Reflection Paper In Philosophy Of Man

I found out that the written article (Existentialism and man’s search for meaning) by Eduardo Jose E. Calasanz are incredibly fascinating and mind blowing. As Aristotle quoted “all men desire to know.” And as one entity quench for knowledge about the mystery of our embodiment. Calasanz spread to us the table of an unsophisticated and different tenet of the classical and the modern philosophers. Admittedly, I do not agree to the philosophers about their theories in such that it is hard to believe to their theories because of lack of sense and feasible proof but even if I do not believe to the great philosophers I still consider Gabriel Marcel’s tenet to be the most outstanding among the six philosophers have mention in the Article.

She said that the existence of life to human in answering the question “for what I am living for”. To able me to defend my own opinion, I will relate this Gabriel Marcel’s theory to my own story of life.

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I am always asking to myself “for whom am I living for?” and “who are the person who am I live with?” I study here at University of Makati for me to fulfill my dream to become a teacher someday but the real question is for who am I living for? For studying more? For me to be able to reach my goals in life. I think yes, because if I do not study right not I will not able to achieve my goals and I will stay as I am right now.

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Standing and sitting here in our house waiting for some grace to come. to depend on others who are in capacity to support me and depend to the people that I know never live me even if I do not do something to change my life But if I study, I can able to fulfill it and share my knowledge to the other people. I can be independent on my own. I can have a permanent job that may support all my expenses and able buy anything all that I want. This dream of mine may help also my family in terms of financial. I know that dream of mine is very hard to reach but I will strive more and face the challenges in life, I can achieve the goal that I wanted to achieve and that is to become a teacher.

And after reading this article, I consider myself as existentialist thinker because I have characteristics that the existentialism have. For example, existentialist thinkers attempt to philosophize from the standing point of an actor rather than of specters just like me that can stand whatever the situation is. Even we do not have money to support my studies I strive to find a job that will support my studies and after finding the job, I talk to myself “you do the right thing to fulfill your dreams good job”.

There are more characteristics of a existentialist thinkers that may help their way of thinking something about something but the real thing is if this characteristics may help the other people the way they think. I think yes, because this is a guide to the people in handling their own problems in life. For an instance, a student that are hardly to understand mathematics. The student always got lower scores in their quizzes and examinations in mathematics. the student realize that his/her score is very low and the grade that he/she may got is very low. So he/she study hard and make the difficult thing more easier and finally he got a high grade because he/she strive to study hard and get his/her goal and that is to got a high grades in Mathematics.

Phenomenology of love

When we hear the word “Love” we always think that is relationship but if we will see in our environment, all the people that we belong with even the people that we hate much is what you call Love. If you are asking me why? I will answer it like this. No among us never felt that they did not feel that they are in love or we are being love by other. Even when we are in womb of our mother, our parents are very excited to see us, they are so careful on what they do specially our mothers to make us being safe. After we given birth all the people that surrounds us are very happy and that is the sign of love. And after so many years, their are so many people that express to us how love it is? Even our enemy, we able to express love to them even we hate them we already express them love by giving them mercy when they do wrong and that is the sign of love. But when the philosophers spoke about they are so incredible.

For an instance, a famous Book Publisher Erich Fromm write a book “the Art of Loving”. In his book, He says that the popular notion of love at the present is “Falling in Love” but there are also reasons that I have read in the article. First the “Love is equated with Romance”; love has something to do with romance. Because love without romance is just like you are holding a match box without match stick. The match box there will never spark without that match stick. Second is the Love is a many splendored thing, love can do many things just what had said in the song “ I can do anything for love”. All of us can do something that can make our love once a certain happiness and enjoyment when they see us. And the last one is “love hurts”, no one in the world are experience that they are not felt hurt after they are in love. Many of us experience being hurt by the person that we love.

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