Operating system Essay Topics

The Information Systems

ABSTRACT The introduction of Information Technology within the fields of business and industries have actually revolutionized the entire system with which people and business institutions have been transacting with each other has already changed. The usual office-based operations have now been applied through online connections. This fact is considered as one of the major results… View Article

A Comparison of Mac OSX Tiger and Microsoft Windows Vista

Introduction: Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac OSX are one of the most prominent Operating Systems in the world. Both have millions of Active users and are considered as major rivals. Both Operating systems have their specific advantages as well as some disadvantages. Both operating systems have evolved throughout the time in a specific manner and… View Article

Electronic Document Preparation And Management

An Operating System (OS) is a collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer programs. The operating system is a vital component of the system software in a computer system. Application programs require an operating system to function. An Application Software, also known as an application or an app,… View Article

Windows 8

Windows 8 is an operating system produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, tablets, and home theater PCs. Development of this operating system started before the release of its predecessor in 2009. Its existence was first announced in January 2011 at Consumer Electronics Show. During its development and… View Article

History and Comparison of Windows, Linux, and Apple

An operating system is a set of programs containing instructions that work together to coordinate all the activities among computer hardware resources. Most operating systems perform similar functions that include starting and shutting down a computer, providing a user interface, managing programs, managing memory, coordinating tasks, configuring devices, establishing an Internet connection, monitoring performance, providing… View Article

Inventory Management Systems

In today’s business environment, even many smaller businesses have come to rely on computerized inventory management systems. Automated systems can replace the cost and time consuming processes that were once completed by hand while providing companies with more accurate data. Inventory control is important to ensure control in businesses that handle transactions revolving around consumer… View Article

Android: International Conference on Computer

Porting mobile web application engine to the Android platform Yonghong Wu, Jianchao Luo, Lei Luo School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu 610054 [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Abstract Android which Google released as an open-source mobile phone operating system is a Linux-based platform; it consists of the operating… View Article

Mobile Operating Systems

The purpose of this research paper is to provide a basic overview of what a mobile operating system is and the different options available to choose from. Many issues arise when determining which mobile OS is the best for each user, such as security issues, availability of apps, compatibility with other hardware, etc. These are… View Article

Comparison of Networking Feature of Linux and Microsoft

1.0 Comparing Networking Features of Linux & Microsoft. Microsoft * Next Generation TCP/IP Stack: this networking feature of windows is available for “Windows Server 2008” and “Windows Vista”. It is a “complete redesign of TCP/IP functionality for both Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) that meets the connectivity and performance… View Article

Operation System Security

1. What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of at least three different measures used to protect operating systems? 2. The ease of implementation of the measures. 3. The associated security management issues related to measures discussed above. 4. The ranking of the measures from best to worst with supporting rationale Answer Antivirus: Antivirus is… View Article

Microsoft Strategic Management

Background It’s the 1970s. At work, we rely on typewriters. If we need to copy a document, we likely use a mimeograph or carbon paper. Few have heard of microcomputers, but two young computer enthusiasts, a nineteen year old kid and his twenty-two year old business partner (Bill Gates and Paul Allen) sold their first… View Article

Operating System Integration

There is no universal definition of what is an operating system. An “operating system (OS) is a set of basic programming instructions to computer hardware, forming a layer of programming code in which most other functions of the computer are built” (Palmer and Walters, 2). Another definition of operating system “is a program that acts… View Article

Image Morphing

Morphing is a special effect in motion pictures and animations that changes (or morphs) one image into another through a seamless transition. Most often it is used to depict one person turning into another through technological means or as part of a fantasy or surreal sequence. Traditionally such a depiction would be achieved through cross-fading… View Article

Open vs Closed Systems

The state of Kansas defines OSS (Open Sourced Software) as software for which the source code is freely and publicly available, though the specific licensing agreements vary as to what one is allowed to do with that code. The book defines open source operating systems as those made available in source-code format rather than binary… View Article

Project Plan Inception

As the newly Chief Information Officer (CIO) for our company I highly understand the drive to become a leading provider and advisor for data collection and analysis field. With the leading edge equipment Web analytics and operating systems data the future of the company looks promising. Becoming a foremost consultant of Web analytics in this… View Article

