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Growth of Japanese Hip-hop
Words • 1833
Pages • 8
Hip-hop arrived in Japan in the early 1980s. Japanese hip-hop was originally influenced by its’ American counterpart from the same era. Japanese hip-hop was bigger than just the music they admired. It became a culture revolving around other important aspects like break dancing, fashion and imitating American rappers. Some believe that some Japanese fans were appropriating black culture by wearing exact outfits, speaking in a similar slang and having some instances of blackface. A reporter by the name of Joe…...
Japan CountryLanguage
Japanese and Italian Cuisine
Words • 1304
Pages • 6
Intercultural communication as defined in Intercultural Communication by Fred E. Jandt is communication between people and groups of diverse culture, subculture, or subgroup identifications. (Jandt, G-4) How we communicate is different within each culture. There are several components of the communication process and knowing the components helps us better understand communication itself. These components are source, encoding, message, channel, noise, receiver, decoding, receiver response, feedback, and context (Jandt 23). When we understand how different cultures communicate it helps us better…...
Japan CountryLanguage
Japanese perfection meets Indian passion
Words • 692
Pages • 3
The past few years have seen a slowdown in global trade. Enough ink has been spent in chronicling how trade tensions between two super-powers have had an impact on not just their economies, but also on other economies. However, at the same time, some economic ties between countries have continued to deepen. One such bond that has continued to prosper is between India and Japan. This is clearly visible from the bilateral trade between India and Japan, among other things.…...
Japan CountryLanguage
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Earthquakes in Japan: Kobe Disaster
Words • 652
Pages • 3
For centuries, mother nature’s cycle has been a mixture of prosperity and destruction. From wildfires to rainstorms on deserts, humans have witnessed the varying degrees of nature’s course. Despite what is depicted in the media, natural disasters are more likely to destroy the Earth than Man-made disasters. Man-made disasters typically affect people from a societal aspect. Natural disasters could cost up to 5 billion dollars in repairing damages to homes, streets, working facilities, and schools(Howard, Lisa S., John jennings). Depending…...
EarthquakeJapan Country
Japanese Gestures
Words • 895
Pages • 4
In many cultures and among many ethnic people, a significant way of communicating is through non-verbal behavior. Non-verbal behavior is important in Japanese culture. It is an integral part of their culture, values and way of life. In this essay, I will talk about 3 types of non-verbal behavior in Japanese culture and what it signifies in their culture and their values. The three types of non-verbal behavior I've chosen are bowing (Ojigi), expressing happiness (Banzai) and beckoning Temaneki. The…...
Japan CountryNonverbal Communication
My Favourite Person in Japanese History: Sakamoto Ryoma
Words • 441
Pages • 2
In Japanese history their a lot of people who have contributed much towards its growth. Some have been in power for long periods of time, others short. In its history, Sakamoto Ryoma has done a lot for the country. He gave up himself both physically, mentally and also forcefully towards the growth of the country. Ryoma lived for only 31 years, during those years he made Japan grow politically, economically, and culturally which are the faces of any country. Sakamoto…...
Japan CountryJapanese CultureMy Favourite Person
Fantastic Places to Visit in Japan
Words • 932
Pages • 4
Japan is one of the world's most visited countries. It has a wonderful history that dates back to thousands of years. With a rich culture and old traditions, tourists from all over the world visit Japan. Despite all the wars this country has been through, a good amount of history is still intact and preserved nicely. In addition to this, according to Touropia, Japan has a low crime rate making it an ideal place for tourists to visit. According to…...
Atomic Bombing Of JapanJapan CountryJapanese Culture
Japan Tsunami
Words • 670
Pages • 3
An earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011. It was measured as a 9.0 earthquake according to the Richter scale. It occurred 500 kilometres off Japan’s coast. The epicentre was near Sendai in Japan. It was 32 kilometres below water level. (EARTH Magazine, 2011)(Japan Tsunami 2011, 2019)Japan sits on top of four different tectonic plates which cause the island to deal with 1,500 earthquakes annually. Japan is located in the Ring of Fire, which is a place where many earthquakes and…...
