Personal Experience Of Moving to Another Country

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Moving to another country and being a full-time student again proved to be a challenging adjustment, which endowed me with attributes that have served me well in the clinical setting. My resilience is seen in my perseverance, and I am able to adapt and come out stronger on the other side of complex situations.

My Experience of Moving to Another Country

The poverty and lack of access to medical care that I briefly glimpsed firsthand within the lives of children in Honduras are imprinted on my mind and heart and have prompted me to get involved by providing immediate help to children in the most essential part of their lives—their health.

The diseases and hunger many of these children live amidst grieves me. Yet, I am continually inspired by those who succeed in spite of these hardships, and I have grown more committed to helping children with unfulfilled needs.

Having taught and mentored youth, I take seriously the responsibility of serving as a role model.

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My work experiences have taught me how to interact constructively with children and parents from various backgrounds. Being an international medical graduate and growing up in a diverse city have given me exposure to some distinctive ways of life, broadening my perspective and enabling me to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diversity between different societies. Being mindful and purposeful in my understanding of those with backgrounds and cultures unlike my own have helped me to quickly develop rapport with kids and parents, in addition to patience, positivity and a naturally calm demeanor.

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Empathy and Working with Underserved Communities

An empathetic nature enables me to see patients as more than their diseases and want to go beyond being a skilled clinician to serving as a compassionate advocate who understand and seeks to sensitively help patients and their families through the emotional and psychological effects left in the wake of these illnesses. My goals in medicine revolve around the determination to provide quality patient-centered care and meaningfully contribute as part of a supportive team, as leadership positions have taught me the importance and value in the opportunity to achieve a common goal. I bring to the pediatric residency program my experience with youth, maturity garnered from years of eclectic work experiences, a tremendous enthusiasm for learning, and a commitment to self-improvement with the hope of growing more and more each day into a physician that will better meet and adjust to the evolving needs and concerns of kids and their parents.

Given my goals of providing health services to underserved communities, I wish to enter a residency program that will allow me to serve an underprivileged, diverse population and will provide solid clinical training with an emphasis on optimization of patient care that will not only equip me to be an independent clinician but also to play an active role in the greater community through educational outreach and community service. Beyond residency, I am interested in exploring fellowship opportunities, and eventually I would like to become more involved in organizations that lend their pediatric medical expertise to impoverished communities worldwide.


It is to my great relish that what I do could improve the lives of children in big or small ways. The opportunities to affect positive change in the lives of young people and being involved during pivotal times in their lives have guided my choice. I want to care for young patients, while supporting their families in their greatest time of need. A special bond forms between the pediatrician, the patient, and the parents; the physician must be an advocate for the child, while working with the parents for the best outcome. I treasure the trust patients and their loved ones have placed in me and will continue to honor it in my future practice as a pediatrician. Pediatrics seems to be a natural career choice for me. When you genuinely care about the patients you serve, working hard for them comes naturally.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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