Medicare Essay Topics

Evolution of Medicare

Abstract The article briefly describes about the Medicare and its benefits. The article also explains the loopholes in the Medicare policy and why it lacks certain vital aspects. Finally in the concluding remarks I have explained the gray areas where the Medicare needs some rectification and improvement to help serve its purpose. Evolution of Medicare… View Article

Using Structure,Outcome, and Process in Evaluating Quality Medical Care

Abstract             Structure, process, and outcome are the common indicators used in evaluating the quality of medical care.             This paper will delve on the meaning of structure, process, and outcome indicators as they relate to the assessment of quality medical care. Using Structure,Outcome, and Process in Evaluating Quality Medical Care             Healthcare personnel and… View Article

Social Insurance

Social insurance funded programs include Social Security, Workmen’s compensation, Medicare, and unemployment benefits. Each of these programs is funded by a portion of a person’s check. A certain amount is taken out of each check and put in an “account” for future use. Some of these programs even include a match payment made by the… View Article

America’s Baby Bust

This week’s reading of Chapter 6 exposes you to several areas such as the consumer buying process, target marketing, market segmentation and a brief explanation of the differences between B2B and the consumer buying process As you will find in the readings, market segments are relatively homogenous groups of buyers. However, one thing the book… View Article

Health Care Spending

“Historically, U.S. health care spending has grown at rates exceeding the economy’s growth rate, often by at least 2 percentage points per year” (Holahan & McMorrow, 2012, 393). Recently, it seems that the rate of health care spending has slowed down a little, though no reasons can be pinpointed as to why this is. There… View Article

Health Care Spending

In the past seven decades health care spending has been increasing tremendously. The industrial era brought in a new system to help population duel with the cost of medical care. New technology has become a much needed investing in the 21st century which has yield to a great margin between small and big facilities. When… View Article

Medicare Advantage Plans

According to the article, Health insurer stocks slip over possible Medicare Advantage payment cuts, after a bad week at the stocks it may lead to Medicare Advantage Payment cuts in 2014. That could lead to reduced coverage or fewer buying plans for persons 65 years and older, the disabled and people who have end-stage renal… View Article

Personal statement – Medical Career Expectation

I dream of becoming a doctor in my quest for success in life, to be known as someone, and to give back to something to the society, which is responsible for so much of what I am today. The larger numbers of vistas that are open in front of me as I decide to embark… View Article

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicaid and Medicare are two different government programs. Both programs were created in 1965 to help older and low-income families be able to buy their own private health insurance. These programs were part of President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” plan, a commitment to helping meet the needs of individual health care. They are social insurance… View Article

Health Care Spending Paper

Health care costs for individuals in the United States have increased and will continue to increase. The number of people needing care and insurance is one of the major factors in health care spending. Another factor is the amount needed to be spent on new equipment and technology which will always continue to change. The… View Article

Medicare Funding Crisis

As the newly appointed chief of staff I have been tasked with responding to a proposal for reducing Medicare expenditures by enrolling participants in HMO. I understand that we have some key questions must be addressed and that we must justify our position on either economic efficiency or equity grounds. Outlined below are some of… View Article

Cost and Quality Relationship Memo

Many of the reforms contained within the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) are aimed at reducing health care costs and improving quality without rationing care, cutting benefits or reducing eligibility. Starting with the populations that suffer from the most difficult health conditions and have the most medical expenses makes sense. If designed and… View Article

U.S. Dept. of Labor Case Study

Abstract Career One Stop is an online tool sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. This online tool can be utilized as a pathway to success. This tool gives useful information via online to help job seekers, students, businesses and career professionals. Some tools that can be utilized per the website are Wages and Salaries,… View Article

Biggest Problems Facing Medicare and Problems Key Similarities and Differences

Problems Facing Medicare and Medicaid The Federal Government has sponsored Health insurance programs such as Medicare as well as the Medicaid. Medical insurance for the elderly, disabled, as well as low-income Americans are covered by these insurance programs. In 1965, these programs took effect and the Health Care Finance Administration or the HCFA, of the… View Article

