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Essay on Hiv

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AIDS Case Study

There are many different types of maintenance drug therapies to alleviate symptoms, and reduce the rate of progression. Antiretroviral therapy can help stall the progression of the disease, however, discontinuation of antiretroviral therapy may result in viral rebound, immune decomposition, and clinical progression of HIV. Interruption of HAART is not recommended (7). With HAART, patients who have...

And The Band Played On

A character that I did not like so much was Robert Gallo. As an actor I believe Alan Alda was excellent, but the character he portrays makes my blood run cold from the moment he was introduced. Had it not been for him, HIV/AIDS research would have been so much faster, but because Gallo was more concerned about the profits and credit from the discovery of the virus, things were not as quick. Perhap...

And The Band Played On Book Review

The bath house owners cared for no one else but themselves and the money they were making. The medical problems they had with finding the AIDS virus also cost many lives. Dr. Gallo and the French battled against each other in order to find the virus when they should have been working together. Also, the grant money the CDC was promised never arrived which could have cost many lives because they mi...

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Burroughs Wellcome Company

While it would be socially conscious for Burroughs Wellcome to drop the price further, they have to remain a viable company. Profits will ensure the financial future of the company as well as all the shareholders and stakeholders of the company. Maintaining the ROI percentages will allow Burroughs to remain viable and competitive allowing them to continue to develop new drugs that may provide furt...

Self reflection

As we know, there are no cures for AIDS and HIV, many are trying to change and it’s just still not enough. Moreover, small changes start with us and the people around us. Practice safe sex, don’t do drugs or abstain from it completely. It’s not just about getting rid of this disease, it is also about keeping ourselves and the future of our generations safe. There is no time or finances to k...

Health Issues in the Philippines


Health Module 1st Quarter

Employers cannot discriminate in hiring, firing, promoting, or assigning based on actual or suspected HIV status. Schools are not allowed to refuse admission, punish students, or deny participation in activities based on real or perceived HIV status. A person with HIV has the legal right to travel, live, and lodge with the same freedom as any other citizen. Quarantines and other restrictions are i...

Tuberculosis essay

I therefore that tuberculosis is truly one of the global killer and the same time global problem that exist since antiquity. It can cause destitution to every one of us since the spread of this disease occurs when an infected person coughs, sneezes, shouts, sing or speak; obviously this disease can transmit to one another easily. It is quite obvious that the person who lives in poverty, health wo...

Our Crazy World - Technology, Iraq and Hiv/AIDS

One thing that really gets to me is when people say 'Oh, AIDS isn't that bad, it's good population control.' I then usually ask them if they would have the same view if someone close to them contracted AIDS. Would they simply tell their dying loved one that they are sorry she/he has AIDS, but there are simply too many people on this planet and her death is not really that much of a loss anyway? Th...

Tattooing and piercing and the effect it has on society

One of the more important aspects that tattoos and piercings have an effect on is employment. In the world today, people are at a constant struggle with each other over employment. One person is more qualified than the next and employers want to hire the best person for the job. What impression would the employer get if someone came into an interview with piercings and tattoos? The employer might ...

Human rights in South Africa

South Africa is the largest AID infected country in the world. Leaders in South Africa admit to mismanaging the AIDS crisis there. They denied that HIV was the cause of AIDS and prescribed the wrong medication to people with this sickness. This ultimately had a health effect on the people of South Africa. It has an impact on unborn babies. According to researchers, 37,000 babies will be infected w...

Cross Cultural Understanding

As a social worker, even though I believe that sex should only be done after marriage and done in full fidelity to your partner, if I really wanted to help Lucas, I would not deliver this judgment just because of my own cultural Mormon perspective but rather understand it from his point of view and realized that health, among others, must trump the cards from the perspective of my duty as a social...

Personality During Young and Middle Adulthood

“All behavior is our constant attempt to reduce the difference between what we want (the pictures in our heads) and what we actually have (the way we situations in the world)” (Glasser, p. 32, 1932). If Michael and Taylor do not make a life change they will be incapable of forming a relationship outside of the current sibling one they hold. Taylor screaming at Michael when he addresses the iss...

HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

The HIV/AIDs pandemic has evoked a wide range of reactions from individuals, communities and even nations; from sympathy and caring to silence, denial, fear and even violence stigma is an important factor in the type and magnitude of the reactions to this epidemic (Malcolm 1998). We know much less about the level and reasons for silence an denials than we know about violent, hostile, or isolationi...

