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Operating System Essay Examples

Essay on Operating System

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Operating System

1. What is the application Zenmap GUI typically used for? Describe a scenario in which you would use this type of application. Zenmap is an application that is used to scan ports for networks. A scenario where it can be used is to scan the ports of a network to know exactly which ports are opened or closed thus allowing a network administrator to reduce the vulnerability of its network. 2. Which application is used for Step 2 in the…...

The P.A.T.C.H. Assessment scale

For this assignment you will finish the P.A.T.C.H. Assessment scale. YOU DO NOT REQUIRED TO SEND THE REAL EVALUATION. You will use the evaluation to respond to the following questions: What was your personal rating on the P.A.T.C.H. evaluation? Do you concur with this rating, or do you feel basically comfy with computer systems than your score suggests? Support your response. My rating on the P.A.T.C.H assessment was 78.5/ 100. I agree with this rating and the analysis supplied for…...

Operating system with inputs, transformation process and outputs

The operating system that I have actually selected is a specific service operation: the realisation of a music show. As every other organisation that produce products or services, it has an accurate os, made up by a variety of inputs, a change process and a last output. INPUTS - We must compare 2 various type of resources: changed resources, that are the resources dealt with and changed in some method, and changing resources, that are the resources that act upon…...

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Multi User Operating Systems

An operating system is a set of software programs, which manage computer hardware in a controlled fashion. The operating system controls the file-system, process management, memory management and peripherals. Multi-user operating systems are used on large mainframe computers. A mainframe computer system has one very powerful processing unit, which may contain many microprocessors. Many users will all share this processing unit. They use terminals (a keyboard and a monitor) to access the mainframe computer. A multi-user operating system lets more…...

History and development of Operating Systems

At first, computers lacked any form of operating system. The computer user had sole use of the machine. The user would arrive at the machine armed with his or her program and data, often on punched paper tape. The program would be loaded into the machine, and then the machine set to work, until the program stopped. Later, computers came with libraries of support code which were linked to the user's program to assist in operations such as input and…...

Network Operating System

A Network Operating System is an operating system that includes special functions for connecting computers and devices into a network. The term network operating system, however, is generally reserved for software that enhances a basic operating system by adding networking features. Network operating system implements protocol stacks as well as device drivers for networking hardware. This paper will identify the Domain Name Server (DNS), Web Server, Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS), and the Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS). Domain Name…...

Open vs Closed Sources in Operating System

There have been numerous issues when it concerns discussing and open vs. closed source in operating systems. Numerous argue their distinctions and developers attempt to pin point the defects and advantages of each. I will evaluate and notify the benefits and drawbacks of open vs. closed sources in an operating system. There are many kinds of different open and closed sources. With that numerous concerns get here such as cash, use and security of the software application. First let's start…...

The Computerized System

Introduction This chapter entails the theories and terminologies used by the proponents to build and design the computerized system. A theoretical framework is a collection of interrelated concepts. A theoretical framework consists of concepts together with their definitions and existing theories that are used for your particular study. The Theoretical Framework must demonstrate an understanding of theories and concepts that are relevant to the topic of the research. [THEFR] The Purpose of Point of Sale System with Inventory System for…...

Microsoft's Diversification Strategy in Business

1. Why did Microsoft, the most successful computer software company, choose to remedy its strategic disarray? Microsoft is a multinational computer technology corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services related to computing. The company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975. Microsoft is the world's largest software maker measured by revenues. It is also one of the world's most valuable companies. However, after a…...

Operating system

Operating system (OS) is a system program that acts as a means of communication with the computer hardware by controlling input output devices and allowing application programs to be run under it. Hence, OS may be termed as an interface between the computer system and the user. There are many operating systems that are in common use on the Internet, but the significant ones are: Windows, UNIX, OS X and Linux. These operating systems are the dominant ones in business…...

Introduction to Operating System

An operating system (OS) is simply a program that manages the hardware components of a computer (Silberschatz, Gagne and Galvin). It acts as a middle man between the user and the hardware. Different operating system is developed for different types of system, from mainframes up to personal computers and embedded systems. Some of the most popular current operating systems in the market are Microsoft’s Windows, Linux and Mac OS. An operating system exhibits a great deal of complexity, thus, must…...

Operating System Installation

1. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this guide is to train future internal computer support department staff of the DataMax, Inc. Corporation. From hence forward, the name for that internal computer support department shall be “DataMax® Internal Department for Computer Support (DIDCS). Here at DataMax®, we currently utilize the Windows operating systems of Windows 2000, Windows XP, ,Windows 7. However, we require DIDCS staff to have comprehensive knowledge of a great many operating systems. Over the course of this training guide…...

Operating Systems

Interfaces that are graphical in nature are known either as Graphical User Interfaces(GUI) or WIMP interfaces (Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointer). Typically, these types of interfaces are available in multi-programming environments or in applications software that involve a considerable degree of complexity. In a GUI, there are: A 'window' for each open application. Many windows can be open at the same time but only one window can be active at any one time. There may be some way of indicating…...

