Popularity, Friendship and Peer Pressure

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Everyone wants to be the popular kid in high school right? Not always true because popularity isn’t always as great as it looks. Belonging in the popular social group in high school can be a rough place for some individuals. In other words, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. While unpopular teens wish to join the other side, they should consider a few things before making a rash decision. While pondering through the negative effects of being popular, one that stands out is the type of people one would become involved with.

We all desire to have truthful and caring friends. However, not every person in the popular click is truthful and caring. Before choosing a click, one should think about the typical characteristics that are associated with that click. Their intention might not be to bring out the best in a friend but the worst. One moment a teenager will be talking to another as friends, and then the next moment they’ve already started talking behind their backs about one another.

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Aren’t true friends supposed stand up for each other and stand by their side?

Of course they are, however, it seems that the unpopular click gets along better because they treat their friends in the same way that they would want to be treated. Another aspect to be aware of when considering the popular click is peer pressure. Being popular has a tendency to come with standards. When one does not meet up to the expectations of the group, he or she is often subjected to peer pressure or humiliation.

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Many give into peer pressure to avoid being humiliated. Peer pressure typically results in someone acting irresponsible and foolish to prove some kind of loyalty like a gang.

Consequences of such actions can involve disappointment from parents or even the police! Now why would a true friend try to jeopardize his or her friend’s future? In the end, we’re better off with just a couple of best friends rather than a group of two-faced popular friends who only care about themselves. Drama is another reason to consider before joining a popular click. Just imagine the sound of a thousand flies buzzing down the hallway with the latest gossip. In a matter of one day, one comment could be transformed into a rumor and spread through the whole school like wild fire.

Drama inevitably corrupts most teens but popular teens thrive on it like an addiction, and sometimes create lies just to ruin one’s reputation. True friends, who might not be the most popular kids in school, but they would also never talk about a friend behind his or her back just to gain a higher reputation with the popular click (Article one). Staying out of drama can help one feel less stressed. Avoiding it can also stop individuals from getting involved in something they might regret.

Gossip is difficult to find roaming among the unpopular group because they rarely feel the need to seek attention or hurt someone’s feelings by spreading rumors. They are already content and aware of how to treat individuals as they would like to be treated. When the weekend hits it is common for the popular click to go out and party. Everyone hears the stories of how drunk someone got or how the cops busted a few unfortunate teenagers. Even the best of teens get peer pressured into going to the weekend party and drinking.

All of this obnoxious partying is not appropriate for a 15 to 18 year old teenager. Those “cool parties” consist of high school kids that don’t know other ways to have fun or just get drunk to escape their problems. Teens have to step up and realize that they are capable of having a good time and overcoming problems with better solutions. Overall, it will exponentially impact adulthood by being able to handle problems positively. In conclusion, before making an impulsive decision to conform to the popular click, teens should consider the reasons that were previously illustrated.

The treatment of two-faced friends, spreading drama, and obnoxious parties are all valid reasons to just ignore the desire to be on the wrongfully admired click. It’s better to be happy with a few true friends who treat others in the manner of respect. Perhaps, we are also better off living in harmony with our beliefs instead of trying to compromise and conform. Being the same is boring! The popular group thrives on people who will conform. So let’s celebrate our unique skills to experience some variety and express our true individuality.

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Popularity, Friendship and Peer Pressure
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