Caring for HIV-Exposed Children in the First Year of Life

Preventing infection in women is the best way to prevent the transmission of infection to infants (Harding, et al., 2020, p. 225). Patients should be assessed for behaviors that would put them at risk of infection (Harding, et al., 2020, p. 222). HIV can be transmitted via sexual contact, contact with blood or from mother to child in the womb, during birth, or breastfeeding (Harding, et al., 2020,...

Research Proposal

The study also reflects fifteen percent of women with HIV were correctional releases; the study also suggests that incarceration rates are higher in the south than majority of other regions and most women with HIV are poor African American women from rural areas (Hammett, 2009). However, one must ask themselves does this study reflect inmates going in to serve a sentence or inmates being released ...

Hiv Film Reaction Paper

Gil tries to keep the real reason that very hard moment. Until one day he was awakened to what Ivy has told him that she wants him to give voice to the victims of the disease then Gil ended up deciding to be just one of the subjects who would complete the story. He appeared on cam telling his audience that the documentary is about the story of the people who are trying to live despite having HIV a...

World Vision Case Study

The organization has partnerships with four regional vice presidents within the areas of who have extensive knowledge of the programs and populations they represent. Having a comprehensive knowledge of the area in which the organization serves enables the partnerships to focus its efforts. Determining the locations World Vision International is going to target, the organization carefully examines ...

Reaction Paper for the Movie “HIV (Si Heidi, Si Ivy at Si V)”

I was stricken by the fact that the V in the subtitle of the film (Si Heidi, si Ivy at si V) stood not for Vanessa – but for Virgilio “Gil” after all. This part made me understand why Gil doesn’t want to make love with her girlfriend because he loves her, trying to protect her, since the start. And I am very glad because even though Gil was afraid for admitting that he is also a HIV positi...

Social Studies Sba

The questionthirteen on the questionnaire asked the respondents if theyfeel the government or private sector is doing enough to fight the Unemployment issue.The ratio of yes and no is 14:11,from this analysis it can be said that government is trying its best to address the unemployment problem. In analyzing question fourteen, seventy six percent of the respondents stated that In analyzing question...

Sexually Transmitted Dse

STDs include just about every kind of infection. Bacterial STDs include chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Viral STDs include HIV, genital herpes, genital warts (HPV), and hepatitis B. Trichomoniasis is caused by a parasite. The germs that cause STDs hide in semen, blood, vaginal secretions, and sometimes saliva. Most of the organisms are spread by vaginal, anal, or oral sex, but some, such as th...

Summary of HIV Movie

He, with the support of his parents, is willing and eager to tell his story. Heidi, being an innocent victim, decides to tell her story in the hope that by coming out, less people will contract the virus. Ivy suspected she got the virus during their graduation party when everybody was intoxicated and drugged. She never had sex with anyone except her boyfriend, who luckily was HIV-negative. Vanessa...

Theories of Health Promotion

Due to the current trends in STI acquisition it is important that effective health promotion strategies are put in place to stop further spread (HPA, 2007). A model that can be utilised for an individual as well as groups; incorporates different sexual, social and cultural needs while allowing for influences from a public health arena has been created by Bean et al (2002) in the form of the ‘Sex...

Global Problems

Reliance on foreign sources of energy would have adverse effects on countries especially when prices fluctuate. Energy could also cause instability leading to terrorism. It can also create environmental problems that have global effects. Other global problems according to my friends, family and classmates include racism, genetically engineering food and natural disasters. To them these issues shou...

Condoms a New Diploma Critical Analysis

In conclusion, Limbaugh’s use of Reductio ad absurdum and the many tools to prevent schools from distributing condoms can lead to promiscuity. His use of this tool is effective as he claims that condom distribution in schools can compromise standards and have it lead from having sex to smoking and the use of guns. It can also lead them to contraction STD’s since condoms cannot help in the prev...

Sex Educations Should Be Made Compulsory for All Secondary School Students

In conclusion, sex education can bring many benefits to secondary school students. It can also reduce the spreading of serious diseases, such as HIV. This is the reason we need to implement the character-based curriculum which includes sex education in schools, colleges, universities and other learning institutions to help young people make right choices regarding high-risk behaviours such as havi...