EarthEarthquakeGeologyJapan CountryPlate TectonicsTsunami A Natural Disaster
Country Report – Japan
Words • 1224
Pages • 5
Introduction Japan, Nippon or Nihon is an island country in East Asia. It borders the Sea of Japan to the west, the Pacific Ocean to the east, and stretches from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea in the south. Part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, Japan is a stratovolcano archipelago of nearly 7,000 islands and covers 375,000 square kilometres (145,000 square miles). Its five main islands, from north to south, are Hokkaido, Honshu,…...
AsiaGovernmentJapan Country
Japan History and Political Geography
Words • 895
Pages • 4
The country of Japan is in the eastern part of Asia it’s in the northern and eastern hemispheres. The to the west of Japan is North and South Korea, to the east after crossing the Pacific ocean is the country of the United States Of America, on the north you will find the country of the Soviet Union and on the south is the countries of Taiwan and the Philippines. Japan is 145,924 square miles the largest city in japan…...
GeographyHistoryJapan CountryPoliticsWrestling
The separation edict
Words • 1471
Pages • 6
Giving examples of established and new religions, discuss what you deem to be core features shared by many Japanese religions. How does the emergence of the religious sects reflect the spirit of the times? Prominent sociologists Reischauer and Jansen [1995:215] have put forward a claim that "religion in contemporary Japan is not central to society and culture. "During a recent poll, only one in three Japanese expressed faith in a religion [Yusa:2002:111] and it would thus be easy to conclude…...
BuddhismGodJapan CountryPhilosophyReligion
Should the United States Have Dropped Little Man and Fat Boy on Japan?
Words • 1180
Pages • 5
History holds many controversial events. Some may even be considered injustices to the citizens of the world. I believe that the Atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan in World War II were one of the most heinous crimes. The bombs were inhumane, thus causing much suffering. Even if there was no other way to end the war I feel that there should have been more publication and publicity about the atomic bombs. The American people were mislead when the…...
International RelationsJapan CountryStateThe Bombing Of Hiroshima
Tigers, Japan, Europe & America
Words • 1844
Pages • 8
Factors that account for the rapid development of these South-East Asian countries -Economic History of the Asian Tigers and Japan between 960-2000 -Meaning of Japanese ( Economic Miracle) -Lessons for the Nigerian Economy Four Asian Tigers The high growth economies of -Hong Kong -Singapore -South Korea -Taiwan The four Asian Tigers consistently maintained high levels of economic growth, since sass's, fuelled by exports and rapid industrialization, which enabled these economies to Join the ranks of the worlds richest nations. However…...
AmericaJapan CountrySingaporeTiger
What were the reasons for the decline of the power of the Samurai in Ancient Japan?
Words • 2925
Pages • 12
The Samurai are widely recognised by many historians as some of the greatest, if not the greatest, warriors ever to live due, not only to their technical ability, but because of the strict code they follow known as 'Bushido' which roughly translates as 'way of the warrior. ' For these reasons the question could be asked why such a formidable power faded from power in the country of their origin, Japan. During this essay I would like to address such…...
Japan CountryPowerSamuraiTea
Overview Of Japanese Housing Environmental Sciences Essay
Words • 3372
Pages • 14
Housing plays an of import function in a state 's economic system, typically accounting for 10 to 20 per cent of entire economic activity. In add-on, lodging is frequently an person 's biggest plus. The handiness of lodging finance is, hence, important for overall economic development every bit good as for a family 's public assistance and its quality of life.With the large-scale denationalization of the lodging sector, a demand for lodging finance systems arose in the states with economic…...
ArchitectureHomeHouseHousingJapan CountryMalaysia
Merry Christmas in Japan
Words • 507
Pages • 3
Japanese people are good at enjoying various festivals in the world. Christmas Day is one of the most popular holidays in Japan, and it’s also my favorite. The day is celebrated generally on December 25. Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan. Originally, it is the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but most Japanese people disregard that because they don't believe in any particular religion. Christians account for about only 1% of the total population of…...
ChristmasJapan Country
Malay and Japanese culture
Words • 1224
Pages • 5
Two societies always have different way of living or culture. Matthew Arnold, a pre-eminent poet of the Victorian Era, stated the meaning of culture as contact with the best which has been taught and said in the world. A pioneer in cultural studies, Raymond Williams, said that cultural is ordinary, lived experience of the everyday. John H. Bodley, chair of the Department of Anthropology at Washington State University, said the culture refers collectively to a society and its way of…...