Safe Travel

These days, we Geeks don’t travel anywhere without our laptops. It’s a given that we need to have them on us! How would we survive?! Thankfully, Seth sent in the following tips to help us keep them safe while we are on the road. Pad The Laptop: Make sure the laptop bag or carrying case… View Article

Security Enhanced Linux (Selinux)

Security Enhanced Linux (Selinux), Chroot Jail, and Iptables Three of the most important types of Linux security technologies are Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux), chroot jail, and iptables. This security measures aide in the subversion of theft and malicious activity. We will discuss these items in depth to address who created them and for what reason…. View Article

Memory Management Comparison

When discussing the differences in memory management practices between Windows and Linux environments, an understanding of what they do is necessary. Memory management systems are core aspects of operating systems. Managing a memory hierarchy of random access memory (RAM) and available hard disks is only its basic function. They perform other critical tasks such as… View Article

Latest Development in ICT

1.0 Introduction Meaning of open source software Open source software (OSS) is defined as computer software for which the source code and certain other rights normally reserved for copyright holders are provided under a software license that meets the Open Source Definition or that is in the public domain. This permits users to use, change,… View Article

Open and Closed Source and What It Means

Open-Source means it is free. No one owns it, so there is no source code, no key code, and no licensing to purchase. When Linus Torvalds created Linux, he determined that the more people or, the more minds delving into the software can make the system more creative, more improved, and the possibilities are endless…. View Article

Record Keeping Thesis

THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Now a days, technology are rapidly improving, computers are commonly use specially in some business. However some users are not typically having knowledge about in computer. But now technology improve the system to make users can easily access or operate. In this study we want to develop a new… View Article

Website Migration Project

Introduction Tony’s Chips is a medium sized enterprise that aims to enhance its operations through e commerce. The company aims to migrate from its current externally hosted website to a new e commerce system that will be hosted internally. The new system will provide data storage, retrieval, security and recovery solutions for the enterprise. It… View Article

Open vs Closed Sources

There have been many issues when it comes to discussing and open vs. closed source in operating systems. Many argue their differences and developers try to pin point the flaws and advantages of each. I will analyze and inform the pros and cons of open vs. closed sources in an operating system. There are many… View Article

Net Framework

Net Framework is a Microsoft tool provided to the development world with an objective to facilitate the consistent object oriented programming environment. The . net Framework comes as an integral component of Windows Operating System to create a code execution environment. For this the . NET Framework comes with the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and… View Article

Windows environment

If you get these 10 settings right, and you’ll go a long way toward making your Windows environment more secure. Each of these falls under the Computer Configuration\Windows Setting\Security Settings leaf. Rename the Local Administrator Account: If the bad guy doesn’t know the name of your Administrator account, he’ll have a much harder time hacking… View Article

Operating System Security Flaws

As basic users, security is one feature that most of us overlook when it comes to operating systems until it is too late. In this paper we will discuss the security flaws within the Windows Operating system, and then discuss countermeasures to fix the system flaw. We will first look at some known flaws in… View Article

History Of Data Processing

Data processing is a shop that works in many different working fields. One thing you do in data processing is learning to computer programming. In my shop we are learning to program in Visual Basic and QuickBasic. Programming is used to tell a computer what to do. Using code you can make programs that can… View Article

Decoding the Jargon

Create a booklet which explain the function of hardware components and identify communication between components. The pages should include photographs and diagrams to illustrate the information you include. (P1) Components communication The following diagram shows how components communicate each other’s. CPU Also known as the processor, the CPU is the heart of the computer and… View Article

Computers in entertainment industry

What is o.s? An operating System (OS) is an intermediary between users and computer hardware. It provides users an environment in which a user can execute programs conveniently and efficiently. In technical terms, it is software which manages hardware. An operating System controls the allocation of resources and services such as memory, processors, devices and… View Article

Windows NT

Based on the premise that Richman has 5,000 employees throughout the main office and several branch offices, you must research solutions and detail the appropriate access controls including policies, standards, and procedures that define who users are, what they can do, which resources they can access, and which operations they can perform on a system…. View Article