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Gratitude Essay Examples

Essay on Gratitude

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Acceptance speech an expression of gratitude

An approval speech is delivered when an individual gets an award or some kind of recognition. Within the approval speech, you may consist of some background and history behind your achievements. You might select to thank or acknowledge people who have assisted you along the method. You may also desire to reveal appreciation to the organization that is recognizing your greats. By the way, you will ...

On-the-Job Training

Above all, to our Almighty God, for his unconditional love and for all the blessing He is showering upon me each day of my life. With love and gratitude, I thank Him for guiding me during my training and for making this On-the-Job Training as possible one. For the provision and wisdom He has bestowed upon me, for keeping me and my love ones always safe, for giving me enough knowledge and ability t...

Attendance Monitoring Using Biometrics

College and school staff will be aware that UK boarder Agency (UKBA) has introduced new regulations governing the immigration of staff and faculties to the UK, an initiative instigated by the previous prime Minister in 2004 which are closely modeled on those devised by Australia some years ago. Under the new regulations faculties will have to submit certain material when they apply for a course. ...

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School Annual Day Vote Of Thanks

I am also very thankful to all our ............. heads for their remarkable presence and constant motivation. I would indeed be failing in my duty if I do not express our gratitude to all the heads and office bearers for their whole-hearted support to make this programme a successful one. We are also thankful to .............................................. for their sincere assistance. An event ...

The Gratitude of Life

1. Gene didn’t do anything to help Phineas because he again felt responsible. He felt Finny would only get more upset by seeing him. 2. Gene snuck into the infirmary to apologize to Phineas. 3. Gene meant that Phineas was the kind of person who would jump across enemy lines at night to pay a social call. By being so friendly with everyone and having his gift of gab, the whole war would become a ...

The Modern Filipino Family

I hasten to add that my parents tried their best and I know they loved all of us and wanted the very best for us. I feel immense gratitude and appreciation for the parents I had and the family that I have. They made it possible for me to work hard, have a career I love, have the family and friends who love me, have confidence and healthy self-esteem, have the ability to speak my mind, voice my tho...

Speech of Gratitude

Thank you for everything and you deserve a round of applause. As we can see, behind each graduate there must have been a lot of people providing support just to come up here. The best way to our gratitude is to make the most of the opportunity we’ve been given, and being ready for our future. Again, to those who have made a difference in our lives, we say an infinite gratitude to you. I just wan...


Discover the cold white snowflakes each with a pattern of its own together creating a fantastic winter wonderland experience, you can feel it. Sense the spring. Hear the birds chirp. Smell the morning dew. See the flowers beginning to bud. We don’t have to work for these blessings and yet they surround us. Don’t just walk around like a robot, live life. Open your eyes. Open your ears. Open you...

Financial Performance Analysis

The successful completion of this project would not have been possible without the guidance, help and timely assistance from a number of people. I should at the very outset express my gratitude to the almighty God for his wonderful plan that brought me into this institution for my studies and for helping me throughout the project. I also thank HOD, Mr. Surendranath Reddy, who encouraged me to unde...

Cover Page Format

With the help of this software one can easily retrieve all the information regarding a particular car or a particular member that has been registered in the system. It is also possible to retrieve the records of cars that are available or not. The software also enables a user to monitor and access information with just a click of a mouse. Throughout the project the focus has been on presenting inf...

Attachment Report Bsc Hon Comp Science (Afrosoft Holdings Limited)

.Also special thanks to my family who always showed their love and support through-out this period. Many thanks are also extended to all fellow students on attachment. I also express gratitude to Mr. K. Sibanda and Mrs. S. S. Dube, my industrial attachment co-ordinaters. Last but not least of all praise and thanks be to God the Almighty for his protection and loving guidance. Thank you all. List o...

CHAPTER 1ACKNOWLEDGEMENTWe take great pleasure in expressing my deep sense of gratitude

CHAPTER 1ACKNOWLEDGEMENTWe take great pleasure in expressing my deep sense of gratitude to my esteemed institute MADHAV INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE, GWALIOR for providing us the opportunity to complete our project.We gratefully acknowledge with heartfelt gratitude and profound indebtedness towards my esteemed project mentor DR. A. K. Wadhwani, MADHAV INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE, GWALIO...

Critical Review of the Book Journey Towards Allah

I was inspired by the example of a Pakistani couple I once knew whose only child had a serious genetic disease. The parents were young, far from their family, and faced the trial of their newborn baby dying in front of their eyes over the course of a few months. They spent many sleepless nights attending to him at home and in the hospital. No one would have faulted them for voicing their frustrati...

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