Needle Exchange Program

In conclusion the needle exchange programs will not decrease drug use or HIV. This is not an effective way to help drug addicts. Giving sterile needles to drug addicts is telling them it is alright to do drugs. We need to take tax dollars for rehab clinics. The government needs to give health care to the uninsured drug users and they can receive counseling to get off the drugs which ruin their liv...

Durex Marketing Plan

Durex also offers a number of excellent lubricants as well. One is Durex Play More, which is designed to help enhance intimacy and is a long-lasting lubricant. Another is Durex Play Longer, which helps delay climax in order to extend the experience even longer. Then there’s Durex Play Warmer, which provides a warming sensation on contact, which is sure to be a real pleaser. Finally, there’s Du...

Hippa Violations, Health and Medical Billing Process

The codes declared that information regarding patients must not come up for discussion with anyone not directly concerned with the individual. The matter of confidentiality extends to all members of the organization. One's behavior must remain consistent with the nature and values placed on the organization. As one would not find fit to receive any type of gift for treatment one should also be awa...

HIV Pandemic

But unfortunately, the problem with developing a vaccine is that the HIV genome mutates very quickly. Stowell (2006) explains that all organisms vary a little throughout the centuries. The HIV genome mutates around 1000 times more quickly than the human genome - around 1000 times more mutations accumulate in a single year, relative to the length of the genome. Antiretroviral treatment has transfor...

Hiv Ethical Dilemma

The organisation reasonably believes that the use or disclosure is necessary to lessen or prevent: (i) a serious and imminent threat to an individual’s life, health or safety; or (ii) a serious threat to public health or public safety; or (f) the organisation has reason to suspect that unlawful activity has been, is being or may be engaged in, and uses or discloses the personal information as a ...

Hiv/Aids Pandemic in Liberia

According to its annual report, a total of 29,3565 materials were distributed to health facilities, NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, and other implementing partners during the quarter. By a comparative analysis, given the last five years, with all of these awarenesses on HIV prevention, one can only hope that there will be a change in behavior of the population. Like one journalist reported in October 2005 said:...

Hiv/Aids Pandemic in Liberia

For instance, Cote d’Ivoire had the highest prevalence rate of 7. 1% in 2005 in the region and the second highest in West Africa. Sierra Leone and Guinea are ranked in second and third place respectively in the MRU basin. With these high-rate prevalence MRU neighboring countries to Liberia, one can only say that they are at very high risk of the dreadful disease. The table showing the spatial di...


We have discussed a few horrible stories about people life’s changing from being infected from HIV/AIDS, also briefly went over what HIV consists of and the ways you can prevent it from happening to you. In addition, we went over the growing statistics of this virus. As young women we need to make sure we are being safe and having yearly checkups to decrease this terrible infection. Get tested i...

Ethnographic Essay

This is appalling to me because for one the children are still so young and it makes me think that as these children get older they would become very confused with their sexual orientation. Even though I still have a pretty ethnocentric view of all of this and think some of it is quite disturbing it still interests me and I still enjoy learning about different cultures and how much they vary all a...

Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases

There is also a local organization called AFAN or Aid for Aids of Nevada that provides support and advocacy for HIV positive people or people who are dealing with HIV in Nevada. "AFAN provides direct client service programs, food programs, prevention and education programs, and community outreach. It is the mission of our client service programs to enhance the physical health and psychosocial well...

Clinical Manifestation of HIV Infection

Peripheral Facial paralysis as a manifestation of HIV Infection, Two patients had typical Bell’s palsy while one had a facialdiplegia. CD4 cell counts were above 100 cells/mm3 in all cases. A review of literature confirmed that peripheral facial nerve palsy could occur at any stage of HIV infection and in various clinical contexts. It is suggested that adult patients presenting with peripheral f...

Cipla Business Model

During the financial quarter ended June 2011, the company's gross margin expanded by 490 bps, year-on-year, to 61. 8 per cent, mainly on account of a better product mix, which had lower proportion of anti-retroviral in formulation exports and higher proportion of domestic formulation sales. “Strengthening of the balance sheet has been a key focus area for Cipla in the last few years and the bene...

Characters in Relation to a Bee Hive

Lily’s love interest, Zachary Taylor, a black boy is a seemingly outrageous thought for anyone who looked in on the tight night community of the Daughter of Mary. Zach and Lily shared a distant but true and pure love for one another: The silver rectangle dropped down under my shirt, where it dangled cold and certain between my breasts. Zachary Lincoln Taylor rested there, along my heart” (231)...

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