Are some ways of knowing more likely to lead to the truth?

Discovering the truth may proceed in different ways. Depending on the circumstances or the aim of “research”, one of the four ways of knowing may be used: emotion, perception, reason or language. Usually, they may be also used together, as far as some of them, at least in my opinion, are very related. Discussing the “efficiency” of WOK in leading to the truth, I think none of them is better or worse. Each has different features, strengths and limitations. However, used together may provide us very closely, or even fully to the truth.

Every belief is based on some knowledge. So the processes of acquainting the knowledge influence leading to the truth. Referring to the first WOK, perception, at first I would say, it is the basic way of recording the external world. By senses, people see, feel, hear everything around, seemingly as it is. However, thinking of the perception more deeply, it is not that objective as it seems to be.

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The process of becoming aware of the reality is often selective- people see what they what to see; also all the observations and then conclusions are interpreted, basing on one’s experiences. This make the perception as WOK quite difficult to lead to any general, public truth.

Focusing on the second aspect, emotion, I find this way of knowing very related to the previously mentioned. Perceiving of the external world raise emotions, even the smallest, shape thoughts, influence behavior. And this make the perception obviously subjective and sometimes may also limit discovering the only truth.

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Third WOK, reason somehow affects the knower and prompt him to discover particular knowledge. This kind of “motivation” probably will involve anyone in the truth-research and therefore, depending actually on the kind of used sources, we are more likely to find the truth- because usually there is something external that make us to do so.

Eventually, the language that play an important role in knowing. Through the symbols, different meanings, words we perceive most of the reality. I would say it’s a kind of tool used in every sphere of human’s life, including of course the three rest of ways of knowing.

After short analysis of the four ways of knowing, I came up with the conclusion that actually all of them are integral parts of the gaining knowledge process. Therefore, answering the topic question, I think that people are the most likely to find the truth using all the WOK. Separately, they may focus on different aspects, parts of any truth, but together they may create a coherent idea, that develops as an objective, mutual truth.

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Are some ways of knowing more likely to lead to the truth?

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