Japan CountryJapanese CultureMarriageReligion
Management System in Japan
Words • 664
Pages • 3
The first features are feeling employment and social benefits known as Neo. What is unique about the system is that it provides lifelong employment security (Lee, Shenanigan & Conference 1982). The corporations, in their benevolent paternalism, provide welfare benefits to the workers. This system presumably comes from the idea that the Confucian traditions, together with an assumption that human is the most important and precious resource of the Japanese, have placed the people at the centre of the management system.…...
Japan CountryManagement
Dolphin Killings in Taiji, Japan
Words • 902
Pages • 4
Brutality, crimson waters, what a gruesome spectacle it is to see the horrifying sight of dolphins being slaughtered by Taiji fishermen for a profit. In a total of six months the murderers will catch and kill about twenty three hundred of Japan’s annual dolphin population of twenty thousand dolphins. The capture of the dolphins is sinister. The fishermen bang pipes together under the water to throw off a dolphin’s hypersensitive sonar in order to drive the dolphins into a large…...
AnimalsDolphinJapan Country
Defining A Japanese Architectural Identity Cultural Studies Essay
Words • 1656
Pages • 7
The survey will be based on the statement that the aesthetic of 'wabi-sabi ' , derived from traditional Nipponese tea ceremonial, is built-in in Tadao Ando 's architecture. It farther postulates that the aesthetic plays a important function in his plant as an individuality concept, enabling Ando to be celebrated as a 'critical regionalist ' 1.Draft ContentssIntroductionWabi-sabi: A ContextWabi-sabi and Tadao AndoTadao Ando as a Critical Regionalist1. Introduction`` We can easy now conceive of a clip when there will be…...
IdentityJapan CountryPhilosophy
SCAP and The Emperor of Japan Country
Words • 2131
Pages • 9
Power vacuum in Japan - collapse of the empire so power vacuum in the region and also within Japan itself. Japan was purged by SCAP. It affected over 200,000 people making heavy inroads into the Japanese leadership. Japan had no choice but to surrender. Their surrender was virtually unconditional. The ultimate aims of SCAP for post-war Japan was to democratise and demilitarize the country. Led by General Macarthur, who became synonomous with SCAP itself, the US and, to a lesser…...
DemocracyGovernmentInternational RelationsJapan Country
Baseball and Japan
Words • 1615
Pages • 7
A discussion on the history of Japanese baseball.The Old Ball Game An American dream can be defined through an examination of the American lifestyle, and by picking out the most common themes. The most common themes Americans associate with are the basics: graduating at the top of the class, finding a high-paying job, settling down with the perfect spouse, a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, two children running through the yard chasing the dog and of…...
BaseballJapan CountrySoftball
The Japanese Immigrants in California
Words • 164
Pages • 1
Beginning around 1910, Japanese families began purchasing farmland in California. However, in order to prevent the Japanese from succeeding in the farming industry, the state of California passed the Alien Land Law in 1913, prohibiting immigrants (there were no Japanese American citizens at the time) from purchasing farmland. In 1920, a subsequent law was passed to prevent the purchasing of land in the name of a Nisei (second generation) child. Additionally the 1924 Immigration Act restricted the amount of immigrants…...
CaliforniaJapan Country
Short-term and Long-term Oriente of U.S.A. and Japan
Words • 1155
Pages • 5
This strive to be the best at what you do and having the most possible success creates a growing inequality within the American society, slowly pushing Power Distance up and Individualism down. Long-Term Orientation vs. Short-Term Orientation The long-term dimension stands for the striving toward future rewards and the vir-tues connected to it, such as perseverance and thrift. In opposition to that, the short-term dimension relates to virtues of the past and present, like tradition, "saving face" and social obligations…...
BeliefIndividualismJapan CountryPhilosophy
Samurai in Modern Japan
Words • 1356
Pages • 6
Secondly, lets investigate how these supposed men of honour help build the Japan we know today and how his code of conduct influenced not only Japanese ideology, but some extent helped the West in a time of need. To discover how these ancient warriors helped politicians to unite people and get them to believe in the "land of the rising sun." Japan's quest to find a footing began in a time characterised by Western powers wishing to expand, especially Britain.…...