Waiting Times in Health Care

Introduction Since 1947, Canada has taken pride in its publicly funded, universal health care system and has successfully provided exceptional health care to all Canadian citizens. Founded by Tommy Douglas, the Medicare system, eventually leading to the Canadian Health Act of 1984, paved the way for today’s health care system in Canada (Bryant, 2010). Boasting… View Article

Family Nursing Diagnoses

Conducting a family assessment is a challenging and important step in the care of the client. It is essential to identify problems and situations inhibiting a family from practicing healthy behaviors and developing healthy habits to thrive in the home and community. Identifying problems then deciding the family nursing diagnosis and planning interventions beneficial to… View Article

Health Insurance and Medicare

I. Introduction The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was signed into law on March 23, 2010 by President Barack Obama. Along with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (HCERA), it represents the momentous transformation of the U.S. health care system. Its main goal is to decrease the amount of uninsured citizens as… View Article

Heath Care Hall of Fame Museum

I have chosen to pay tribute to these five significant developments that I believe should be placed on display at the Heath Care Hall of Fame Museum. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Exhibit 1 The Affordable Care Act puts consumers back in charge of their health care. Under the law, which was signed in… View Article

Health Care Utilization Paper

Well it seems like community health centers expand to provide care for those with little or no income. The federal government can provide funding to develop additional access to medical communities that are struggling financially. People in the U.S. utilize health care services for many reasons, to prevent disease, prevent future illnesses, and to eliminate… View Article

The Rising Cost of Healthcare

Without a doubt healthcare costs are rising out of control. Not one of us are happy with the increases, but we have to understand what the reasons are for the increases in healthcare. American people look at their insurance bills, co-pays and drug costs, and do not understand why they continue to increase. The insured… View Article

The federal budget and the state

The main difference between the federal budget and the state and local budgets is the issue of a monetary deficit, in which expenditures in the budget exceeds revenues that were estimated. State and local governments are required to balance their budgets. The federal government is allowed to borrow money to meet its obligations and have… View Article

Ethical Dimensions

Health care tools has changed to organize better care for patients. Doctor’s use computer’s or laptop in the office and exam rooms to enter electronic health records (EHR). The EHR makes it easier for the patients to receive better organized care along with better organized health statistics. The Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) administers… View Article

Article or Case Law Search

What is case law? Case law are decisions that has been instituted by a judicial determination and some are placed into action by the body of legislators. Several case law events deals with the critical regulatory healthcare issues. This paper will inform the reader of how the issues relates to the nature, sources, and functions… View Article

Health Care Utilization Paper

Instructor: As I was interview one of the people where I work, she was so naïve and told me everything that I need to know. She explains to me how the health care system operates back in the days, now and the future, my main concern the cost of insurance for staff and patients. Her… View Article

Five Social Insurances and One Housing Fund

According to figure 1, it showed that the pay ratio of Shanghai enterprise was higher than Beijing and Guangzhou while the ratio for individuals were the same. The reason of the high ratio fee is to protect the worker’s income, so that the workers would not need to pay half of their income for insurance… View Article

Health and Health Care

The book “Health and Health Care 2010: The Forecast, The Challenge” by Roy Amara et al. provides detailed analysis of trends that will affect health care policies and practices by 2010. In particular, the authors have made an excellent effort to forecast stability and volatility of health care in the USA. The authors cover the… View Article

Universal Health Care Persuasive Essay

Why is it that the United States, which is held out to be the greatest country in the world to live in by many and using many different standards, is the only Western country that does not have some form of socialized medicine? One reason is that opponents continue to refer to any universal health… View Article

Government Provided Health Care

For many years, health care cost has risen and challenged many businesses, households, and the government. With the health care cost constantly rising, more and more people become uninsured. There are many approaches to improve the health care system including: Government-provided health care, Private insurer health care, and a mix of both. Although, all the… View Article

Letter to Congress

My name is … and I am writing as your constituent in the 53rd Congressional district of California. I am writing to ask you to cosponsor Rep. John Conyers’ Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act (H.R. 676). United States House of Representatives Bill Number 676 is the proposed U.S. legislation to establish single-payer health… View Article

Health Care System in Turmoil

Is the health care system today really in Turmoil? What are some of the major problems that healthcare is experiencing? What is the impact of each of the chosen problems on not just consumers but also the community? What are some of the benefits and risks of national health insurance? The health care system has… View Article