Gratitude and Apology in Social Etiquette: Upholding Politeness

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Saying thank you to a person gives you something and saying sorry to the person you have hurt is one of the basic social etiquette that each one of us must have in our society. Etiquette is being polite and having well mannered with people and society that usually from their parents when they are child. It is important to have because having a good manner and respect to other and by doing these you can also have the same respect as what you gave to them.

Social Skills

All of us has a social skill which helps us to have a good relationship toward other people. Social skill is any skill facilitating interaction and communication with others. Social rules and relations are created, communicated, and changed in verbal and nonverbal ways. The process of learning such skills is called socialization.

The rationale for this type of an approach to treatment is that people meet a variety of social problems and can reduce the stress and punishment from the encounter as well as increase their reinforcement by having the correct skills.

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[Social etiquette and good manners will definitely help you in your professional as well as personal lives and make you calm and matured while handling certain situations. With this very meager yet strong social etiquette I am sure you will apply them whenever required. Social etiquette is a must if you expect others to behave the way you do. Etiquette will stay with you your whole life and they only teach you to be good human beings.

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The etiquette which involves the society is in short called social etiquette which are very important for our survival in the society. When you are interacting with a group of people as your seniors, colleagues or juniors you need to have a certain sense of speech as well as body language. This etiquette defines who you are in your future. When you are in a place where there are people around you, irrespective of interaction, you should have certain behavioral manners with every age group present. People who have social etiquette have a sense of maturity on how to behave in public and to keep their calm when there are social outbreaks and related emergencies. You can’t act ignorant and not bothered when there is something going on in the social environment around that needs your help. Social etiquette should be shown in these situations keeping in mind you could also be a part of it.

Dressing is the first thing you need to take care of when you are in a social environment is your dressing and attire. Your overall appearance shows what kind of person you are and makes the first impression about you. If you’re in your school, office, with guests or even at a fair or a public place, you need to look cultured and well mannered. It is important that when you are in a public place, do not have bad body language and postures. Sit with your legs and hands gathered and together. Your body language can give negative signs about you so we have to be careful with it.

If a senior citizen, a child, or anyone needs help with something, make sure you go ahead and help, you will not regret it. Keep in mind you could also need it someday. Be polite with everyone by saying “please, sorry, thank you, I beg your pardon”, and other such phrases when you interact with them. You should have good dining etiquette as well as workplace etiquette when you are at these social places. They are very important in times when you have to leave an impression before people.

Being Polite to Yourself

Being polite is all about being considerate and appreciative. To be polite you must avoid being rude, which can make the people around you feel offended, uncomfortable, or even hurt. Being polite is also a good way to make friends. Being gentle is very important it is not forceful or insistent others to do something. It means that when you do something, offer something, or make a request, you do it without pressuring the people around you and making them feel like they’re being pushed into a corner. If you’re having a conversation, it’s one thing to ask a question or offer your opinion, but it’s rude to push the matter when someone has expressed discomfort about the subject. Even if you’re trying to help.

If the person says “No, thank you, I’ve got it” then say “Please, I’d really love to help.” If they still say no, then let it go. They obviously want to treat you, so let them, and return the favor some other time. We all have to be nice to others and always be courteous, you might meet this person again in another setting and wouldn’t want to have caused negative memories that would give you a bad standing. If someone annoys or even insults you, don’t get into an argument. It is important for to be honest so that other people will trust you and at the same time you can trust them also.

The Etiquette of Friendship

When you have been friends with someone for a long time, there is a reason for that. If you are loyal, caring, have many things in common and just have an utter respect for one another, you probably have a great friendship. The best part of that kind of friendship is unconditional love. If you mess up, they still accept you. If you have an argument, there is forgiveness. No judgment, pure acceptance, love, and laughter; that makes a true and lifelong friendship. If in the middle of this “building” process, you discover the person you are being friend is not who you thought they were. You have discovered that they refer to their current friends in a negative aspect and quite frankly, are using the people around them to try to build upon their successes.

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Gratitude and Apology in Social Etiquette: Upholding Politeness
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