Japan CountryNationalismPhilosophySamurai
Measures to Support Female Employees in Japan Country
Words • 1855
Pages • 8
Introduction As every single of our presence is an integral part of our society where we live and develop, we all should appreciate our family especially our mothers who make a big contribution for society by giving a birth to children and by raising children. Undoubtedly the desire for the golden middle, as the most favorable and harmonious state, is the goal of every woman. Engage in their own development, grow as a professional and earn well, while being a…...
FamilyJapan CountryMarriageSocial Issues
Japanese Warriors
Words • 494
Pages • 2
Once upon a time there was a young samurai enthusiast wished to discover how the samurai as he is known today originated. So, he ventured out on his quest to find how the samurai came about. First, he discovers that these ancient experts od warfare are far from the honourable men he encounters in popular culture. The story of the samurai from a time long past begins with forced enrolment in the army when his time was finished, he did…...
Japan CountrySamurai
The Signature Style of Yasujiro Ozu
Words • 2021
Pages • 9
Yasujiro Ozu (12 December 1903-12 December 1963) is a Japanese film director and screenwriter. He began his career during the era of silent films. He first made a number of short comedies, before turning to more serious themes in the 1930s. In this paper, I will talk about three movies directed by Ozu and link them to my question and four approaches. My three movies are 'Tokyo Story' (1953), 'Late Spring' (1949) and 'Early summer' (1951). Tokyo Story talks about…...
ArtCinematographyFamous PersonFilmJapan Country
The Social Status of Geishas
Words • 2197
Pages • 9
The social status of geishas within Japanese society is still a hotly contested issue. She has many facades from the symbol of Japanese tradition to the exotic depiction of the femininity of the 'Orient.' Further, her history can be traced back to female entertainers of the 16th century. Some scholars argue that she can trace their heritage back to the performers of the 11th century. Part of the western fascination with geisha is rooted in her highly decorative nature, but…...
CultureJapan CountryProstitutionSocietyWomen
Significance of the Samurai Symbol – Japan
Words • 779
Pages • 4
When Japan started her journey to discover herself was at a time where Western colonial powers were at their absolute height. Do to the state the world was in Japanese leaders faced many a difficult decision when establishing 'the Land of the rising son' as the 'great nation' which westerners are fascinated with in present day. In her search for muse, both globally and domestically, it quickly became clear that she needed to modernise, industrialise, militarise and most importantly colonise…...
Japan CountrySamurai
Japan is one of the most influential country in the world and
Words • 935
Pages • 4
Japan is one of the most influential country in the world and has been making a footprint in many things. They have advanced in multiple regions of technology to help humanity move forward. Their culture is on a different level when we compare Japan to other countries. Manga and Anime are the center of significant Innovations and cultural debates in Japan. while anime and manga are very similar to each other in fields, manga is seen as Japanese comic books,…...
AnimeJapan CountrySpirited AwayWorld
China’s Increased influence in Africa, how can Japan learn from it and how Africa can benefit
Words • 1760
Pages • 8
AbstractChina's increased participation in Africa's development over the past decade has been overwhelming, its influence in Africa both politically and economically has put China ahead of its neighbor Japan regarding aid to Africa. Japan spent a total of $460 million in 2011 while China spent $3.17 billion this is according to Japan external organization and China's government data. While Japanese government strategy for development in Africa has been to eradicate poverty, ensuring zero hunger, provision of health infrastructure, improved education,…...
AfricaChinaInfluenceJapan Country
Introduction Japan is located in Eastern Asia it is one of
Words • 1088
Pages • 5
1- Introduction Japan is located in Eastern Asia , it is one of the powerful economies. Japan enjoyed an uptick in growth since 2013 , although it has Scarce in critical natural resources, Japan has long been dependent on imported energy and raw materialsThe UK, a leading trading power and financial center, is the third largest economy in Europe after Germany and France. Agriculture is intensive, highly mechanized, and efficient by European standards, producing about 60% of food needs with…...
