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Meningitis Essay Examples

Essay on Meningitis

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“Monsters Inside Me” Review

I got thrown by the first story that’s why I decided to devote a little more description of it. It’s truly scary to know that human bodies can be so fragile. I’m really glad I watched the show, not that I’m glad to know that the monsters can exist in our bodies, but this knowledge can help me to protect myself better. I noticed that all the characters in the show didn’t seek for medical ...

DNA Sequencing

To proceed with the procedure sue will need to go to the hospital to get treated right away and take antibiotics to cure her disease but antibiotics doesn’t always work with some peoples immune systems. Sue and anyone else she contacted with or know with meningitis symptoms should go to the hospital right away or they can be dead in 24hrs or so. Symptoms of meningitis: fever, vomiting, headache ...

Investigating an Outbreak of Meningitis

3.What precautions could students on a college campus take to prevent getting sick and to protect themselves from passing illnesses back and forth? College students should not come in contact around other students who are sick because odds are, the interaction will cause the spreading of germs/bacteria/viruses. Also, students should not share food or drinks items as the contamination from the hand...

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About Meningitis

Very little has been explained to the public about meningitis. The public hasn't acknowledged most incidents of meningitis they are normally isolated. It wasn't until 1997; the Meningitis Foundation of America began. This foundation provides advice and support to the general public. They believe that the public will become more aware of meningitis and cases of meningitis can be detected earlier....

Lactobacillus Bulgaricus

Streptococcus pneumoniae has developed resistance to many drugs, making it particularly problematic. In the 1960s, scientists discovered a strain of penicillin-resistant streptococcus pneumoniae which has since spread throughout the world. In most instances, strains of the bacteria that are penicillin-resistant are also resistant to other medications like erythromycin, chloramphenicol, trimethopri...

Studies of Viral and Bacterial Diseases

Infectious Disease Paper: MeningitisChamberlain University Population Health & Epidemiology NR 503 March, 2019 Lisa StaabMeningitis (bacterial and viral) among college age students is on the rise in college campuses due to the closeness of college students in residence halls. The causes can be viral or bacterial in origin. Bacterial meningitis is fast-moving, causing debilitating amputations, ...

Johnson et al 199775 evaluated that the rate of meningitis in infants

Johnson et al, (1997)75 evaluated that the rate of meningitis in infants without symptoms of meningitis may be less than 1% in the worst-case scenario. Weiss et al (1991)76, and Eldadah et al (1987)77 reported that asymptomatic infants receiving a sepsis workup because of respiratory distress have meningitis in fewer than 1% of cases. Adjunctive, nonspecific diagnostic and screening tests: The dif...

The Rate of Meningitis in Infants

For Stage I new-borns, forceful diagnostic and sympathetic procedures are applicable. Stage II new-borns are treated pathologically, comprising parenteral and gavage aminoglycoside antibiotic, and Stage III patients need an operation. All Stage I patients was persisted, and 32 of 38 Stage II and III patients (85%) persisted the acute incident of NEC. Bacteriologic assessment of the gastrointestina...

IntroductionContinuation of scientific research is crucial to

In order to complete this assignment it was crucial to create a research question that was valid and support this by scientific research articles. When deliberating on what I could write in the assignment I had to do further research into what is known about acute meningococcal meningitis in order to discover what was not yet known about the disease. After in depth research looking at articles, vi...

Meningitis: Definition, Causes and Nursing Management

Hale, Harper, & Dawson (1996) developed a model of practice for advanced practice nursing primary care of college students at George Mason University Student Health Center (SHC). The SHC is staffed by faculty who are practicing nurse practitioners implementing evidence-based practice for primary care. They are applying these evidence-based practices to the care of college students on campus. B...

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