Monkey D. Luffy Character Analysis

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This paper will discuss Luffy and his extraverted personality. Monkey D. Luffy is an imaginary character and the primary character of the One Piece manga and anime produced by Eiichiro Oda. One Piece is currently showing in Japan weekly. Luffy is introduced as a young boy whose body gains the properties of rubber after he consumes a supernatural fruit called the Gum Fruit. After eating the fruit when he was seven, Luffy’s body ended up being like a rubber and it extends however he wishes to.

Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and he has a long goal of ending up being the Pirate King by discovering the legendary treasure left behind by the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. According to Miserandino, “Extraversion, is contrasted with Introversion and explain how one “surges” or energetically engages with the social world” (2012, p. 36). Luffy has an extraverted character since he has an extreme thirst for experience, which is the primary reason why he desires to be Pirate King, and he thinks that the Pirate King has the a lot of liberty for adventure in the entire ocean.

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Luffy is a really friendly person, particularly if you provide him a great deal of meat, and making genuine good friends truly quick. Luffy does not care about the person’s past and when a person becomes his crewmate and even a good friend he safeguards and safeguard them even if it eliminates him. Whenever Luffy beats an antagonist or enemy there’s always a feast provided by the good friends he help.

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Throughout the feast, Luffy always want to have a good time with his good friends and other individuals.

He will make jokes and tricks during the banquet making everybody happy. Luffy is also an extremely favorable individual and does not appreciate what people consider him as long as he reaches his objective of becoming the Pirate King and to have lots of adventure. There’s this one moment when Luffy stand firm in front of the guy, who fought with Gol D. Roger and thought about the greatest individual, and he states with confidence and really strong that he is the one that’s going to be the Pirate King.

When talking about being active and energetic person, Luffy is one of those. He always wants to have fun and do things like fishing, catching insects or exploring jungles. Luffy always wants to go to an island that some of his crew finds it really dangerous but for him it is excitement and he believes that they are going to have an exciting adventure. And when his crew feels lonely or at lost, Luffy as the captain of the ship encourages them to have a positive attitude and never lose hope.

With this I can say that Luffy has high self-esteem and he is a very extravert person because he always wants to go out and to have lots of adventure in ocean. He is warmth and accepts a person whatever that person’s past is. He is gregarious that he wants to have fun with his friends. He is assertive that he always says boldly that he going to be the Pirate King. He is active and an excitement-seeker that he always wants to go to an unexplored islands. And he has a positive emotion that he always gives hope to his crew and which is why he has the title of the captain.

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