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Jim Hawkins: A Young Pirate
Words • 1847
Pages • 7
Stories about pirates are some of the interesting and clever stories to tell such as the Treasure Island. It is a classic story about a young pirate, written by Robert Louis Stevenson and published in 1883. It tells about the young boy, Jim Hawkins, who turned into a pirate with his crew searching for the treasure ("Treasure Island"). Robert Louis Stevenson was a famous Scottish author of travel and adventure books, but he also wrote fiction stories, essays and poems…...
PiratesTreasure Island
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Words • 686
Pages • 3
The book Pirates of the Caribbean, written by Irene Trimble is about the legend of a pirate ship called the Black Pearl its curse and the crews that fight for it. Jack Sparrow was once captain of the Black Pearl but now Barbossa is the captain. Jack and Will Turner are on a mission to take over the black pearl and save Elizabeth from Barbossa and his crew. Barbossa and his pirate crew are cursed. Because of the curse the…...
CaribbeanPiratesSparrowThe Pearl
Somali Pirates
Words • 1170
Pages • 5
Since Somalia’s government collapsed, there has been terror not only on the streets but also on the seas, and the fishermen that once fished along around Somalia’s coasts have lost their jobs. As Jeffery Gettleman writes in a article about Somalia’s coast; Nuclear power companies started to pay to have their nuclear waste taken to Somalia and dumped because it an easy way to get rid of nuclear waste. The waste hurt the fish population and the fishermen lost their…...
International RelationsPiracyPirates
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Pirates of Silicon Valley Movie Analysis
Words • 285
Pages • 2
The Pirates of Silicon Valley was more of a documentary movie where it talked about and followed the life of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, which were founders of Microsoft and Apple. The movie takes you through the process of how they started their respective personal computers and companies. Both guys were very intelligent individuals which they both knew so that’s why they worked together to lift both organizations. Greed, personality, and determination from Steve Jobs and Bill Gates brought…...
Branded? Fashion Counterfeiting
Words • 1039
Pages • 4
A lot of leisurely items to date have been somewhat remodeled or refashioned into something that is more cost-friendly for consumers. These are counterfeited items, more popularly known as “pirated” goods, which are illegal, as authorities would suggest. However, there are a growing number of consumers for pirated goods, especially in developing or underdeveloped countries; even developed countries have their share of consumers of pirated goods. In the fashion industry, most apparels (e.g., T-shirts, pants, blouses, etc.) and textiles are…...
Monkey D. Luffy Character Analysis
Words • 571
Pages • 3
This paper will discuss Luffy and his extraverted personality. Monkey D. Luffy is an imaginary character and the primary character of the One Piece manga and anime produced by Eiichiro Oda. One Piece is currently showing in Japan weekly. Luffy is introduced as a young boy whose body gains the properties of rubber after he consumes a supernatural fruit called the Gum Fruit. After eating the fruit when he was seven, Luffy's body ended up being like a rubber and…...
Pirates of Silicon Valley Paper
Words • 782
Pages • 3
Computers, it’s what our world revolves around now both inside and outside of the classroom. Has one ever wondering who created this gadget? Where did this computer come from? These questions are answered in the movie Pirates of the Silicon Valley. The movie Pirates of Silicon Valley portrays how Steve Jobs and Apple got started and how Bill Gates and Microsoft got started. The movie is told through the viewpoint from people that worked with both Steve Jobs and Bill…...
The Pirate’s Legend
Words • 1347
Pages • 5
It is a well-known fact that piracy is rather romanticized nowadays, however according historic kept in mind pirates always intimidated the world's seas killing innocent individuals and robbing wealthy merchants. In fact, pirates were the only guys people were afraid of so much. Individuals intimidating the seas were called pirates, privateers and buccaneers. The notorious pirates were Jean Lafitte, Ann Bonny, Black Sam Bellamy, Stede Bonnet, and Bartholomew Roberts. These names are declared to be some of the most feared…...
“Pankration”: Nicasylus changes Throughout the Novel
Words • 512
Pages • 2
Throughout the novel Pankration, Nicasylus changes dramatically. Nicasylus was only considerate of himself and was very selfish; by the end of the novel he was kind, caring, unselfish and self-reliant. Nicasylus becomes less selfish through the novel, he faces his fears and learns to fend for himself and not rely on others as much. Throughout Nicasylus journey he becomes less selfish. Nicasylus starts out as a boy living in Athens who can have slaves do his every command. When the…...
Movie Review: Pirates of Silicon Valley
Words • 679
Pages • 3
PIRATES OF SILICON VALLEY I. Introduction Computers are what give colors to our lives right now. Without it, we are nothing but dust in the wind. Have you ever wondered where it came from or who are the persons behind the gadgets you are using right now? Also wondered, how did they get into it? There are many questions that answered by this movie. II. Summary The first scene shows that Steve Jobs (Noah Wyle) was completely different from Steve…...
Movie ReviewPiratesTechnology
The Treaty of Waitangi: Significance and Controversy
Words • 1627
Pages • 6
The signing of the Treaty of Waitangi is a very significant event that has led to what New Zealand is today. It gave Europeans and Maoris a common ground to live as one. It is one of the most significant events in New Zealand as it still has an impact on people today, nearly 200 years after the event. This will argue on many topics but will highlight on the unfairness of the Treaty, how it lead to controversy, and…...
Culture DiversityHistoryNew ZealandPirates
Pirates of Silicon Valley
Words • 1431
Pages • 6
1. How would you describe both Jobs’ and Gates’ innovation process? a. Internal: An innovation process must have a defined goal, mission, and vision to keep the innovation competitive and successful. A firm should start with internal planning and move on to the execution of their innovation once goals and objectives have been defined. Steve Jobs was a rebel who built illegal blue boxes and spent his youthful energies pulling pranks that repeatedly got him suspended from high school. He…...
InnovationOperating SystemPirates
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