How Cell Phones Affect People

Cellphones have been evolving since the twentieth century, transforming from simply a convenient means of communication to a miniature computer loaded with information. This evolution has become a distraction that changes the way society behaves in a dangerous way. The public uses technology for everything, from communicating with others to ordering groceries to their homes. Technology has become a key piece in today’s world. While people once used cell phones for primarily talking and texting, now smart phones have paved the way for a community that thrives online more than in the real world.

Due to the uncertain long term effects of cell phone use, phones should be limited due to the way they affect the brain, learning, and society.

Phones effect people more than they realize. Like for example, if a person uses their phone for 50 minutes their brain has an increase of over 7% in glucose metabolism and also helps with some cognitive actions. What this basically means is that the human brain is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and effects certain skills such as moving a finger.

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This is not a dramatic effect since it only effects regional areas of the brain which are small.

When someone holds their phone to their head, they get a very small amount of radiation transferred from the phone to the brain. This very same radiation goes and effects the regional areas of the brain (talked about in the paragraph above) which therefore leads to the 7% increase in glucose metabolism. Today, children use phones way more than adults which is bad because children absorb more energy/ radiation from cell phones.

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The reason for them absorbing more energy is because their skulls are still underdeveloped and their skull’s wall membranes are also thinner than adults. To this day we still are uncertain about the long term effects phones might have on our brain.

Scientists and doctors alike are still searching to find out what rumors are true and which ones are false. According to John Walls, the vice president of public affairs for CTIA, “cell phones are safe” (Doheny). Yet all the scientists involved with the study said that they needed more time to fully answer whether or not phones have a negative effect on the brain. Walls could be doing what the tobacco companies have done for years and try to cover up all the negative complaints. Many companies do not want people to think cell phones harn the public because they would lose a lot of money. Scientists also believe that brain cancer, nerve damage, and maybe even various tumors may all be related to regular phone use.

Cell phones affect how many new generations learn. A cell phone allows you to have numerous resources at your fingertips at one time. This can do nothing but benefit learning. Author H. Wenglinsky wrote, “a national sample of fourth- and eighth-grade students using newer simulation and higher order thinking technologies.” (Schacter) Students are learning more due to the amount of resources they have available to them on their cellphones.

Students have achieved more since cell phones have become a part of education. Cell phones allow students to have countless amounts of resources in one place, at their fingertips. New technology is allowing students to work more efficiently and be more educated on the subject they’re working on. Author John Schacter notes, “An evaluation of two smaller-scale studies that point to the promise that newer technologies currently afford.” (Schacter) Looking into the future, Technology and cell phones are promising and will help with the work that needs to be done.

There are good and bad things about students using cell phones. A positive effect of cell phones in education is the amount of resources and help the device offers. There are countless websites and apps that can help you with almost any task imaginable. Another positive effect of cell phones on education is connection. Cell phones can connect students with mentors or people who are experienced in the topic they are learning. This offers major help to the students of today. There are negatives as well. An example would be distraction. Many students would not be able to resist the urge to get distracted by other things on cell phones such as games, social media, or non-educational websites. Phones also offer students the ability to receive answers without having them learn anything about the actual subject. Cell phones affect almost all parts of lives positively and negatively.

Cell phones have changed modern day society in major ways. Communication has evolved from writing letters all the way to seeing the other person on a screen and interacting with them. Author says, “social media have greatly increased communication across cultures and positively brought attention to events around the world.” (Shellabarger) People can connect with loved ones who are not near, and they can connect with others from almost any other country in the world. This can help people understand how other lives are different and how others live. Cell phones and social media sites have brought many cultures and people around the together into one community.

Cell phones bring negative distractions to society. People can begin to see their cell phones and social media sites as their real life. They get caught up in impressing people online and focus more on making their online profile better rather than focusing on making themselves in the real world more productive. The public nowadays uses cell phones to find new friends and potential partners. This prohibits many from getting the face to face interaction humans need to create healthy, truthful relationships This can also make people awkward and not comfortable around others.

Cell phones offer negative and positive effects in today’s society. They connect all different types of people around the world and let us interact with people who don’t live close. It also allows people to show others who they are and what they can do. “Social media also allows for self-expression and can serve as a creative outlet for individuals.” (Shellabarger) Cell phones allow people to entertain others and express themselves on a large scale in an easy way. It is human nature to want to entertain and make people laugh, and now anyone can make anyone laugh off their cell phone by posting videos or text. Cell phones also, on the other hand, can be an outlet for negative behavior such as cyberbullying and harassing others online. People can be cruel face to face, but they hold back because their can be consequences, but if someone can be cruel anonymously online, it limits the risk of getting caught or getting bullied back. Phones can be both a place to be seen or hide.

Cell phones have become the modern way of life, and society now revolves around digital communication. By limiting cell phone use because of the way they affect the brain, learning, and society, this damaging cycle of people depending on technology could be reversed. If cell phones were used responsibly and in moderation rather than abused, they could once again return to being an innovation that promotes creativity and wholesome communication. Phones now bring people together worldwide. Many may argue that phones have improved and completely changed the education system, brought a whole species together, and that it is not proven to affect us negatively. However, the invention of the phone may have blind sighted society from its needs rather than wants by way of instant gratification.

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