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My Health and Appearance

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (539 words)
Categories: Health, Nutrition, Obesity, Weight loss
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I am glad to be forced to take a look at my personal health and to develop a plan for my future. For the last few years it has been a subject I chose to ignore. Faced with this assignment and the desire to do well on it, I am forced to take a hard look at myself and decide the next steps.

Once upon a time I was tall and thin and on the outside all evidence pointed to a much healthier version of myself.

I was thin, I exercised 3 or 4 times a week and did everything I knew to do to maintain my weight and keep my physical body in good shape. There are times I look at myself in a photo and I barely recognize that person from 20 or even 10 years ago.

Today I am not thin, I am lucky to get to the gym once a month and from the outside it would appear that I have much room for improvement.

Interestingly today I feel healthier at the age of 47 than I did at 20. Back then, my outward appearance might have shown a healthy, trim and tan young woman, but inwardly I was quite the opposite. I was a smoker, I was stressed to the max I had a very poor diet and even though I did not look it, I was a mess. Today, I am 50 pounds heavier than I was in my twenties. I do not appear nearly as healthy as I did back then, at least outwardly, but I feel healthier than ever before. I have not smoked in 23 years, I have learned to manage stress with yoga and meditation, I am careful about what I eat and very aware of the importance of health. Inwardly I am a bill of health.

Through my research two issue I decided I want to improve upon are losing weight and incorporating physical exercise into my life. Using the methods in the plan that I have developed, I hope to bridge my outward self with my inward self and bring about a profound change in …

… middle of paper …

…o improve your body and mind without the spirit coming along too. I feel as though I am spiritualty fit, I have purpose and I live in a state of gratitude and optimism as much as possible but I am excited to see how much better it can be once I reach my goals.

As I stated earlier, outwardly I need some work and I am the only one who can do it. I am spiritually fit and grateful that I can see the good in most situations and maintain a positive outlook on life. Going back to school is a major hurdle for me, I started 30 years ago and I feel that I need to finish it. My attitude and my feelings about my self-worth improved when I returned to school and, although I have less time for my activities, I feel good about my decisions. I know that in the end that I am going to be a smarter, more physically fit being and I am taking the steps needed to get there.

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