white population of America (ex. voting).

Education and public schools

Main article: Educational inequality

Education is arguably the most important skill in being a successful member of society, however there has not been an equal amount of distribution of funding to public schools.[7] The weak organizational policy in place and the lack of communication between public schools and the federal government has begun to have major affects on the future generation. Public schools that do not receive high standardized test scores are not being funded sufficiently to actually reach the maximum level of education their students should be receiving.[8]

Work and occupations

Social Problems in the workplace include theft, sexual harassment, wage inequality, gender inequality, racial inequality, health care disparities, and many more.


Media or outlets that publicize information often socially construct social problems. Depending on who owns the media outlet often determines the types of social problems presented, how long they are air, how dramatic they should be, etc. The media is often based towards one end of the spectrum; i.e. media outlets have been accused of either being too conservative or too liberal.

Health and medicine

Main article: Public health

Medication prescriptions have substantially risen in the past decade in our society. The question is whether these medications actually work or is it mind over matter. Studies have shown that placebos are almost as effective in helping with depression than antidepressants.[citation needed] Antidepressants are many of the pills that are being prescribed and make Americans even more addicted to medication because of the concept of taking the pills.[9]

Advertising junk food to children

The neutrality of this article is disputed. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please do not remove this message until the dispute is resolved. (April 2013) The food industry has been blamed by many for the increase in childhood obesity by targeting the child demographic in marketing. The food products marketed often are deemed unhealthy because of their high calorie, high fat, and high sugar contents.[10] In the advertisements the company’s have adjusted their ads to make them look much better, e.g. bigger, fresher, cleaner, smarter and much more. It was a main problem of all the world


Main article: Obesity

Obesity is a prevalent social problem in today’s society, with rates steadily increasing. According to the Weight Control Information Network, since the early 1960s, the prevalence of obesity among adults more than doubled, increasing from 13.4 to 35.7 percent in U.S. adults age 20 and older.[11] In
addition, today two in three adults are considered overweight or obese, and one in six children aged 6–19 are considered obese.

Alcohol and drugs

Drugs are at times the cause of social problems. Drugs such as cocaine and opiates offer very limited positive effects and are extremely addictive. Many users of such drugs will commit crimes in order to obtain their fix. Occasionally, drugs such as methamphetamine or encyclopedic will cause deviant and violent behavior, which would be classified as a social problem.[12] Drunk driving is on the rise and is the number two cause of accidental deaths, it is a cause of around 17,000 deaths each year. All but 9 states have adopted the Administrative License Revocation where if you are caught drinking and driving and found guilty you will lose your license for a full year. This is a step that is being taken in order to try to avoid the occurrence of this social problem.[13]

Crime and the justice system

The federal prison system has been unable to keep up with the steady increase of inmates over the past few years, causing major overcrowding. In the year 2012, the overcrowding level was 41 percent above “rated capacity” and was the highest level since 2004.[14] The federal prison not only has overcrowding, but also has been the center of controversy in the U.S regarding the conditions in which the prisoners are treated.

Environmental racism

Main article: Environmental racism

Environmental racism exists when a particular place or town is subject to problematic environmental practices due to the racial and class components of that space. In general, the place or town is representative of lower income and minority groups. Often, there is more pollution, factories, dumping, etc. that produce environmental hazards and health risks which are not seen in more affluent cities.

Hate crimes

Main article: Hate crime

Hate crimes are a social problem in the United States because they directly marginalize and target specific groups of people or specific communities based on their identities. Hate crimes can be committed as the result of hate-motivated behavior, prejudice, and intolerance due to sexual orientation, gender expression, biological sex, ethnicity, race, religion, disability, or any other identity.[15] Hate crimes are a growing issue especially in school settings because of the young populations that exist. The majority of victims and perpetrators are teenagers and young adults, the population that exists within educational institutions. Hate crimes can result in physical or sexual assaults or harassment, verbal harassment, robbery, or even in death.[16] The lasting effects of hate crimes can result in mental illness and in disorders such as depression, suicidal thoughts and behaviors, etc. The issue is a social problem because it is widespread and affects many of our communities and the individuals within them who do not fit the norm.

Valence issues versus position issues

A valence issue is typically a social problem that is uniformly agreed upon.[17] These types of issues generally generate a widespread consensus and provoke little resistance from the public. An example of a valence issue would be incest or child abuse.[18] Unlike a valence issue, a position issue typically outlines a social problem in which the popular opinion among society is divided.[18] An example of a position issue is vegetarianism or veganism, due to the lack of widespread consensus from the public.


Main article: Abortion

Abortion is split between individuals who are either pro-choice or pro-life. Pro-choice people believe that abortion is a right. They believe that women have that right and shouldn’t be prevented from exercising that right by governments. Pro-life people believe that person-hood begins at conception and they believe that abortion is the wrongful killing of an innocent person.[19]

Factors responsible for social problem

Social change

Social change refers to an alteration in the social order of a society. Social change may include changes in nature, social institutions, social behaviours, or social relations. What Is the Meaning of Social Disorganization?


Social disorganization is the inability of community members to come together to achieve goals or solve problems. Social disorganization usually refers to urban areas. It also usually refers to the poor.

What Is a Social Evil

A social evil is an issue which directly or indirectly affects members of a society and is considered a point of controversy or a problem in regards to moral values. Common social evils include racism, prostitution, domestic violence, child abuse, rape, pornography and corruption.

FAQ about Social Issues

Reasons to why Euthanasia Should be Legalized
...Euthanasia is the “deliberate, but painless, ending” of someone’s life (Treatments). Euthanasia can assist someone that has a terminal illness or someone who is in an endless irreversible coma to end their pain and suffering. Euthanasia is also...
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