AsiaJapan Country
Words • 1220
Pages • 5
Management practices includes-Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading, and Controlling.PLANNING-Selecting missions and objectives as well as the actions to achieve them, which requires decision-making, which is, choosing future courses of action from among alternatives.ORGANIZING-People working together in groups to achieve some goal must have roles to play. It is establishing an international structure of roles of people to fill an organization.STAFFING-It involves filling, and keeping filled, the position in the organization structure. This is done by identifying workforce requirement, inventorying the people…...
BusinessFranceHuman NatureIndiaJapan CountryManagement
Japanese Internment Camps
Words • 1390
Pages • 6
Japanese Americans were treated harshly because Americans turned their anger on Japanese Americans for a crime that was committed by the Japanese. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and this action made Americans fear and despise them. America’s fear of an on attack the West Coast of the U.S. caused the relocation of Japanese Americans to internment camps. The internment of Japanese Americans was disgraceful, and in hindsight, unnecessary. But, given the context of a sneak attack against an unsuspecting public,…...
Japan CountryPolitics
The Atomic Bombs On Japan Justified History
Words • 1883
Pages • 8
On 6 August 1945, the first atomic bomb to be dropped on foreign soil was released from Enola Gay on Hiroshima, Japan. This nuclear bomb, named Little Boy was dropped as a devastating attack in an attempt to make Japan surrender, and destroyed Hiroshima as over 70,000 people were instantly killed.When Hirohito, emperor of Japan refused to accept the United States’ terms of surrender, the second atomic bomb, ‘Fat Man’ was dropped over Nagasaki on August 9th, 1945. Many people…...
Atomic BombHistoryJapan CountryMilitary
Amway Japan
Words • 266
Pages • 2
Amway Japan Limited Executive Summary In 1996 Amway Japan Limited (AJL) was the leader in direct selling market, and the most successful company within the entire Amway group. In the first half of 1997, AJL experienced a net sales decline of 11. 6% and net income to 27. 6% from the first half of the previous year. The Japanese economy and declining value of the Yen relative to the U. S. Dollar has decreased AJL’s sales volume and profit margin. The Japanese…...
Japan CountryMicroeconomicsSales
Comparison of Medical Device Regulations in Japan
Words • 674
Pages • 3
Distributor in ELI) Manufacturer including Foreign Manufacturer and Registration of Manufacturer and List of Device Initial Importer shall be registered into FDA File. Category and Products Annual Device Listing of the manufacturer shall be provided to FDA/CDRH Number of Japanese manufacturers registered is about 350 - 400. Number of Japanese manufacturers registered is 605 as of Oct. 2007. US Population: 303 million FDA (Food & Drug Administration) CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) : about 1,000 reviewers and specialists…...
CertificationComparisonDeviceJapan Country
Essay about Doing Business in Japan
Words • 2240
Pages • 9
As a result of learning about the geography, climate, history, religion, cultural rituals, politics, education system, and the role of the family; it will allow a business or business person the insight needed to understand how society functions and the method in which business is conducted. Geography & Climate Japan is an island nation that is located across the Japanese Sea. Japan consists of the islands of Hokkaiodo, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu (Yamada & Kurashige, 2003). The landscape of Japan…...
BusinessHotelJapan CountryLeadership
Japanese Obon Festival
Words • 1050
Pages • 5
A Buddhist monk, able to see the dead, saw his mom having a hard time in the afterworld of Hungry Ghosts, the Hell of Hunger. Horrified by his clairvoyant vision, the Buddhist monk, Mokuren, went to Buddha and was instructed to offer each Buddhist monk offerings on the fifteenth day of the seventh month. Doing so and seeing his mother's release, Mokuren recognized just how much she had actually compromised for him and danced in fantastic joy and appreciation. Similar…...
FestivalJapan CountryOctopus
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What were the reasons for the decline of the power of the Samurai in Ancient Japan?
...However the fact that peace left the Samurai jobless and reform ridiculed their past position meant that the combination of all these problems was definite blow to the Samurai. One that pushed them down so low that their class virtually disappeared. ...
China’s Increased influence in Africa, how can Japan learn from it and how Africa can benefit
...AbstractChina's increased participation in Africa's development over the past decade has been overwhelming, its influence in Africa both politically and economically has put China ahead of its neighbor Japan regarding aid to Africa. Japan spent a tot...

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