Perception Essay Topics

Perceptions of The Trayvon Martin Shooting

The Trayvon Martin shooting is a perfect case of intercultural communication involving racial perceptions. In this case Trayvon Martin was shot and killed because of his suspicious behavior and what he was wearing. This made national news and was associated with a hate crime. During the night of February 26, 2012 George Zimmerman was running… View Article

Genetically modified organism

?Abstract Using survey data from surveys conducted online and face-to-face interviews, this report examines whether labeling of Genetically Modified (GM) Produce would affect consumer demand for produce in local supermarkets. Two indicators that are thought to affect consumer demand are studied: level of understanding and perception of GM produce. Several factors are thought to affect… View Article

Theories Of Representation

They say two heads are better than one and I suppose, having two codes to represent knowledge is more advantageous than just relying on one code. Visual and verbal codes of representations enable the mind to have a more vivid memory of the information or concept that needs to be recalled (Kosslyn, Ganis & Thompson,… View Article

Theories Of Perception

How the mind works during perception have been one of the mysteries of the mind. Cognitive psychology is involved in the investigation and the understanding of behaviors that is caused by cognitive functioning. If developmental psychology had to deal with the nature-nurture debate, the theories of perception are generally conceived either as a bottom-up approach… View Article

The Function and Process of Perception

The function and process of perception can vary depending on a particular state of consciousness. Normal waking consciousness is a mental state that encompasses the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions that occur when we are awake and reasonably alert (Morris & Maisto, 2010, p. 123). Since this state of mind expires after an amount of time,… View Article


Perception is one of the factors which influences effective interpersonal communication and helps a person to acquire knowledge about phenomena and events. Perception can be described as the process of integrating new information with previously held knowledge based on the prier knowledge activated at the time of processing. J Wood (2003) describes perception as dynamic… View Article

Perception and Learning

Learning and Perception are intertwined. They are relatively connected with each other. When we say Learning, it is a term used referring to a relatively permanent change in behavior that is a result of past experience or practice. It includes classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and perceptual learning. While Perception on the other hand, is a… View Article

We See and Understand Things Not as They Are but as We Are

This essay will attempt to show that the title claim is correct. In order to do this an analysis will be made to show how ways of knowing such as sense perception, emotion and reason have an impact on how the knower perceives reality and the world. This task will be carried out while taking… View Article

Optic Flow

The study of optic flow becomes much more complicated when the movement of an observer towards a surface or object is not straight on. In fact, even in the more straightforward condition of straight ahead condition, Gibson’s mathematical analysis was wrong. In situations when, for example, we are walking or driving, it is commonly necessary… View Article

Perception And Sensation

Methods Participants   The subjects of this experiment will be ten undergraduate psychology students between the age of 18 and 60 years and will include both males and females. The participation is voluntary with no incentives provided. In addition to that the inclusion criteria included that the participants will not have had surgery that has… View Article

Igno – Management of Human Resources

1.“Borderless world, Diversity Management, and Knowledge power, are some of the overarching factors being encountered by the Human Resource Mangers of 21st century business world”. How do they affect the dynamics of Human Resource Management in today’s organizations? Explain with examples from the organization you are familiar with or have been working for. Briefly describe… View Article

Professional Vision

The article “Professional Vision” by Charles Goodwin presented an interesting argument in demonstrating how perception can be constructed and developed in different contexts among different individuals or groups of people. In his discussion, Goodwin looked at two scenarios wherein perspective was influenced by three elements: coding schemes, highlighting, and articulation of graphic representations.  Ultimately, his… View Article

Losing One’s Touch and Feeling

While others consider that losing their sense of sight or hearing would most impair how they deal with the world; I believe that losing my sense of touch would bring the most disastrous consequences, not only to me but to all living things.             The organ which most figures in the sense of touch is… View Article

The creation of a particular system

(1) The creation of a particular system – the perception system, creates an avenue for individuals to make and differentiate objects and things. “The answer is that the perceptual system makes assumptions about the way objects in the world usually look so we can resolve the ambiguity of figures such as the square” (Willingham, 2007,… View Article

Object recognition and visual perception

What role does experience play in object recognition and visual perception? Be sure to   include a specific example from your experience? Experience plays vital role in object recognition, when we recognize object by sense organs, the whole data of product saved in the mind as the shadow of object, it will again come in the… View Article