The Battle Of Operating Systems

The battle of operating systems has always been a personal choice for the user, whether it be Mac, UNIX, Windows or even Novell most computer users will have a preference. Being the default operating system for the majority of computer users, Microsoft Windows has the favourable trait of familiarity, however the Linux operating system from UNIX has always been highly regarded and this essay seeks to evaluate both systems against each other in an attempt to find the better. The…...

Operating System Used by Apple

Rivalry amongst competing firms Apple is in the unique situation that it has its own proprietary operating system and only used by Apple. So although the competition is fierce for customers, it is a different type of battle for Apple than for others such as Samsung, Google or Microsoft. Apple does face stiff competition but it is in the battle for use-case preference. The Android or Windows OS is different than the Apple iOS and consumers make a choice as…...

A Brief History of Operating Systems

A History of Operating Systems To understand and to be prepared for the future of computer support it helps to know the history of operating systems. The operating system is the software that links the user to the computer’s hardware. Early mainframes (the predecessor of the personal computer) did not use an operating system. Programs were loaded onto the mainframe by paper punch cards, magnetic or paper tape. The user would start the program and wait for the program to…...

Course Operating systemsTitle Memory and Memory ManagementAuthor Abigail SyanwaAdmission Number 99270Lecturer Mr

Course: Operating systemsTitle: Memory and Memory ManagementAuthor: Abigail SyanwaAdmission Number: 99270Lecturer: Mr. Philip Neri AbstractMemory management is a very important function in operating systems because any program execution requires us to put the program in the memory. (Hayes, 1998)Memory is a very important but finite resource; therefore, the aim is to optimize its use.This means that at no given time, should a program occupy the memory if it is not executing or waiting to be executed in the near future.When…...

Hyper-v technical paper

Abstract Cloud computing is the hottest area of research these days, parallel to another important concept in the development of hardware and software, virtualization technology. In this research paper, we will discuss the creation and operation of a virtual machine on baremetal hypervisors, its role in cloud computing before and after virtualization, a brief view of baremetal hypervisor. The phrase "bare- metal client hypervisor" is a mouthful, but one IT execs should get used to saying in the coming years.…...

Assignment 1 01 2019

CSC633 OPERATING SYSTEMSASSIGNMENT 1 (Weighting 15%)DUE DATE: 22/03/19-19685280035 Date: 22-3-2019 Total: 35 marks Define operating system. ( 1 mark)Operating system- is a computer program that manages the computer or allows the user to run applications on the computer. Example: keyboard, mouse, printer, and monitors. Explain with the help of a diagram the components of a computer system and their interactions. (5 marks)Input unit- is utilized for exchanges' raw Data and control signals into the data handling framework by the client…...

ZFS & BTRFS Filesystems Analysis

2) Results: Postmark's tests were repeated three times and averaged. It showed that EXT4 performed well for file sizes greater than 1KB and BTRFS was best for file sizes lesser than 1KB. Bonnie++'s result indicated that EXT4 was best in all tests. The author made a remark that performance was not up to the bar as guest OS was not working in native conditions. V. ANALYSIS FOR THE GROWING DEMAND OF STORAGE A. Performance Evaluation of ZFS and LVM (with…...

BSD Operating System Analysis

BSD is one of two major branches of the Unix operating system. BSD, which stands for “Berkeley Standard Distribution”, was first developed in a partnership between University of California, Berkeley and Bell Laboratories during the late 1970s (Bretthauer, 2002, 5). The BSD operating system was the first operating system to be distributed with its source code, first through a high-priced code license from AT&T (Bretthauer, 2002, 5). The development of TCP/IP and its integration into BSD led to a push…...

Comparison Of Linux And Windows Operating Systems Computer Science Essay

Linux and windows runing systems are package with plans and information needed to run and supervise the computing machine plans. An operating system is one of the most of import computing machine plans which a computing machine can non run without them. Even though they are both of import for computing machine plans, Linux and Windowss are two different runing systems and they have different characteristics which fundamentally differentiates them. ( Web msdn.microsoft.com, online ) [ 26th September 2010 ]…...

Explain The Purpose Of Operating Systems Computer Science Essay

The intent of an operating system ( OS ) is to set up and pull off hardware every bit good as package in order that the device it is located in performs good in a supple and expected mode. The OS is the ab initio loaded on a computing machine ; if the OS is non included so the computing machine is hopeless. The OS is important package required to trip plans every bit good as grip informations and files…...

File Management In Operating Systems Computer Science Essay

File direction is forming and maintaining path of files and booklets. It helps you stay organised so information is easy to turn up and utilize. Using the file direction tools, you can salvage files in booklets with appropriate names so these files can be found or identified easy, make new booklets rapidly for acknowledgment of information, delete unneeded files and booklets, hunt for files and booklets, create cutoffs of files for speedy entree and compress files and booklets to salvage…...

Importance Of Unix As An Operating System Computer Science Essay

An operating system ( OS ) is package on a computing machine that manages the manner different plans use its hardware, and regulates the ways that a user controls the computing machine. There are two types of Operating Systems. With a command-line operating system as an illustration DOS, you type a text bid and the computing machine responds harmonizing to that bid. When it comes to graphical user interface ( GUI ) runing system such as Windows, you interact with…...

