Popularity of Java


Currently, the world of computers is made up of several platforms, which have both disadvantages and advantages. On one hand, the people are left with many choices while on the other hand; it becomes increasingly difficult to produce a type of software that can run on several platforms. Recent research however has revealed that there are possible solutions to these demerits. One of these solutions is the Java Platform, which has been specifically designed to run dynamic, highly interactive and secure applications and applets on the networked computer systems.

Java Platform benefits

Therefore, the Java Platform benefits outweigh the demerits (Huang, 1996). Indeed, Java has got several features which make it widely used in the world, thereby increasing its popularity. Java History at a Glance Java got developed in the 1900’s by some developers from Sun Microsystems (popularly referred to as Sun), in order to provide interaction with the electronic devices. It was referred to as Oak at that time, and it floundered up to 1994, when it started being adapted for the internet by Sun.

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Originally, the web browser that belonged to Sun Hot Java was the only one in a position of running the Java applications.

Afterwards, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape’s Navigator could also run the programs as well (Cohen, 1996). Java’s popularity has been as a result of the several features that it has. The Java applications are known to run on the client machine. As a result of this feature, there is a great reduction of the load in the server machine.

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Secondly, it is possible for Java to operate across several platforms. Thirdly, it is an application which is largely object -oriented, therefore making it robust and very highly extensible.

Fourthly, Java is known to have a high level in- built security whose purpose is to avoid unintentional and intentional attacks (Cohen, 1996). Why java is so Widely Used The Java Platform is known to be architecture- neutral, dynamic and interactive. It is advantageous not only to the end user but also to the support personnel and the developer . It has the ability of writing software on one platform and running it almost on any other platform. One of the latest versions of Java is referred to as Java EE5. This version has brought a lot of benefits to the designers because they have been able to do ‘more with less’.

Therefore, it has rendered the system very easy to use for all people. This is regardless of whether the person operating the system is just starting or a seasoned expert. This is because there are powerful programming concepts like Meta Data, which enables the developers to alter or specify the behavior of the code outside the logic of the actual programming. It is possible to embed Meta Data directly in the application codes, a process referred to as attribute programming. This enhancement cannot in any way be underestimated because several areas which pertain to Java EE5 are enhanced using this principle.

Java becomes popular

Therefore, Java becomes popular as it is easy to use in all sectors (Rubio, 2006). For the end users, the platform is known to provide interactive and live contents in the World Wide Web, with software access. As a result, it is rendered as very compatible with the latest operating systems. Since it is compatible with other operating systems, several languages can be used in combination with Java. The applications are usually available on all the operating systems at a go. The users are not required to choose their preferred operating systems in relation to their applications.

This is because they can run all their required applications using their preferred machines. Operations are also beneficial in terms of cost. The cost is reduced as the developers have the ability of developing the platforms so as to deliver them in the same platform. The Java Platform is available on a large scale of hardware platforms and several operating systems. In case of the support personnel, the upgrades and version control are very much simplified because all the applications that are Java- enabled can be in a medial repository. In this way, they can be served from there for individual uses (Huang, 1996).

Sun launched Java as a tool for internet development. This was a great benefit because it gave the Java language an unprecedented exposure. As a result, it became very popular, and all people in the field of technology were talking about the new computer language. Though there could be misleading claims that it was an interrelated product which was ingrained in the consciousness of the public, it still proved to be very effective in developing the internet despite all the criticism (Harms, 1999). Uses of Java in the Industry As far as the Web front is concerned, Java is employed for the increasing development of the server- side.

Java Virtual Machine

Little bundles of Java code referred to as servlets are specifically designed to run on the server. This is a shift which started after a long period of the Java 1. 0 release. It was mainly fueled by the compatibility problem of the Java Virtual Machine and the insufficient bandwidth. However, this development proved to be a solution because it has been used to create content relating to the web on the client browser. It is better to create this content on the client browser for safety and efficiency purposes. After this is done, the finished product is delivered to the users as either HTML with whistles and few bells or straight HTML.

This work is mainly done in a widely used, completely bewildering and robust script language referred to as Perl (Harms, 1999). It is argued that the benefits of Java depend largely on the way the system is deployed. As a result, it has been of a great benefit to the service applications of the customers. Researchers have revealed that the system will be embedded in several internet browsers, the work stations, network operating systems and the leading desktops in the offices. Due to the onset of the Java Chip Family, the platform is also available to throughout a wide range of devices embedded in the industrial sector.

Therefore, the presence of java has been felt not only on the Global Web, but also on the electronic devices of the consumers (Huang, 1996). Java is known to power more than four point five billion devices, which includes more that eight hundred and fifty million PC’s, two point one billion handheld devices such as mobile phones and pda’s, printers, games, Web cans, Car navigation systems, medical devices, set-top boxes, as well as parking payment stations. Additionally, Java also powers over three point five billion smart cards (Cohen, 1996). Java is a language which is real as far as programming is concerned.

It is used to write almost anything that a person wants. After this is done, the person expects a low- level code which is meant to deal directly with the hardware. Java is known to exist at higher levels of abstraction than several other languages. This is a consequence which is known to make Java platform independent. As a result, all the transactions where Java is involved become secure (Harms, 1999). Java has been widely used as it has enabled e-commerce operations to sail through smoothly. This is enhanced by the java Data Access Object (Java DAO), which is very important in business applications.

This is because several business applications need access to data from object to relational databases. Java platform is well known to offer techniques to be used for assessing the data. Therefore, e-commerce is enhanced, leading to economic development of the businesses which employs Java (Code features, 2010).


Clearly, Java has gained its popularity due to the several features that it has. These features have enabled efficiency in industries and in all customer service applications. Therefore, the system has continued to gain its popularity.


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Popularity of Java
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