Process Documentation: Creating a Flowchart for PI Badge Manufacturing

In this reflection paper I will be reflecting on the process documentation assignment that involved creating a flowchart for the PI Badge Manufacturing Company (PIBMC). I personally have created a flowchart for the revenues and cash receipts part of the company and have reviewed two other flowcharts representing manufacturing and purchases. The two main points… View Article

The Mind’s Eye

Seeing with My Eyes Wide Shut Perception is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. Building from the last essay on “The Eyes of the Skin” we can conclude that to absorb all our surroundings we need to use our senses in conjunction with one another. But what happens when we lose our sense of… View Article

Sensory Perceptions

Three reasons for believing in the accuracy or inaccuracy of sensory information is perception, interpretation, and knowledge. Perception is our sensory experience of the world around us and involves both the recognition of environmental stimuli and actions in response to these stimuli (Bagley, 2004). Through the perceptual process, we gain information about properties and elements… View Article

Double Indemnity

“Double Indemnity” is a film that not only explores the mindset of Walter Neff, but also the mindset of the United States in the 1940s. Both are punctuated by a dejected, pessimistic outlook, and both feel victim to factors beyond their control: Walter’s a victim of Phyllis, and the U.S. was a victim of the… View Article

Nature and Nature in Cognitive Development

Why are both nature and nurture important in perceptual development? How do both help a baby’s brain and sensory organs to develop?  The question of whether nature or nurture is more important in terms of perceptual development has bee long debated. In general, there are two theories that explain how humans develop these perceptions. The… View Article

The Market for Separately Ticketed Suits

1Versatility refers to the ability to mix-and-match items after the purchase. 2Traditional suits have low versatility as they are expected to be worn as a ‘whole’ suit (or uniform). 2. The traditional suit (TS) customer is different than the target customer for high-quality separates (HQS), as they have distinct preferences and exhibit different behavior. Firstly,… View Article

Sensorial Materials an Essential Part of the Prepared Environment

Why are sensorial materials an essential part of the prepared environment and how does the sensorial materials assist the child in his explorations of the world? Undeniably sensorial materials play a prominent, positive and profound influence to help the child in his exploration of the world around. In the early nineteenth century, the British romantic… View Article

Sensation Perception and Attention

Sensation, perception, and attention are crucial when working in a learning team. What we sense, how we perceive, and how attentive we are to the task at hand are all extremely important. What we sense will not always be the same thing. How we perceive an assignment or how we perceive each other will differ…. View Article

Way of Knowing: Perception

Perception is defined as, “The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. ” To understand our world, we are at the mercy of our 5 senses. We do not have any idea what truth is outside of the those 5 senses. Everything we see is subjective and truth is no… View Article

Perception Definition

Meaning: Perception refers to the way we try to understand the world around us. Definition: Perception is the process by which an individual selects, organizes and interprets stimuli into a meaningful and coherent picture. Perception can also be defined as the process by which an individual selects, organizes and interprets stimuli into a meaningful and… View Article

10 Mary Street (Extended Response)

The positive and negative consequences of failing to belong or being socially accepted are evident in Skrzynecki’s poetry. Demonstrate your understanding of both aspects by reference to 10 Mary Street and another Skrzynecki poem set for study. In your response, close textual detail must be used to show understanding for varied conceptual ideas associated with… View Article

The concept of truth and perception

The concept of ‘truth’ versus ‘perception’ can be observed in nearly all aspects of life. What is the truth these days; in newspaper articles, current affair shows or stories that a friend is telling you, is it truth or is it a version of the truth? The complexities inherent in this concept of ‘truth’ versus… View Article

College Student

As a student nurse, I was working in a student assignment group, where we were to make a project for a presentation on “Breast Cancer”. We had four persons in our group. On our meeting day, one of our group members did not come to our group meeting and she also did phone none of… View Article

Constructivism Theory

Constructivism is a communication theory that seeks to explain individual differences in the ability to communicate skillfully. Jesse Delia and his associates at the University of Illinois initially developed the theory of constructivism in the communication discipline during the 1970s (Delia, O’Keefe, & O’Keefe, 1982). Those who developed the constructivist approach to human communication were… View Article

Perceptual system

It has been found that our perceptual system respond to perceptual symbols as a means of making sense of information, it is not a unified center in the brain, rather it is a complex and integrated process which is affected by focus of attention, knowledge and memory, and emotional evaluation (Sekuler & Blake, 2001). Focus… View Article