Intro to Operating System

To understand three operating systems, you must first know what an operating system is. An operating system is software that controls the computer. It manages hardware, run applications, provides’ an interface for uses, stores, retrieves files. Here are three operating systems DOS, Windows 2000, and Linux. DOS, which is a disk operating system was the first OS within IBM computers. DOS was the operating system utilized by early versions of Windows including Windows 3. and 3. 11. Next you have…...

Mac OS X is the world's most advanced operating system.

Operating SystemsMac OSThe official site of Apple Inc. sums up the Mac OS in the undermentioned words:`` Mac OS X is the universe 's most advanced operating system. Built on a rock-solid UNIX foundation and designed to be simple and intuitive, it 's what makes the Mac advanced, extremely secure, compatible, and easy to utilize. Quite merely, there is nil else like it. ''Introduction: Mac OS is the operating system developed by Apple Inc specifically for their Macintosh line of…...

Memory Management In Distributed Operating Systems Computer Science Essay

Rainbow OS [ 1 ] is a transactional distributed memory operating system for PC-clusters, designed for 64-Bit multicore architecture. Rainbow OS is wholly implemented in Java and compiled into native codification with a particular compiler [ 4 ] . Therefore, Rainbow OS offers non merely system but besides application programmers the advantages of a type safe linguistic communication at the same time giving them a fast runtime public presentation. The design of Rainbow OS provides two memory direction grounds which…...

Network And Operating System Computer Science Essay

Subnetting: Partss of a Network are called subnetwork or subnet consisting of host machines. And spliting a web into smaller and manageable pieces called subnetting. Subnet Numbers: All of the IP references are 32-bit long and have a subnet field known as subnet Numberss. The spots that are designated with the web spots give the needed sum of subnet plants.So harmonizing to this IP reference with the web reference of the subnet mask is As it demoing…...

Operating System Environments Available In Smart Computer Science Essay

Presents nomadic devices are multi-functional devices capable of hosting a wide scope of applications for both concern and consumer usage. Mobile phones besides use runing system as computing machines. Operating system is the package platform on top of which other plans run. When purchase a nomadic device, there is a specific operating system to the device and maker will hold chosen it. The operating system is responsible for finding the maps and characteristics available on your device, such as thumbwheel,…...

Real Time Operating Systems And Scheduling Techniques Computer Science Essay

Abstract- this paper will discourse and give an penetration into Real Time Operating Systems ( RTOS ) . What is required and what is needed to be considered when planing a RTOS will be discussed. The features involved in planing a RTOS system will besides be mentioned as these features will find whether a RTOS is efficient, fast, dependable or merely hapless.The programming techniques will be explored. What algorithms are available for RTOS and which are most normally used in…...

Red Hat Linux Operating System Computer Science Essay

Red Hat Linux is an unfastened beginning and a massive operating system. The ruddy chapeau Linux is introduced by ruddy chapeau endeavor. The basic intent of printing the ruddy chapeau is to do it available commercially and their basic purpose is to the mainframes.History OF RED HAT LINUX:Red hat linux 1.0 was released in the twelvemonth of 1994. It was the first Linux to utilize the RPM bundle director. The term RPM refers to two thingsSoftware Package file formatSoftware packaged…...

Self-healing Operating Systems

AT&T has much strengths and weaknesses and threats as an organization. This SWOT will serve as a tool for identifying alternative strategies for the organization and help define a growth plan. AT&T is a corporate business, their global headquarters is located in Dallas Texas, and the current chief executive officer (CEO) is Randall L. Stephenson. For more than a century they have consistently provided innovative, reliable high quality products and services and excellent customer care. They are recognized as the…...

The Windows Xp Operating System Computer Science Essay

Windows XP is one of the most accessible versions of any Microsoft operating system. It is built on the Windows NT meat and architecture and it is the first consumer-oriented operating system. Therefore, this paper is a survey of Windows XP and Linux will be used to compare with Windows XP, owing to that Linux is an operating system that can be installed on a assortment of computing machine hardware and there are over 3,200 developer from 200 companies contributed…...

Types Of Operating Systems Computer Science Essay

An operating system, or OS, is a package plan that enables the computing machine hardware to pass on and run with the computing machine package. Without a computing machine runing system, a computing machine would be useless.In calculating. runing system ( OS ) linked between hardware and user, which is responsible for the direction and coordination of activities and the sharing of the resources of a computing machine, that acts as a host for calculating applications run on the machine.…...

Windows Server 2008 And Operating Systems Computer Science Essay

Windows Server 2008, released in April 2008, is the replacement of the already well-established Windows Server 2003. The engineering alterations in calculating subjects such as the release of Windows Vista and 7 should bespeak that this new operating system could present some major alterations, in comparing to its predecessor.This study introduces Windows Server 2008 and attempts to place and explicate its new characteristics and functionality betterments. Throughout this paper, those facets will be compared, where possible, with those belonging to…...

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