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Public shaming dates back to a long time ago, however, it has evolved to a different kind of shaming. Long ago public shaming involved public hangings, whippings, and more.The main purpose of this was to teach criminals a lesson and exert social control. This was because back then religion and legal authority were the same thing. However, this type of shaming has been stopped and evolved because prison as a punishment is easier, religion is less prominent, we have rights, and we are more educated. Public shaming in today’s society now involves social media shaming and outrage which is fueled by the internet. Social media shaming is easy to do because the people doing the shaming are behind a screen and feel more secure.This type of publish shaming is more harmful because it causes people who are victims of public shaming to lose their jobs and hurt their reputation because everything stays in the internet for everyone to see. Once someone is part of public shaming even though it is by wrong judgement it will alway stay with them because the internet is powerful.

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