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Speech of Gratitude Essay

Paper type: Speech
Pages: 2 (457 words)
Downloads: 69
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To our beloved principal, to our academic coordinator, to our ever supportive teachers and staff, and to our family, most especially our parents, friends, fellow classmates and students. Ladies and Gentlemen, a pleasant morning to everyone. High school life, an unforgettable memory in every student’s life. Before I entered this school, I was so clueless. All I knew was this is a catholic school, I’m doubting of entering here at first but in the end, I ended up here.

And now, it has been along four years, but here we are, ready to graduate. We worked hard to get this point, but we didn’t do it by ourselves. We owe this to the ever understanding and caring people. To our teachers, thank you for sharing your time, talent and knowledge with us. you took the time to explain and repeat the assignments to us, even sometime we’d like you to repeat it because we don’t understand it or we weren’t paying attention.

You put some efforts to make your lessons more interesting just to lighten our mood and so we wouldn’t get sleepy. Thank you for being our second parent in this school. You give us some advices when we have problems. You set us and challenge us to live up our dreams. To our principal and all the office staff, thank you for keeping things running smoothly. Thank you for making this school and your students good as possible. You made yourself busy just to make and run our scholl perfectly. To our guidance counselors, thank you for listening and trying to keep us on the right track. You teach us the Do’s and don’t’s in our school.

You tried to make us a better individual when we do something bad. Without your help, some of us might not be standing and sitting right now in our graduation ceremony. To our staff, thank you for keeping our school safe and clean. You know how better than anyone else on what craziness we’ve been doing during breaks. And lastly to my parents, thank you for giving me a chance to study in this respected school. I know that you worked hard just to support my needs.

Thank you for everything and you deserve a round of applause. As we can see, behind each graduate there must have been a lot of people providing support just to come up here. The best way to our gratitude is to make the most of the opportunity we’ve been given, and being ready for our future. Again, to those who have made a difference in our lives, we say an infinite gratitude to you. I just want you to leave a simple words; thank you, goodbye and God will bless you.

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